Zodiacs Ranked From The Most Confident To The Most Insecure

1. Leo

Leos are a very confident of even sometimes proud people. And that could have its disadvantages such as having to always argue with someone, who always thinks he/she is always right. The Leos don’t take insults lightly if they ever feel slighted in a situation, they leave. It is a trait that they use to approach life, ” I am valuable and I won’t put up with anyone or any situation that is beneath me.

2. Scorpio

The Scorpios tend to believe in themselves despite their often many different flaws. They have a healthy sense of self-love, and they don’t have a problem expressing that. They set out with this mentality to achieve whatever it is that inspires them and when they achieve such goals, fail not to congratulate themselves for their success. Now, although this is pretty much a great attribute, changing bad habits can often time be very tough for the Scorpios. As their attitude shows, they do recognize that they have them but don’t feel that changing their bad habits is a thing of priority. What happens is that they really never get to explore their full potential and so would often time miss out on the beat version of themselves. They could get too comfortable being themselves, that they forget they could be better.

3. Capricorn

Now, Capricorns may seem to be proud people but that may not always be the case. They are more unperturbed by public opinions of them. That for sure is one great characteristic to have. They are like this because they have quite a solid understanding of themselves. They know that they are capable of doing amazing things. But even with such awareness of self, they don’t tend to thirst for fame. To them, if no one sees their abilities, then that would be fine with them. For them, life just goes on. In fact, they are people who are not afraid to be alone. They definitely enjoy the company of themselves.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius have this calm confidence about them. This is not some ego fueled act, put up to make up for the deficiency. They know that they are valuable enough to contribute to the development of themselves and society at large. But they don’t get carried away by that, they also know that the amour can have chinks. So they are comfortable with correction and criticism. They brush off insults as if they know that whoever who is negative towards others is just projecting what is in their lives. No, they don’t get insomnia because of that. They just keep going.

5. Pisces

Pisces appear to be a confident people folk. They have fun when they are surrounded by celebration, laughter, and wine. They are the ones who are loudest at parties but don’t be fooled by such a front. They can get pretty sad when they are alone and therefore their love for human companionship is one born out of the fear of being alone. They could begin to pick on themselves and their appearances. And would often time spend a considerable amount of time staying awake at night and beating them up – mentally.

6. Aries

Aries are a people who seem not to care. To the outside world, they seem to have skin so tough that no insult – no matter how scathing or sharp, can penetrate. But the fact is that that is a defense mechanism to avoid being picked on. They believe that if people test you and find any semblance of weakness, then they would not take their legs off the pedal tormenting you. And to a large extent that is really true.

7. Taurus

The Taurus insecurities lie in the image of intelligence. They go to great lengths trying to convince people they meet that they are smart. This is not uncommon to find them using complex phrases and sentences to act as though they are in the know. In fact, they would spice up the truth to beef up their image of intelligence, whenever they seem it fit or necessary. They are a people who want to succeed in the eyes of everyone and won’t mind going the extra mile to do just that.

8. Libra

At the Libras, the confidence veil falls off. The Libras can be easily seen as people pleaser who won’t like to rock the boat to save their lives. They need to be seen as a good guy, so as to feel great about themselves. They never heard of the saying that if you live for people’s approval then you will die of their rejection. That becomes the bane of Libras. They often times burn themselves at both ends of the candle just to get that approval and thus end up living an unhealthy life if that behavior goes unchecked.

9. Gemini

The Geminis can’t beat seeing as people pleasers or yes men. They tend to always find a way to blend into any environment they find themselves in by taking other people’s beliefs and passions for their own. They tend not to be good advisers to leaders as the leader’s mood and ego are of greater importance than the truth. And hence would often time engage in mindless sycophancy when the truth is needed most. Now, although that could make look like villains, they are not. Whatever they do isn’t done out of selfishness or any other malicious intent. They just aren’t confident enough to express their values and the way they feel when everyone else is saying it doing something else.

10. Cancer

Cancers get picked on because of the emotional nature. And although being bullied isn’t a thing to be encouraged, there is definitely some truth in what the public sees. The cancers can get their panties in a bunch over the littlest of things. They are emotionally intelligent and therefore tend to notice the expressions of signals people give off. And then their emotional nature helps to heighten such expressions and then have them begin to worry. Being people who have a lot of empathy, they therefore feel other people’s pain. And being introverts, they don’t get to tell a lot of people how they feel and therefore have to keep their tumultuous emotions all bottled inside.

11. Aquarius

An Aquarius is a showman and takes vanity to a new level. They are the kind to feed the public an image that suggests that their lives are a lot better than the majority. They would take picture perfect selfies that portray that they are doing very well for themselves. But all of that is just to boost their self-esteem – which of course is solely anchored on people’s opinions of them.

12. Virgo

Virgos avoid situations that seem spontaneous, they would rather have environments that seem to be controlled by them. This is because they are very much afraid of failure and failing in public. And you know that spontaneity, can dramatically increase the chances of anyone failing. They over think situations a lot and therefore avoid being in situations where they would get embarrassed.

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