What Do You Need Most In A Relationship, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Almost everyone knows what they want in a relationship partner and some even have it written down. It could range from an affectionate partner, a partner who is your biggest cheerleader in all the things you do, to a partner who can read your soul. Perhaps what you want will be a very honest partner or one who goes straight to the point in everything he does. Either way, we are going to look into what every zodiac sign needs the most in their relationships based on their characteristics. So, read on below to find out what your zodiac sign needs in a relationship and check to see if you have that on the top of your list.


You have a very quick temper, and you usually flare up. Therefore, you would need your partner to be very understanding of your quick temper. You are a very honest person, hiding nothing and projecting your true self to people around you. As such, you cannot abide dishonest and shady characteristics. Your partner would need to have transparency in spades. Your need for total honesty has also affected the way you view surprises. You don’t like surprises because it makes you feel as though your partner is hiding something from you, a feeling you avoid all the time by settling for the transparent and honest ones.


Just like the bull, you are a stubborn lot. Sensitive too, but stubborn. This means that in your pursuit of a partner, you need to take this attribute into account and look for someone who is very considerate and who can manage your unique combination of stubborn and sensitive. You need a gentle soul who will understand you and give you what you need in a relationship. Also keeping in mind that you hold your grudges quite tightly and find it hard to forgive people, you will need to find someone who is persistent as he or she would definitely need that quality when they quarrel with you.


With your abundance of emotions and feelings, you Geminis love to always be in contact with your partners. You want to hear from him/ her through any means possible, be it E-mail, phone call, WhatsApp, Skype. Whatever means available, you need to be in close contact with your partner, and so you need someone who is always willing to be in contact with you all the time. You possess an unparalleled zest for life although you get bored easily. Therefore you need a partner who can keep up with you and provide the excitement you need in your life.


You are a known believer in the give and take in your relationships. You don’t believe in letting one partner do all the work in a relationship so you should be with a partner who is ready to give and take. Trustworthiness and constancy are two things that you value a whole lot in life and especially in your relationships. Because of this, you would benefit greatly from a partner who thinks the same way and who is ready to be trustworthy and play a constant role in your life.


Leo, the lion, you are full of pride, importance, charisma, regality, and confidence. You are at the peak of the Zodiac signs, and everyone knows it. As the strong leader that you are, you cannot be with a weakling who cannot match you in everything. You would need someone whose characteristics are a mirror of yours- strong, confident, regal, and charismatic. Even with all of these characteristics, they have to be loving, giving you joy and happiness. Because you love to feel important, any partner of yours would have to be willing to make you feel regal and important.


Just as the virgin fair you are, you love kindness and gentleness. You cannot be in a relationship with a cruel person. It will put you off. Whenever your partner extends a hand of kindness to other people, it gets to you, every time. You would have loved it if everyone in the world were kind to each other but since it isn’t so, you settle for a partner who is kind.


You are the balance keepers of the world, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that your love of balance would extend to your relationships. In your relationships, you want balance and are especially happy when everything is on level ground. This is one thing that your partner would have to learn to appreciate just as you do. You do not want to do anything to rock the boat of your relationship at all.


There are three nonnegotiable things that you require in a partner. They are integrity, intimacy, and honesty. You distrust people more than any other zodiac sign, and it takes a whole lot to gain your trust, and you need a partner that is as trustworthy and honest as you. If not, that relationship would not survive. Another factor important to you is intimacy, you enjoy sex a lot, and your partner has to be good at it too. Not only do you enjoy these two things, but you also enjoy a quiet time cuddling and being together. All in all, you need a partner who is trustworthy, good at sex and big on intimacy.


You are a very independent person although you also appreciate people who are dependable in times of need. You would love to be in a relationship with a partner who is just like you, self-sufficient and dependable in times of need. You also believe in give and take which includes great sex just like Cancers. And above all, you enjoy a partner who is comfortable with you being the center of attention occasionally.


Ah, the responsible ones. You love to work hard and excel at whatever you from. As a person who is constantly in tune with your goals, you cannot abide a person who is irresponsible and flighty. Opposites attract but in this case; you are attracted to your like. Someone who shares the same value and sense of responsibility.


You are known to be adventurous, broad-minded and rebellious, and you love being right about things. That’s cool; you, however, need a man or woman who will encourage you to be yourself and pursue your happiness and goals. He or she would even join you sometimes to be a part of your adventures.


These fishes are the bosses of sentimental things. Sentimental emotions expressed in touches or lovely words rev your motor. You greatly appreciate a person who is constantly there for you especially when things aren’t so rosy and why wouldn’t you when you give the same and more to others. You live for public displays of affection like holding hands and cuddling. You are a hopeless romantic, and you just love. Everything to do with love- long periods in your lover’s arms talking about everything and nothing. You would need to look for a partner who is ready to fulfill all your needs, preferably someone who loves PDA’s, wants always to serenade you and enjoys cuddling.

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