These Teens Let A Grandma Into Their Girl Squad When She Said She Missed Going Out With Her Girlfriends

This is an incredible and heartwarming story of a group of teens who let an unexpected stranger join in on their girl’s night out! This small gesture meant the world to this older lady and it will warm your heart…and possibly bring on the waterworks, too.

The teen’s name is Mahri Smith. She is just 18 years old and she was out at a casino for a girl’s night with some of her best friends. Nothing unusual about that, right? Well, something pretty unusual is about to happen that is just too sweet for words!

The girls were all crowded in the bathroom all dressed up, snapping photos of themselves that they were likely going to share on social media. As they were doing this, an older lady in the bathroom walked up to them and offered to take the pictures for them.

Smith says she thought the lady was so sweet for offering to take their pictures. Smith says, “She was complimenting our clothes like a teenager talking to us.” So funny! She says the woman then explained that just being around these girls and taking these photos warmed her heart.

She says, “I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that.” Smith was touched by the words this woman shared with them so she did the only thing she knew to do. She asked her to join in on their girl’s night fun!

Smith told her, “Why miss it, we are all out right now, aren’t we?” They let her join in on the photos and it made for some pretty spectacular shots! She said the woman was with her husband and they all stayed there are talked for a while before the couple went on their way. Smith says she was not able to catch the woman’s name, but she was so touched by all of this that she tweeted the story.

As you can imagine, people were touched by the story as well and it quickly went viral! What a kind and amazing gesture by these teens!

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