A Man Waits For The Perfect Selfie With A Running Train And Gets Hit

A 25-year-old man from the southern Indian city of Warangal decided to risk his life to get a certain desired camera angle for a selfie video. He was on the rail track when he took this decision and unfortunately the risk didn’t quite pay off as he got hit by an oncoming train.

The gym trainer who did this goes by the name Siva, and although he luckily survived the accident, he was booked according to railway laws in India.

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In a statement made by the railway authorities in India, they regarded Mr. Siva’s actions as reckless and careless. In the video Siva was recording, you could see him finding an appropriate position for the video while an oncoming train loomed in the background. And then bam!

This accident took place at the Borabanda MMTS Railway Station.

(Source: YouTube)

Digging deeper into this story, we found out that Mr. Siva was actually warned by his friends who accompanied him on this activity. Also, there was the blaring horn of the train approaching and the shouts other people nearby.

All of that chaos didn’t seem to get to Siva, he instead ignored everyone and everything and continued to stare and smile at the camera. And then at the end of the video, we see the camera become unsteady and eventually fall to the ground.

(Source: YouTube)

Fortunately for him, he escaped this serious and high impact accident with very few injuries. In a press release from South Central Railway, they stated that a railway guard was present at the scene before and after the accident. And had done his job by warning the accident victim of the implications of his actions.

Of course, he was ignored which lead to the accident. But when it was all over, the railway guard brought the victim before the railway police.

According to the Bharatnagar Railway Protection Inspector Sudhakar Rao, “He was booked and penalized ₹500. Despite the severity of the impact in the video, he escaped largely unhurt as the copilot applied the emergency brakes and slowed the train.”

A spokesperson for the South Central Railway blames the cell phone as the reason behind the increase in accidents that occurred on the railway tracks.

The official went on to say that Siva was booked because he trespassed on the railway property which was against the law and thus warranted punishment.

He also suggested that people should be aware of their environment when they move about in public instead of staying glued to their mobile screens. That would drastically reduce the chance of them getting harmed by oncoming traffic – be it a vehicle or another human being.

As for a reason behind this man’s behavior, some of his friends disclosed that this was all about the gym instructor misjudging the speed of the train. But then you wonder why anyone would think that a train would move at a speed that would merely nudge at you if you stay in its way.

This story and the video went viral on social media and had a lot of people commenting on the whole situation. Some regarded it as the

“Height of stupidity,” as more people dropped their 2 cents on the situation.

Although this might look like a very strange and one-off story, but reality begs to differ. India has the most recorded selfie-related deaths in the world.

In fact, research was done by the Carnegie Mellon University, and the Institute of Information Delhi put a number to this phenomena. This research that was done between March of 2014 and September 2016, released a report that 60% of all global selfie deaths were all reported from India.

And by 2017, selfie deaths in India numbered 27 which was half of its global counterpart. This was all reported by Me, Myself and My Killfie.

Of those 27, was a case of 2 teenagers who were killed by an oncoming train while pulling stunts for the camera on a railway track in the city of Delhi. This occurred in January 2017.

6 months later, a 28-year-old man found a way to get into an out-of-bounds safari area which was situated in Bangalore biological Park.

He was trying to take a selfie with an elephant there but wasn’t lucky as the elephant wasn’t in a good mood. She voiced her dislike for the who situation by trampling him to death.

The month of July hadn’t even completed its course when four people drowned after they decided to take a selfie on a cliff at Nagoa beach in Diu.

As they lost their balance due to the waves that crashed on the cliff and fell into the Arabian Sea, they were only later found dead.

The video of Siva’s accident is in the video below.

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