18 Daughters Who Sent Their Moms Cringeworthy Drunk Texts

One minute we are drinking like tomorrow won’t come, and when it does, we have to deal with the ensuing hangover.

Things that happen when we drink can be hilariously funny and embarrassing as well.

One of those things is drunk texting.

Texting while drunk can lead to sticky situations especially when you have to face the person you texted some inappropriate stuff.

But it gets 10 times worse when that person isn’t just your friend or acquaintance but your mom!

Well, 18 girls have been in such a situation and in their own words describe the contents of their drunk texts to their mom.

Take your time; you’re about to be entertained…

1. Let’s all say prayers for this poor mother.

2. What kind of party was she at and how can we get an invite?

3. Ever get so drunk you thought your family owned a farm?

4. No argument here, I kind of think the cat is cute too.

5. Don’t start talking that smack mom I’ve been drinking.

6. Maybe not the most flattering picture you could have sent.

7. This girl will apparently never let go!

8. You never have to tell your mom about Pornhub. Ever.

9. Her mom is like “Pics, or it didn’t happen.”

10. This mom is awesome. Had she never been in a bar before?

11. Do you think she was drunk crying while she sent that?

12. What a positive drunken spirit!

13. Sometimes you just have to congratulate your mom on a job well done.

14. This girl was testing out a bunch of different formats.

15. Have no fear mom lappy girl is here!

16. What a doll she was just thinking about her mom at 5:30 a.m.

17. Sending mom these snapshots might make her think you’re kidnapped.

18. Alexa must be so touched you feel that way.

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