What Is Your “I Will Love You Until…” (According To Your Zodiac)

Yes, you read right. Your zodiac sign tells you everything you need to know about yourself. And that includes what you will tend to do in a relationship.

See, love is a powerful force, and in fact, it is regarded as the greatest power of all. Its effects on your life can be very substantial. It does lighten up your mood, at other times it heals your psychological wounds. It helps you let go of past hurt while giving you the courage to forgive any wrongdoings against you.

Love makes things go round; it is in every conversation shared with those you consider dear to you. It sometimes feels like life itself.

But have you ever considered a situation where life didn’t exist?

When you have gone through something so traumatic that you were left so shaken that you lost all faith you had in love?

Whatever it is that cost you your faith in love must have hit hard at the vulnerabilities of your personality – something unique to you. And your personality is tied to your zodiac sign. And that means that such traumatic events differ from one zodiac sign to another.

In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion on these traumatic events and how they affect each zodiac sign. This is true for any type of relationship that is built on trust, and that includes friendships, romance, family and colleagues at work.

Let’s begin with the Aries, shall we!

Aries: until you cheat on me!

To understand the Aries, we have to take a deeper look into their personality. See, they are very much warrior like by nature. They believe in the noble act of struggle to get whatever it is that they need or want. This makes them natural go-getters. If they have their mind set on something – be it a goal or dream, they will stop at nothing to achieve it. But sometimes, the downside to this great personality comes when they aren’t that focused.

You see, all that energy has to be directed towards something. If it isn’t channeled towards a perceived goal, then it would be used to cause trouble. And that explains why it can sometimes seem like Aries guys find trouble where there seems to be peace.

For them to be at their best, they have to have something to do. A goal to achieve.

Now, to understand why loyalty is a big thing for the Aries. Always having to struggle for things they need and want, the Aries life can look like a battlefield or war zone. They are always on the lookout for themselves and their safety. Letting anyone into their lives isn’t an easy thing for them. They find it very hard to trust people. And so when they finally do, you can imagine the damage done to them after realizing that they had made a bad call with their friend.

First, he would be angry with the disloyal offender and then with him/herself for making the wrong call. And then they would build higher and thicker walls to protect themselves from letting their guard down.

You might be reading all this and thinking that this is all ridiculous. But you have to look at the situation from their own perspective. They are constantly in one struggle or battle of some sorts. Either they are striving to reach a goal, or they are fighting with other people who don’t like them because of their unique personality.

To trust the wrong person in their world could easily be the end of them. To understand this better, you have to consider the comradeship that exists between soldiers – especially those who have shared combat experience.

This is how Aries take their relationships, and so little wonder disloyal is the unforgivable sin.

Leo: until you make me look like a fool!

The Leos are proud peacocks. With them is all about their importance and public perception of them. They can hardly be for a cause that doesn’t allow them to get the spotlight. They live for the attention and admiration of others.

This attitude towards life doesn’t change when it comes to their relationships. They demand that their partners listen with awe as they blast their trumpets. And whenever they take a break to catch a breath, they expect their partners to take over from them. This is the reality of dating or being in a relationship with a Leo. He/she must be appreciated every step of the way to the top.

Also as you could have guessed from their personalities, Leos don’t take criticism well. For them, criticism only sheds light on their weaknesses, something that they are very uncomfortable with. When you are in a relationship with a Leo, avoid taking jabs at them especially when it comes to their insecurities. Hence the “Until you make a fool of me.”

But before we move on to the next point, it is important to note that Leos aren’t always about themselves in the relationship. They spend a considerable amount of time, trying to know their partners. They want to have a better understanding of who they are in a relationship with. That helps them treat you better.

Taurus: until a heartbreak!

Everyone knows that the Tauruses know how to handle themselves, especially in tough times. They are strong people. But that tends to be a front sometimes as they are human too and go through human issues. Some of them include being susceptible to being hurt and feeling depressed. As much as they don’t show that dark side of theirs to the public, it still exists and does so strongly.

They are very aware of this and so strive to have their act together. Hence being referred to as the calm and steady zodiac sign. They also take their time to choose friends, but when they do, they would usually trust them fully. And so if such a friend ends up causing them some real pain, then that would rock the balance they strive so hard to build and maintaining. They are unwillingly forced to face their unstable vulnerabilities which leads to depression. Once they get there, it becomes very hard to keep that relationship.

But always tenner that for the most part, they are very stable emotionally and thus hurting them isn’t an easy task.

Gemini: until you try to be smarter than me!

Yes, the Geminis are known to have higher moral standards than the other zodiac signs. They are also very intelligent too, and a combination of those two make it very hard for them to be swindled. If you find yourself in a relationship with a Gemini, know that the odds are against you if you are into playing games.

First of all, the likelihood of not being caught is very low, and the chances are that they would leave once they are that you are someone who lacks integrity or maturity. And for the fact that you considered them foolish enough to play games on, will remain a painful reminder that will hinder the relationship from going forward.

So if you aren’t on the same page as they are, it’s best if you don’t even get into the relationship at all.

Cancer: until you leave me!

The crabs love the company of family and friends. They are emotional creatures who rely on the stability of the relationships they build to perform at a very high level. And hence, no relationship is a fling. If they are into it, they know they are into it.

At the same time, Cancers are known to like their alone time. And they are always trying to balance these contradicting parts of their nature.

See, when a crab is in a relationship with you, they would be the partner that would give their all to make you happy and comfortable. They will also be loyal to you during times of peace and trouble.

But at the same time, they also expect that same quality of service from you. As with every relationship, yours with the crab is always going to rely on trust and that you must not break. They rely a lot on the stability of your relationship to function well in whatever it is they are doing with their lives. Breaking that means breaking their world and they would not take that lightly at all.

But as long as you keep to the rules of the relationship, you will have the time if your life.

Virgo: until you lie to me!

The Virgos are another moral zodiac that is concerned with being just, fair and honest. They bring that into their relationships and expect their partners to be on the same page as they are.

And just as the Gemini, they are very empathic and emotionally intelligent people who don’t let any human behavior slide without taking note of it. They may not talk about it or publicly acknowledge it, but rest assure that they have seen it or taking note of it. And thus making it difficult to deceive them. And just as I said for the Gemini above, you just have to have the same or similar morals to them. You have to be truthful and loyal to them as they would be with you.

Libra: until you ruin my peace!

The Libras are birds of freedom and that they put as a priority over everything else. They also are very uncomfortable with negativity and toxic environments and so if you want to make a Libra miserable, make the whole relationship into a toxic union or atmosphere without giving them the freedom to express themselves.

They would leave the relationship immediately.

They are at their best when they are giving the very needed space to be themselves and not have to worry about what their partner or someone else they love and cherish will feel about that.

But if you let them be themselves, then you will begin to enjoy the fruits of your decision. They will be by your side through thick and thin. They would make your union a strong one filled with love and positivity.

Scorpio: until you hide something from me!

For the Scorpios, they are very good at standing for their partners. They usually take the role of protector in whatever relationship they are in.

But there is a condition for all these goodies, and that is honesty. See, the Scorpios ask for radical honesty so that they can get to really know who they are in a relationship with. And they want to know so that they can know how to best serve you in the relationship and that includes shielding and protecting you.

But unfortunately, that isn’t always the case as their partners often times can’t believe that revealing their vulnerabilities and flaws to anyone can only be an advantage. And so the Scorpios are constantly faced with this struggle to find someone who will be brave and willing enough to trust them with their secrets.

A Scorpio will love you for who you are, your great qualities and flaws alike. They won’t mind as long as they can trust that you are being your genuine self all the time. So if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, please it is advisable that you start on the right footing and that means being truthful about yourself and any situation you find yourself in.

Do that, and you have got a great and loyal friend for life.

Sagittarius: Until you lose hope!

For the Sagittarius, you have to keep in mind that positivity and optimism is oxygen to them. They are very happy and cheerful people who can’t help but hope for a brighter and better future. And so you can imagine what their worst enemy would be – negativity and pessimism.

They feel like they are suffocating being with negative people or in toxic environments. And so when they are in a relationship with you, they expect that you support whatever it is that they do. Now the catch to this seemingly simple law is that not every goal a Sagittarius takes on is feasible and letting them know can be a very daunting task. But the magic of this situation lies in the delivery of the message you want to convey to them. If they know that you have done your homework in trying to understand what it is they are into and at the same time have their best interest at heart, then they would listen to you. But just as I have said, you better know what you are talking about. Talking down on their goals and ambitions based on opinionated thoughts wouldn’t get you anywhere and is the quickest way to get your Sagittarius partner to distance him/herself from you.

This optimistic attitude isn’t just something that they want for themselves. You have to know that a Sagittarius partner would also expect the same attitude from you when it comes to your life. See, quitting and giving up are very unpleasant to them. They would rather have you stick to your guns than quit.

Capricorn: until you lose interest!

The Capricorn is a very selfless partner, and that is their general philosophy in life. They bring that kind of attitude with them to every aspect of their lives. They believe in long-term thinking and temporary sacrifice for the betterment of tomorrow. And when you have a Capricorn in your relationship, you will find out that you have a very stable and healthy relationship for a very long time.

All they ask of you is that you aren’t a selfish asshole. They don’t exactly expect that you should put as much effort as they go into the relationship. They just want you to try. Also, they don’t like someone who gives up on life. They are also very much aware that life does have its ups and downs, but they would love and respect you more if you keep fighting. They want you to keep your head above water – no matter what.

And to be the kind of person who is willing and able to do that, you should have goals big enough and unselfish enough to keep going. This goal should be tied to a deep way that you can always count on as eternal motivational sources to keep you going during dark times.

Aquarius: until you stop being unique!

The Aquarian is a very unique sign. They are an embodiment of doing things your own way. They love and are drawn to creativity. And for them, creativity actually means having your own approach to whatever it is you are doing in life. When you do that you will notice that you will do things differently. And that is because you are different and your uniqueness manifests in the way you view the world and the way you solve problems that matter to you. Being yourself isn’t the hardest thing to do – once you get to understand that you are worth something too big to be quantified. In fact, being yourself is the easier thing you can be, and that is because little to no effort goes into it. You are already who you are.

And so for the Aquarius, they seek this uniqueness because that is what brings color to the relationship. You see, Aquarians get bored quite easily, and so they are on the lookout for something that is different from them. Hence the drive to be in relationships with people who are unique or offer something different.

So now, being with an Aquarian partner would feel like bliss and some pain or struggle – I’ll explain.

When you are with an Aquarian, you would be encouraged to become better at whatever it is that makes you unique. If that is a marketable talent, then your Aquarian partner would encourage you to hone that talent into a skill. They would also help you with whatever resources they can muster to make your career dreams come true.

To keep the relationship going, love them for who they are and keep being yourself.

Pisces: Until you stop me chasing my dreams!

Pisces are very insular people, and it is a known fact that they can sometimes spend too much time in their head. Also, Pisces people are excellent dreamers. They would set out their goals and would vividly but mentally savor the experience of hitting the finish line even before the race starts.

And that kind of passion and zeal in an empathic and emotional creature can help us understand why the Pisces folk take their goals and aspirations as religion.

And by now, you must have guessed the deal breaker for the Pisces when it comes to a relationship with them. They would instantly cut you off if you hint that you don’t believe in their ability to achieve their dreams.

But to be in a relationship with a Pisces and have the both of you happy, you have to understand where they are coming from. You have to know that they are very much into whatever it is they believe and also expect that you – as their partner, would be supportive too. They also want to know that you believe very much in them and their ability to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

But then again, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get ahead of themselves when trying to get to their goals. And as someone who has their best interest at heart, you have to step in to save them. Just know that this action will need to be as tactful as possible to be successful.

Once your Pisces partner is convinced that you have their best interest at heart, they would be loyal to you and love you deeply.

So there you have it, the deal breakers for all twelve zodiac signs in a relationship.

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