15 Signs That Indicate That Your Child Is A Natural Born Empath

Empaths have to deal with a lot of emotion, and empathic children are not different. In fact, they even seem to be worse at dealing with the emotions, and because of this, they feel so much more than other people. They are very sensitive to any and every emotion.

These empathic children find it very hard to acclimate to the society because they cannot understand their environment like an empathic adult would. Having an empathic child is a blessing both for the family and for the world. But this only puts more pressure on the parents of an empathic child to make sure that they raise their child right.

The nervous system of an empathic child is a lot more sensitive to stimuli than that of other children. Their reactions are more intense and immediate than those of other children who aren’t empaths. Things that are loud like music, car horn honking, hammering and other mechanical tools easily irritate them.

Are you uncertain about your child being an empath? Here are 15 Signs to look out for.

1. Empathic children do not have many friends because not many people can be understanding especially when it comes to their quirky natures. Because of this, they tend to have only a few friends who are very good and loyal to them. The fewer, the better for the empathic child. If his small circle of friends is tight, then he is OK with it.

2. An empathic child is a child with an unbelievable level of sensitivity. They are so sensitive that they can easily be affected by the feelings of other people around them.

3. Empathic children do not really have a lot of social skills, and this makes them unable to adapt to certain situations, and this can easily make them feel upset.

4. Empathic children have a very deep relationship with animals and plants.

5. Their empathy sharpens their intuitive senses.

6. Most empathic children are introverts. They enjoy staying alone a lot.

7. If your child is empathic, he or she is probably a very good listener even at their young age.

8. Empathic children just can’t stop caring about other people and doing anything to help them. Compassion and love for others is built in their DNA.

9. They don’t like crowded places where they would be bombarded by the emotions of so many other people. So things like a crowded family meeting are definitely not their scene.

10. Empathic children don’t know how to hide their feelings. It easily shines through whether they are watching a sad movie or reading a sad book.

11. Empathic children feel so alone, and this is mostly because they find it hard to associate with their peers.

12. Being around a lot of people gets them uncomfortable. The bombardment of emotions from so many people adversely affects them.

13. The emphatic child is very sensitive to noise and crowded loud places such as the mall. The constant bombardment is not good for their emotions.

14. One of the first things you’ll learn about an emphatic child is that they feel much more than their average counterparts feel.

15. Their intuition is always firing on all cylinders. They are good at uncannily guessing what moves people want to make and can always tell when someone is telling them a lie.

If your child or children display at least 5 of the above signs, then your child is definitely an empath.

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