6 Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked And How To Defend Against It

Almost everything right now has gone digital in this Jet age. Companies no longer make use of safes whose passwords are closely protected and virtually all their files and transactions are on their computer systems making saving and retrieval of files very easy. When it comes to our personal lives, we have e-readers and Kindles because most books have gone digital. Slowly paperbacks are being replaced by their digital counterparts. Another important aspect of life that has turned digital is our financial transactions. Possibly one of the most vulnerable properties of human beings today, our money transactions are now done digitally online. As things are going digital, digital devices upon digital devices are being designed and brought out to the public. One of the biggest digital revolutions is the invention of the smartphone. Not even the invention of the laptop beats that of the smartphone because the newer models of smartphones can do virtually everything a laptop can do. As people have gotten used to carrying out all important transactions on their phones, the newer phone models are built with security as a top priority. From passwords and patterns to fingerprint sensors to the new face recognition, security has been the most important factor.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than someone invading your private space without your permission, and sadly that seems to be a normal occurrence these days since most of our transactions are done with our phones.

Hackers are getting better and better at breaking into our phones despite the barriers that we put up to keep them out. It is a bit scary to think about someone getting access to your bank details, passwords, private write-ups, and your photos and videos but the fact remains that an experienced hacker can infiltrate practically any defense you put up. Whether it is your laptop, your companies system, and your phones, of course, a good hacker can get into them.

You might be wondering how these hackers get access into peoples systems. It is quite easy, and with the right basic knowledge, anyone can hack a basic system. The most common way to hack someone’s phone is by accessing the phone through a WI-FI network and installing a spy app after a few minutes.

The thought of someone being able to access your private thoughts, bank details and your photos and videos can be shocking, and while you might not be able to stop an experienced hacker from getting into your phone, you would be able to know if someone has accessed your phone without your knowledge.

Here are six signs that would clue you into the fact that your phone has been hacked.

1. Your battery life seems to get smaller

If it seems as if your battery is running down faster than it usually does especially when you do not leave any apps on in the background, the chances are that your phone has been hacked and that your battery life has been going down because of the spy app running in the background.

2. Your phone seems to be overheating.

Whenever our phones aren’t in use, they should feel cool to the touch and a bit warm when they are in use. However, if you notice that your phone is warm even when you aren’t using it, there is a strong chance that there is a spy app running in the background.

3. Your phone begins to act on its own

If you have experienced this before, you can attest to the fact that it is very annoying. As you are making use of your phone, all of a sudden, it begins to carry out operations on its own such as open applications on its own. This might mean that someone somewhere is controlling your device.

4. You see evidence of operations you did not do.

If you see some open apps or other operations that you did not do such as numbers you did not call, it could mean that someone has been making use of your from a remote area.

5. Your phone does not obey commands

If your phone is not turning off when you give the command or apps, don’t open when you press them. Instead, it does something else; then your phone might be hacked.

6. You can hear weird sounds when you are on a call.

If you hear weird sounds whenever you have a phone call, then you need to check your phone out, it is hacked.

Now that you have found out that your phone is hacked what do you do? It was lovely to buy a new phone, but you might not have ready funds for a new phone. There are some things you can do to prevent your phone from getting hacked.

One, do not for any reason follow a link from an unknown text message. Look out for links that do not have complete URL’s. Ignore and delete them, same as you do to spam emails. If you are not sure of the sender of that message or you do not know where the link would lead you to, don’t open them.

Secondly, you need to change the settings of your Wi-Fi network. Remove the option of automatically connecting to public wifi networks and try to use those that have passwords on them.

Another form of precaution is to keep your important passwords and bank details safe and nowadays, safe does not include any digital devices. Write them out and find a safe place for them. Do not activate the remember password option on your browsers so that even if you were hacked, the damage would be minimal and your hacker would not be able to gain access to important personal details. Better safe than sorry.

Finally, you might not be able to make your smartphone totally invulnerable from an attack from an experienced hacker, but you can fortify it. Don’t make things easy for your hacker by leaving your phone vulnerable. Do all that you can to bridge up your phones defenses because that’s all you can do.

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