Woman’s Revenge On Cheating Ex-Husband Is Beautiful!

A lady went viral while seeking revenge on her ex-husband.

She went at him on Twitter, on what should have been their 3rd year in marriage.

And that was witnessed by tens of thousands of people.

She is 23 years old and goes by the name Andrea Osborn. And she showed the progress she has made since she cut ties with cheating ex-husband.

She wrote:

Instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I’m celebrating dropping 285 pounds of dead weight.

The two had been married and had gone through a lot of struggles as young couples.

So when Andrea found out that her significant other had cheated on her, they had to live separately for some time.

After which they tried to salvage the marriage. But it didn’t seem to work, and so they went their separate ways.

She said it was a very trying time for her as she found out about the cheating incident, months after.

She told Yahoo:

When I found out he had cheated on me, I was completely devastated. I honestly didn’t suspect a thing. He finally opened up and told the truth a few months after it happened.

We both just fell out of love. We knew it wasn’t meant to be. It was difficult to go through.

Her first tweet was liked more than 11,000 times and retweeted over a thousand times.

But when she retweeted her post as against angry Bob’s demands of taking the post down, the whole affair went super viral.

It got over 20,000 retweets and 100 thousand likes.

But as you can imagine, Rob wasn’t overly happy with Andrea’s tweet, and she says he asked her to delete it. Instead of doing this, she went ahead and retweeted her original post, which became even more popular, receiving more 20,000 retweets and 100,000 likes.


Andrea said:

Rob was upset that I would do that. I really didn’t care that he was upset. He had lied to me. He has put me through a lot, so I thought it was only fair. In a sense, I wanted to show that I’m happy without him and help others who are also going through a breakup or divorce.

She has said that she got a lot of love and support while she goes through the process of ending the relationship and moving on.

And has plans to reciprocate by helping other people who are going through the same problem. This idea was sparked by other people who have been sharing similar but personal struggles with her since this ordeal started.

She said other people were going through the same thing had been sharing their own stories with her.

One person replied Andrea’s tweet saying:

I’ve literally looked at this like a million times cause it just really makes me smile for you. You have come so far, and it shows. I am so happy that you are happy.

Another tweeted:

Me too sis! After 5 years I thought I’d be getting engaged this year, but instead, I love myself more than I ever have.

Rob has said that he is in support of the developmental strides that Andrea has made in her life and can only hope that he gets a similar result as he continues to work on himself.

When interviewed by Yahoo, he said:

I constantly find ways to make myself a better man than what I was, [and] I can only hope the absolute best for Andrea and myself as we go down new roads in our future.

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