What Does Your Underwear Reveals About Your Personality

From the moment we started wearing some kind of covering to protect us from elements of the weather, we have found a way to express ourselves through clothes.

Whether it be our rank/position in a tribe, how we feel at the moment or our accomplishments, we always have something to say through our dressing.

In fact, George Taylor, an economist in the 1920’s brought to light an observation known as Hemline Index.

It showed that women tended to wear long dresses whenever the country was in a recession and would wear shorter dresses when the times were good.

That is an accurate reflection of how we consciously or unconsciously express ourselves through the clothes we wear – including our underwears.

Yes, your underwear tells a lot more about your personality than you would have imagined.

Whether it be granny panties, boy shorts or a thong, your undies can be a direct reflection of how you see and carry yourself in life.

We have done comprehensive research to come up with 10 of the most common underwears worn by women and below we take pains to describe in detail, the types of personalities ascribed to each underwear.

Do you want to know who you are truly?

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This is not for ladies without the guts to be themselves wherever they are, no matter the circumstance.

The T-string is one bold piece of underwear that is worn by confident and audacious people. They know who they are and what they are capable of and aren’t uncomfortable with showing it.

In fact, some studies buttress this point.

In 2005, a study conducted at the University of Nebraska by Joseph Benz, found out that women tended to dress is such a way as to enhance their physical features while men dressed to look richer than they really were.


The G-string links very similar to the T-string but they differ slightly when it comes to the what personality they represent. While the T-string person has a very bold and outgoing character, the G-string person has the ability to balance multiple activities at a time.

They have no problem being goal oriented individuals who also happens to have a social life.


When it comes to the thong wearers, we are talking about people who take conscientiousness to a whole new level. These are the A-type personalities that are always hungry for success.

They are very ambitious and goal-oriented, and they often don’t mind going through hell to get whatever it is that they want. They usually find themselves at the top of their respective careers because they are tenacious and hard working.

They are also good at leading, and so it is a surprise that a lot of them inspire and motivate a lot of people to become better human beings.

A study conducted in 2010, had the aim of finding out which colors were perceived to be more attractive by the opposite sex.

Scientists who conducted this research found out that the color red stood out in the crowd of numerous colors tested in the research.

They discovered that wearing a red dress caused a significant increase in desire and attractiveness in the opposite sex.

The Tanga

People who tend to prefer the Tanga are usually good at respecting traditions and stability in general while being comfortable to change whenever it is called for.

They tend to be a lot more progressive in their thought patterns and usually hang around people who are open-minded in nature. They also seem to be in love with living a quiet and simple lifestyle.

The bikini

This underwear is for ladies who are athletic and love to show skin outside. Another common characteristic of these women is that they are very comfortable with their bodies and personality. They are also known to be extroverts who can be playful with everyone and also can also be serious enough to do tasks that help them achieve their goals.

The cheeky one

Birds of a feather flock together. This saying is true when it comes to the cheeky underwears as their wearers are cheeky too. They tend to be funny and witty and can handle themselves in a conversation. They are very people oriented and love to have fun and just be happy. With them is all positive energy.

In a research done by Timothy Brown and other scientists from the Department of Psychology at Old Dominion University, it was found that the way people would walk and carry themselves played a big role in influencing the way others perceived them. It is a huge factor in determining if others saw them as attractive people or not.

Also, the research results revealed that men who wore fitting clothes were seen as being more masculine than their counterparts who wore loose clothing like baggie shorts.

People saw those who wore loose clothing as being antisocial and reclusive people.

Hipster Underwear

People who put this kind of underwear on tend to be withdrawn and conservative. But that didn’t mean that they just log out of society completely. You shouldn’t be shocked to see them at some social events in town. Their personalities can be complex at times.

Boy shorts

Boy shorts are worn by sporty people. These people are usually athletic and spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities.

A scientific study in the early 80’s done by two scientists Schopler and Solomon, showed that when it came to matters like personal dress sense, Men were found to be a lot more self-conscious than their female counterparts. They were more concerned by the public’s perception of them.

The classic briefs.

Does who adorn the briefs are very practical no-bullshit people. They are self-willed people who don’t get easily swayed by what people think of them. They would rather be comfortable than stress themselves to fit in some mold society has created for them. Their ability to not get carried away by the herd makes them calm during tumultuous times – trying to find solutions to the problems at hand.
This makes them leaders as they do what a few dare to try.

Also because they create a habit of being themselves all the time, they are usually controversial people. A lot of people are drawn to them while a lot of people dislike them. This polarizing effect they create is as a result of their brash and truthful personality traits.

The high waist underwear

The high waste underwear is worn by people who just love to live. They are easy going people who although are kind and accepting of other people also don’t worry too much about what others think of them. Instead of engaging in negativity, they spend their energy inspiring and motivating people who are going through tough times.

And they are really going at it, and that is the main reason why everyone seems to gravitate towards them.

So that’s that. Did you find your personality in the article above? How did you feel about it? Did you see that of someone you know?

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