What Being Faithful Actually Means Because It’s More Than Not Sleeping Around

We usually believe that someone was cheating on their partner if they got under the sheets with some other person besides their partner. And so if people only restrict themselves from sexual infidelity, they believe that they are being faithful to their partners and dedicated to their relationships.

But that is only half the truth. In reality, being faithful to your partner goes beyond treating your partner well, it also means being dedicated to your relationship with your partner. It means not doing things that suggest you are still single and searching. Such activities include being on dating sites or apps. You should get off such places since you have devised to be with one person who is your partner. You shouldn’t also wait till your partner tells you to do so. You have to do it by yourself, knowing that it is the right thing to do. Taking such a step in a relationship tells a lot about the level of your commitment to your relationship with your partner.

Also, being faithful to your partner in a relationship means not being flirtatious with anyone else. A lot of people still don’t get this; some say that flirting is just what it is and that there is usually nothing to it. But I would disagree here.

See, we all know that we often take action with intent behind it. So why would someone in a relationship proceed to flirt with someone other than their partner? What is the intention behind such an action? I bet that whatever is the spark for such an action is of no good or benefit to the development of your relationship. And most probably your partner won’t be very comfortable with that.

You also have to go beyond restraining yourself from flirting and making it clear as possible that you are taken and not interested in pursuing any form of romantic relationship outside that which you have with your partner.

No one denies the fact that it could be tempting to know that someone asides your partner is interested in you. But if you are already grounded in the morals that you have to be faithful and committed to whatever relationship you are into, then you won’t have much problem putting such destructive thoughts aside.

If you are in a relationship with someone, then you shouldn’t be out there, posing as though you aren’t. That in itself is a betrayal of the trust your partner has in you and the stability of your relationship with him/her. You have to be your genuine self at all times.

And to add to that, being faithful to your partner means that you should be open and honest with them. You shouldn’t have to wait for your partner to discover something that you should have told them already. Being honest means telling it as it is. Also, this doesn’t mean that it is always going to be comfortable telling the truth.


But instead of you losing trust in which the foundations of a great relationship are built, it is better that you lay yourself bare to your partner. That way they would have a true understanding of who you are and where you are coming from. A lot of benefits come with being truthful and they include eliminating any situations that can look incriminating or suspicious. For example, if you somehow got reconnected with an old flame, it is important that you let your partner know what is going. Also be very sincere and wise when dealing with such situations, you can destroy your relationship with your partner over someone you should have moved on from. Be sensitive to your partner’s concerns and severe such a reunion of that if it is threatening your relationship with your partner.

Another way of being faithful in a relationship is always to make sure that you don’t give your partner any opportunities to suspect you of infidelity. This doesn’t mean that you should get good at cheating and evade being caught, it means that you should go way and beyond to make your partner feel comfortable about being with you. Explicitly explain situations that look suspect in nature – even when you are innocent.

It helps to build trust and love as your partner would notice the extra effort you put into making the relationship work. They would adore you for your efforts in protecting them from getting hurt. These are the little things that show that you are dedicated and faithful to your partner.

Also, it is important to note that to be really committed to your relationship, you shouldn’t be romantically intimate or involved with an outsider – and this includes anyone outside the two of you. This means not just being physical but also emotional too. This means that you shouldn’t discuss your romantic relationship with someone else. Keep that between your partner and yourself.

Ana M. Aluisy, a marriage therapist, explains this further by saying that it is easy to start emotional affairs with people today. The introduction of technology has even made this easier. She says that this has sparked a behavior whereby people in relationships divulged private and romantic matters to strangers online. And that this can turn into some sort of emotional attachment of the complaint to the stranger.

She spoke with the Daily Dot saying “Technology provides a safe place to communicate intimate information with someone other than your partner at a distance,”

This is because that is human nature, we end up having some type of relationship with people we share intimate relationships with. And many frown upon such behavior and describe it as betrayal or unfaithfulness. Ana M. Aluisy backs this up as she says “Creating intimate moments with [people] other than your partner can be considered by many like cheating.”

To conclude, I would say that if you value your relationship and your partner, then it would be worth it to stay disciplined and not show signs of cheating or unfaithfulness by violating these tips above. At that point in your life, let your eyes and desires stray would bring more harm than good. And you would instead focus on your relationship and your partner and avoid cheating of all forms – knowing that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

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