When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live without You

It is general knowledge that people want things that prove hard to get. The more a thing seems too hard to get, the more obsessed we are to have it. This same principle applies to relationships and is probably the bedrock of this old nugget of wisdom that says that the way to get a woman lies in acting as if you don’t really care about her. It is said that if you act as if you aren’t really interested in her, she would want you more and to that effect, she might end up being the one chasing you. Some people even think that treating a woman badly would make her need your love and attention even more.

The above-stated advice on getting a woman might be the first thing you try the minute you find a woman that you are interested in. It might seem like a sure fire way to get her attention and care, but in fact, it isn’t. You would be better rewarded if you do not engage in this type of game. I would strongly advise you to go in the opposite direction. Showering her with as much attention as possible is a better choice to make for several reasons.

Think of it this way. When you truly love someone, you would find it very hard to ignore them or withhold your affection. It would be counterproductive to what you feel. Besides that, you would not feel cherished and loved if the girl who claims to love you treats you badly and acts like she does not care about you. You are a human being with feelings, and soon enough, you would get tired of the whole thing and walk away.

Another piece of advice in circulation on relationships is about honesty. People think that when you are in a relationship with someone, you should not be too honest about your feelings with them. That seems like terrible advice because honesty is one of the bedrocks of every relationship and a relationship that lacks honesty would not stand strong for long.

You might decide to follow these pieces of advice because you are a bit afraid or you might feel nervous and uncomfortable about meeting new people. Just know that being dishonest is not the best approach to take because most people value honesty above all other things.

It is for the best that you be honest from the start of that relationship. This would ensure that you and your partner have a deeper understanding of each other and a deeper level of intimacy. It would also help to cultivate trust between you which would help your relationship absorb some blows from any made up stories.

It does pay to be very attentive and caring to your partner so try to do that. Focus on her when you are together. Put away all distractions including your cell phone. Pay rapt attention to her every word and let her know that you truly love and cherish her. She needs to know that you truly care for her and you can’t send that message across if you are always occupied by your phone whenever you are together.

With you treating her with affection, she would soon fall in love with you, and that would be the beginning of a wonderful relationship based on love and honesty.

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