There’s A New Toy On The Market For People Who Love To Pop Pimples

Popping pimples has risen from the underground scenes of weirdness and fetishes to become pop culture.

A lot of us do really like to pop pimples.

What we could hide during the pre-internet age has been exposed in the large numbers of people who frequent Dr. Pimple Popper’s YouTube channel to watch her make skin bumps ooze out the liquid in a strangely satisfying way.

Now, a company has taken it upon themselves to satisfy this strange craving by creating a pimple popping toy.

Instead of popping real pimples and risk ugly scarring on your face, you could go the artificial way.

Treat your real life pimples with some medicine and treat yourself to some pimple popping high while you play with this toy.

That is a win-win situation.

The toy goes by the name Pop It Pal. It is a pad that resembles a skin with bumps all over it. When you get to work with your thumbs around the gentle swelling, the pimples pop, releasing pus that pours down its slopes in such a satisfying way that you will be off to the next available mound to replicate this amazing feeling.

The toys come in 2 colors peach and brown. And they do also come with pus refills and directions on how to refill the pimples. Yes, it is reusable, and it only goes for $19.99.

So how far would you go for your fetish?

It seems like it wouldn’t be such a long journey after all. You can head to the company’s website to purchase your pimple popping toy.

By the way, a lot of people on Twitter had their 0.02 on this development.

Not that it matters, but you could have fun reading them below.

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