You Don’t Know Who Your Girlfriend Truly Is until She’s Done These 8 Things

If you didn’t know girls are one of the greatest mysteries in the world, hard to figure out and almost impossible to predict, then you’ve probably been living under a rock. Women are complex creatures who have different thought processes, and some things that matter to them may seem weird to you.

Their complexities and little quirks also extend to their relationships, and there are some actions they’ll take or fail to take that have significant meanings which a man may not realize.

Below are some things which women do that indicate their comfort level in a relationship. So basically, if your girlfriend does these, then it means that your relationship is pretty important to her.

Partners learn new things about themselves every day when they are in a relationship. It’s already hard trying to figure out your girlfriend’s moods and reasons behind some of her actions. Read this article to figure out something new and gain an insight into her mind.

1. She talks about everything with you

When a relationship is new, both parties tend to walk on eggshells around topics of discussion. They limit the discussions to neutral topics like the weather, favorite movies, songs, and musicians. Anything that is safe and will also further the relationship. However, when she gets comfortable with you, she discusses anything with you. She doesn’t care if the topic is controversial, will speak an argument or something weird. She will talk about it. This means that she’s comfortable in her role as your girlfriend.

2. She talks about her past

Needless to say, everyone has a past. Some more colorful than others, some more painful and darker than others. When two people enter a relationship, they strive to put their best foot forward by doing everything right. Nobody wants to have that painful past discussion especially when said past is less than savory or is ugly. Letting someone into your past is a form of vulnerability and intimacy on a different level from sex. For women, it isn’t different at all. If your woman is telling you about her past. The good, the bad and the ugly than she’s comfortable with you and is probably in the relationship for the long run. This is another sign that she’s in the relationship to stay.

3. She shares certain intimacies with you

Girls prefer to act like they don’t fart and poop at all especially when they are in a new relationship. They take great care to avoid anything that would point towards the contrary. This has something to do with them wanting to be perfect and well, farting and pooping aren’t really arousing or something that one remembers with fondness about someone. They avoid doing it in front of you at all costs! Even if it means they forgo eating what they want to eat. Farting in front of someone they are attracted to is hugely embarrassing.

So if your girl is comfortable with farting around you and laughing it off or not even mentioning it or acknowledging it then you’ve crossed a milestone in your relationship. It means that she’s letting you see the other part of her that is human and normal.

4. She lets you see her without makeup and when she’s sick.

Like I said before, she always wants to look their best for their boyfriends. This includes coming over all made up and decked out and always making sure that you see them at their best.
They also almost never let their boyfriends see them when they are sick with snot running down their nose and raccoon eyes. This is because they always want to appear appealing to their men and snot is not appealing at all. So, if your girlfriend has no qualms with you seeing her without that concealer and perfectly lined eyes, it can only mean one thing. She’s showing her true self to you. She wants you to see all of her and her blemishes because she’s comfortable in your love. Also, if she lets you take care of her when she’s sick, same goes, she’s there to stay.

5. She lets you in on her fears

Nobody likes to be vulnerable especially in a relationship. There’s always the fear of being hurt, and a surefire way of getting hurt is letting someone into your deepest fears and feelings. This is something most women reserve for the one, and it usually occurs when they can trust you with their lives. No relationship gets serious without a huge amount of trust. So if she’s telling you about what hurts her and her deepest fears, then she’s really in for the long haul.

6. She talks about the monthly visitor without getting embarrassed.

Once a girl reaches puberty, mensuration starts and continues every month from the first time like clockwork until she’s pregnant or other factors prevail. Although having a period is a pretty normal bodily function like pooping, women find it embarrassing to really talk about it because it might gross their boyfriends out especially since it’s about blood pouring out of their vaginas. It just doesn’t come up in polite conversation. However, if she talks to you about things like her due date, tampons, type of flow and other period-related things, then she’s really cool with you and your relationship is pretty serious.

7. She tells you her dreams

It might seem like a very mundane thing, but most girls don’t really talk about their deepest and fondest dreams with their boyfriends. Aspirations and plans? Sure, they talk about those. But, where she’s always wanted to live with her husband, how many children she wants to have, what type of house she’ll love to live in? No.
So if your woman is telling you about these things, then she really cares a lot about you to let you know what she wants in her future, perhaps giving you a clue as to what she’ll like if your relationship is marriage serious or just hoping that you want to be a part of it.
This is a major sign that she’s truly settled with you.

8. She lets you into her true emotions.

People these days are a bit reticent to talk about their true emotions or raw feelings perhaps because they’re afraid of being judged in this politically correct age.

However, if your girl vents to you about her true emotions and lets you know her true opinion or feelings about certain things then it goes to show her level of comfort in your relationship.

If the above things have started being a part of your relationship, then you’re in the comfort stage where she’s ready to stay and really enjoys being with you.

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