The Dark Side Of Loving Someone Who Is Not Exactly Your Fit.

The infantile feelings of falling in love are heavenly. You have just met your bae – before anyone else, and everything seems a little brighter. He is still adorable and she is just amazing. Your pupils dilate at the sight of each other while your stomachs so their fluttering thing. Leaving each other’s company gets suddenly replaced by this strange and painful loneliness. You guys have fallen hard for each other.

Hence, every relationship has its beginnings named the honeymoon phase. Where exists, pure and unadulterated love – filled with sweet foolishness and sieved of all objectivity. Your prince’s shiny armor is without chink and your princess’s skin without blemish. You both are carried away by love to a far-off land – lost to reality.

But as with all things, there comes an end. And of course reality sets in. Life can be unfair, you end up with someone with whom you have this wonderful time, only for you to look back to it as this sweet… nonsense. All present and no future – and thus, substance.

Are you to go on with a relationship where your partner – who you so are in love with, isn’t the right fit for you? Or will you cut it short, knowing that that is what’s best for you in the long run. You know, this is a head and heart struggle.

You begin to sweat the little things, anxious about scenarios that are more likely to play out in the future. You constantly over think your decisions – in a bid to not make terrible ones.

Honestly, there is no hard and fast rule to dealing with such an issue. And as it is with most things in life, the solutions lie in the gray. It is quite possible to fall head over heels in love with the wrong person. Someone who doesn’t fit well with your life in the long run.

The ball’s in your court…

Are you in for the long haul? Will you risk a terrible heartbreak all in the name of love? Are you okay with starting all over again – to taste bitter beginnings?

Usually, for the majority, 12 to 30 months into a relationship reveals that they are in the wrong relationship. Personality mismatches and personal flaws only lend to a bad ending. And so they realize they can’t build a family with this person. You see, great and amazing friendships don’t always favor our future, they don’t always fit into our destiny. And so, therefore, have to come to an end.

Truth be told;

Contrary to common assumptions, love alone does not do the job. The raging love that quite characterizes the beginning of relationships does not guarantee a ‘happily ever after’. On the other hand, no relationship is with its issues. There is always some learning and growth to be done by both parties so as to sustain the relationship. This way problems that plague the stability of the relationship can be solved while both partners stay together.

If you begin to notice significant differences in values and other non-negotiables, then don’t hesitate to end thing. Don’t be seduced by what seems like the calm in the relationship. Their are roses and reality and the latter would far outlast the former’s fragrance. Will it be hard? Yes! But it will be worth it as well.

To stay in a relationship with someone require that your affection for that person can withstand problems – and the likes, that are associated with relationships. It all boils down to the ability of both of you to continually negotiate the terms of your relationship – as it pertains the unforeseen circumstances that you guys would meet in the course of your relationship.

Finally, the subtle changes that occur with time will surprise you. After all, roses come with thorns and love isn’t an exception.

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