What Animal Represents You In Bed Based On Your Zodiac

Have you ever thought, “I wonder how I am (or was) in the bedroom?”, Well, then this article is just for you. As you continue to read you will find out what animal represents you in the bedroom based on your zodiac sign, or you can find out what your significant other is based on their zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th) The Limber Leopard

Like the leopard, you are a passionate, risk-taker. An Aries is always ready to get down to business. If you are an Aries, then you know that you are a passionate person. However, an Aries is not going to try to lure someone with flowers and chocolate. Aries are very realistic, like a leopard. You can always depend on an Aries/leopard.

Leopards want what they want, and there is no stopping them, just like an Aries. Leopards are straight to the point. They are also very stubborn. Therefore, don’t expect much from an Aries. They are know-it-alls. Therefore an Aries will tell you what YOU like.

Leopards and Aries are both extremely aggressive. There is no subtleness to either one. Neither the leopard or an Aries likes routine. They get bored very quickly, so make sure to switch things up.

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) Back-Breaking Ball Python

Like the ball python, you are down-to-earth. Taurus are the most practical of the zodiac signs. They like to keep things realistic and are great working on a team. Wine and dine is an activity that a Taurus knows well. Once this reliable, easy-going sign is stimulated, he/she can go for hours.

Ball pythons commute the materialistic side of a Taurus. While at one point they may seem easy-going, the next second they could be upset because they didn’t get anything nice from their loved one. A Taurus loves to have ‘pre-game,’ just like the ball python.

With that being said, ball pythons and Taurus’ are very jealous creatures. If someone tries to touch their stuff (or lover), a ball python will stick, just like a Taurus. There are high expectations when you are with a Taurus/ball python. Don’t even try to show up at a Taurus’ house in an exciting costume for a night of fun; they will likely take off screaming in the other direction

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) Dreamy Dog

Gemini’s are so much like a dog it is uncanny. Both the dreamy dog and a Gemini are very quick learners. If you are a Gemini, you like to be mentally stimulated before anything physical. Once you are excited, you want to be taken straight to the bedroom. However, the Gemini tends to talk a lot in the moment.

Like a Gemini, the dreamy dog is a very anxious lover. They want to constantly be told how good they look doing certain things. If a dog is not stimulated long enough, they will get bored, just like a Gemini. One day a Gemini might want to meet in the bedroom, the next day he/she may want to be on the rooftop. It’s always unpredictable with a Gemini/dog.

Gemini’s are very affectionate, just like a dog. However, do not call the day after your night of rondevu with a Gemini. They like to feel free and do not like to be tied down (in more ways than one).

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) Randy Rabbit

Both the rabbit and a cancer are very cautious thinkers. They do not just jump at everything and anything. They have to feel out a situation before they can just hop (no pun intended) into bed with anyone. Cancers are very calm and collected. However, they can be very possessive, like a rabbit.

Once the rabbit has it’s claws into you; it doesn’t want to let go. The rabbit is a very possessive and serious lover. They can have fun all night long. Mostly they stay monogamous. However, they are known to venture off sometimes.

A cancer is likely to call and text you non-stop after one night. They get attached as soon as they have any sort of romantic relations with someone in the bedroom. They are, also, huge over thinkers. Therefore, they will sometimes come off as insecure in the bedroom. Constant reassurance is a necessity for a cancer.

Likewise, a cancer and a rabbit both love great food. With good food comes a lot of trust. Therefore, they are more likely to lay down for you. However, Cancers and rabbit are both very easily offended. Therefore you need to tell them how good that nurse costume looks several times.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) Juicy Jaguar

Leos are obsessed with themselves, just like a jaguar. They both want to be number one and the best. A Leo is extremely dramatic in the bedroom. They want attention at all times, like the jaguar. As long as you clap, a Leo (and a jaguar) will continue to put on a good show.

Leos are very inventive and devoted lovers. They will never take no for an answer. Therefore, you should let them put on their “one-Leo” show just for you. You will surely be satisfied with that. Leos like to be in charge, just like the jaguar. It is in their nature to be dominant and controlling.

However, if you want to keep a Leo/Jaguar in your life, you must not be too bossy in the bedroom. It is imperative for a Leo to be in charge at all times. A Jaguar is likely to bite when they are not in control or feel threatened. Therefore, you should let them have their way, and you are sure to be satisfied.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd) Teasing Tiger

Everyone thinks that a Virgo is pure. However, the truth is that they are just picky about what they want in the bedroom. Like a tiger, they are very practical thinkers. Both like things to be clean. With that being said, a Virgo likes to have his/her night of fun in a clean, friendly, loving environment. A Virgo doesn’t hook up with anyone.

Although a Virgo (and tiger) are not open-minded, they are going to be happy if you suggest something new for the bedroom. A Virgo tries to put out an innocent vibe. Your Virgo wants to try different acrobatic contortion, but they just won’t tell you. However, they do not want a pulled muscle from it.

Tigers are very critical creatures. If something makes them feel threatened, they are likely to retreat or attack. This is also true of a Virgo. When trying aggressive moves in the bedroom, you should refrain away from throwing them down on the bed and getting dirty. They will clam up quickly.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd) Agile Anaconda

Sophistication is a characteristic you should expect from a Libra. Just like the anaconda, they are very family oriented. They do not like something coming between them and their family. Therefore, a Libra is not about to ditch his/her family for a night of fun with you. If you want to make love to a Libra, you will have to win their heart over. One night stands are not something they are down for.
Both the Libra and an anaconda are very indecisive creatures. Neither one will tell you what they want, or they like. It is your job to figure it out. A Libra is very open-minded, so he/she will probably wear a naughty costume, but they will not go hardcore with you (more than likely).

An anaconda is a very unreliable animal, just like a Libra. You can never tell where they are going to be. While they may say or act like they are going to one place, you will find them in a completely different place. They are very sneaky. Be careful with a Libra, or you might just get bitten (good or bad).

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st) Buff Bull

The buff bull and a Scorpio are very fearless creatures. A Scorpio is a freak in the bedroom! Horn-dog is only the tip of the iceberg when you try to describe the mysterious and intense Scorpio. Passion is very important for a Scorpio, just like the bull.,

A bull is a very private animal, just like the Scorpio. Once, they come out of their shell; they are open for anything. Being possessive and controlling is characteristic of a bull and a Scorpio. They are both very possessive and jealous creatures.

A Scorpio is either totally into you or totally not. They do not understand “Fifty Shades Of Grey” because it’s all or nothing with a Scorpio. Once a Scorpio makes love with you, they will always come back for more. They become attached. However, the attachment also comes with a dark, erotic side. You’ll need a strong stamina to keep up with a Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st) Mischievous Monkey

The Sagittarius and monkeys of this world are very adventurous. You should be ready to try weird positions and different exotic techniques. They also like to meet is far-out places, like the mile-high club. Both the monkey and Sagittarius are curious.

If a monkey becomes bored, they are likely to go swing on a different vine. The same is true of a Sagittarius. Sagittarius will make you feel like the only person in the world in the bedroom; however, if the road is open, they will likely take off swinging to a different vine. Just like a mischievous monkey, a Sagittarius is very unappreciative.

While you still have your hands on your Sagittarius, have some fun. Adventure in the bedroom is something a Sag is always down for. If you only want to Netflix and not “Netflix and chill,” your Sag is going to shrive up with boredom. They want you to pick them up and carry them to the bedroom, mid-movie, for some fun!

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) Open Ocelot

Artist: Melissa-Starling

The Capricorns of the world are very mature, just like an ocelot, as they like to work hard. However, when you get a Capricorn in the bedroom, they become very playful kittens. Capricorns are the most passionate of all the Zodiac signs.

Both the Capricorn and an Ocelot are always craving attention. An Ocelot is an ambitious and responsible animal. Like the Ocelot, a Capricorn will sublimate his/her sexual desires. Not to mention, a Capricorn and an Ocelot have incredible endurance.

Ocelots and Capricorns are very intelligent creatures. Therefore, they are attracted to intelligent creatures. Making the first move for a Capricorn is not a problem. Neither an Ocelot or a Capricorn have time for “weirdos” in their life.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th) Bodacious Black Panther

You cannot pin down an Aquarius or a black panther. This because they are both very intellectual in their thinking. An Aquarius has a libido that relates directly to his/her mental stimulation. If something sounds fun, they will try it once.

Like the black panther, an Aquarius is reserved but can be worked up into an extreme and passionate state. Once a black panther loves you, there is no changing their mind, like an Aquarius. They will fight for anything, if they feel it is right.

Aquarius like unusual people and strange conversation. In the bedroom, an Aquarius can be boring or extreme! If you do not have a dark side, an Aquarius is not going to be interested. An Aquarius and a black panther will take off running for the hills.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) Submissive Little Lamb

Like a submissive little lamb, a Pisces will change anything in order to fit your need and desires. They are magical! However, a Pisces and a lamb are not very intelligent creatures. However, they are very emotional. Neither the lamb or a Pisces is very practical. A Pisces will put all their energy into making sure you are pleased.

While one thing may seem naughty to one animal, the lamb finds it to be fun, as they are imaginative animals. Likewise, a Pisces will approach a night in the bedroom with an open-mind and an even more open heart. They are always expecting the time you have together in the bedroom to be fantastic.

Both the lamb and the Pisces are happy, as long as you are happy. Therefore, make sure you communicate a lot with our Pisces in the bedroom. Pisces are easily turned on with fantasy play, therefore you better start stretching

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