12 Signs Your Soul Is Tired And Dying

Sometimes we get the feeling that uprooting ourselves and leaving a particular place or a particular path in life is the best course of action to take. The urge to start afresh with new opportunities and a new zest comes on so strongly that it takes a lot of strength to suppress it. If you have ever experienced this, you might want to know that your soul was probably trying to communicate with you.

It probably does sound like something too abstract or a bit loony to you, but it is the truth. A lot of times we do things that just merely relieve our boredom but in reality, do not truly bring us happiness and joy. Just existing from day to day is not really the best and even though we don’t come to earth with one pre-arranged purpose that trumps every other thing we need to do, the truth is that as we grow. We learn more about ourselves, and from there we know what it is that we can do with the life that we have. So, if you are restless and unhappy with yours, perhaps it is your soul trying to let you know that you need to go back over your life and find out what is wrong.

There are a lot of signs that point towards the fact that your soul might be slowly dying. Read below to see 12 signs to watch out for.


Mistakes are the one thing that everybody in this world has had a brush with. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect enough to live their entire life without making any mistakes or having any regrets. But one thing that most people overlook in their mistakes are the lessons. Every mistake has a lesson to teach by default, and people learn to make better decisions from their past mistakes much like the early humans did. They survived because they learned from their mistakes or from the mistakes of others. What happens when a person does not learn from their mistake? It is a repetition of that mistake, and sometimes our souls may not fare well under the stress of the consequences of our mistakes. It begins to die as a result of the repetition of the same mistakes and the guilt that follows. To avoid putting our souls under such stress, it is advisable to patiently go through your mistakes with a fine-toothed comb, discover where you went wrong and learn from it so that you would not find yourself repeating the same mistake again. Your soul is a living part of you, and as you develop, it develops. As it deteriorates, you deteriorate.


Everyone on some level has had a personal experience with excuses. Once in a while, we all have given an excuse for not doing the things that we should be doing. Giving an excuse once in a while is not so bad. It gets worse when you begin to give excuses every time even for things that you should have no excuses for. It might seem to you that making excuses puts you in the clear but in truth it doesn’t. It just makes you seem very unreliable. The soul is the purest part of every human being, and soon the lies and excuses begin to get too heavy for it to carry and it begins to give in. The best recourse would be to acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and try to be reliable in future.


The future is one of the greatest unknowns for most people. The very fact that it is uncertain and susceptible to any whim of nature makes it even more nerve-wracking. People constantly worry about their future, what good times and what bad times await them, what they can do to avoid the bad times and what they can do to get the good times. All of this worrying can have a negative impact on your soul. The soul gets too saturated with fear, uncertainty, tension, and worry. Soon enough, your soul might get sick from all the worrying leaving you with feelings of depression. Try not to worry about tomorrow and live in the moment, squeezing all the memories and joy that you can.


Everyone has a past, and most times it can come back to haunt us in the form of the consequences of our actions or through our memories. As much as there is a need to go over our mistakes over and over again to make sure that we have learned from them, living in the past is not healthy for your soul. If you keep looking backward, you will not make a lot of progress in the present. You need to set your soul free from the prison of your past so that it would be free to pursue the opportunities available to you in your present. Set your soul free and give it the power to move on from your mistakes.


Most people do this. They say the worst things about themselves to themselves. Being an honest critic of yourself no matter how harsh can be a good trait to have because it would help you develop yourself a lot faster than other people. However, it can also be a bad trait to have. Telling yourself negative things can destroy your soul.

Remember the power of spoken words. Whatever you say somehow has a way of reflecting in your life. When you say negative things about yourself, your soul absorbs that negativity and loses its purity. You slowly become a negative minded person who finds it very hard to enjoy the little joys in life. So try out some positivity on your soul and see how it would flourish.


Kindness in this day and age usually gets trampled on and taken for granted. A lot of people try to use the soft-hearted and kind ones among them without any regard for them. If you enjoy helping other people and spreading the love around, the chances are high that you are letting some people in your life take gross advantage of you and your kind spirit and this can hurt you a lot. Your soul is too soft-hearted and pure to be hurt by the insensitivity of other people.

Know your worth and never let anyone treat you less than you deserve to be treated. Stand up for yourself and don’t let people walk all over you and take advantage of your soft heart.


There is that one thing that brings everyone a lot of joy. It is their purpose, and it is passion driven. Most times people sacrifice their purpose for things like more money, fame, financial security and comfort. It does look very glamorous indeed but then at what cost to your soul are you doing this? You would never be happy because deep down, your soul is being deprived of that which makes it happy. You would not be doing your soul any favors by staying on that path. Go after your purpose. Follow your passion. Do that thing that fires up your blood and watch as your soul flourishes in the contentment and satisfaction that follows.


The fake life is something we are all acquainted with. We all know what it feels like to have to something that we don’t want to for the sake of appearances or just because we have to do it. A lot of times, we are influenced by the crowd, or the trend of the time, other times, it is by our need to feel like we belong. When we go against our natural inclinations to do things that we really are not comfortable with, it can hurt our soul. Find out your morals and principles then stick to them no matter what is going on around you, and you would feel a lot happier and satisfied with yourself. Your soul would always be true to you so don’t let any other person destroy your soul by asking you to live a fake life.


This is one of the worst things you can do to your soul. Learn to say no when you don’t want to do something. Don’t let your value and self-worth be trampled on by doing the things that you know you don’t want to do. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Do things because you want to do them because it makes you happy to do them and not because someone pressured you into doing them. Your soul would pay the price for this disregard of your value.


It is one of the marks of a strong man to walk away from something that is harming you when you are attached to said thing. Be it a relationship, a thing or a person, it can be very hard to walk away. But when it becomes more of a burden than a blessing to you, it’s time to let it go no matter how much it might hurt or how much you might miss it. Your soul does not need to be shackled to anything that would drain it, and such a relationship, thing or person would drain your soul the more they stay in your life. Don’t try to stick it out for a little more time, make a clean break and grieve for it. Your soul would thank you later.


The concept of toxicity in people is not new. Almost every one of us has come in contact with a toxic person at least once in our lives. It can be very difficult to let go of a person who means a lot to you and has stayed with you for a long time. However, you would have to make the necessary decision to let them go if they are beginning to have a more negative than positive impact on you. Don’t stand by and let someone into your life who would reduce your self-worth and value. Stand for yourself because your soul cannot live in a toxic environment.


This is perhaps the ultimate negative thing you can do to yourself. Not loving yourself is the 8th deadliest sin to commit to your soul’s eyes. If you don’t love yourself then how can your soul accept you? It would begin to quit on you, rejecting you because you have rejected yourself first. Your soul is a living part of you, and as such, it needs affection and care from you, and if such is not forthcoming, it begins to wither from the inattention. Once your soul begins to starve for affection and love, you also lose your capacity for love and care. You can’t express what you don’t feel. You would slowly turn into a bitter person who hates everything in their life. So, try your hardest to love yourself and the little things that make up your life. Learn to love and accept yourself the way you are, and in return, your soul would flourish.

The 12 things listed above are harmful to your souls, and if you notice yourself doing any of them, you need to stop. Know your worth and cling to it. Do what is right for your soul. Take care of your soul by not doing any of the twelve things listed above and let your soul love you in return. After all, a happy soul is a happy life.

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