Scientist Claim That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier

Have you been to a cancer ward? Seen people waste away to a disease, knowing they had no say in deciding their current fate? Can you see all this and still say that you can be counted as one with a disease too?


See, addiction to drugs has been on the increase in the last few years and with its rise has come the devastation of family units and communities.

Leaving the society at the mercy of the drug dealers sweeping through once healthy communities – leaving destruction in their wake.

This development has prompted the provision of various types of addiction treatments which are made accessible to drug addicts. Also, the stereotype that has long been a dark cloud hanging over drug addicts has finally given way to understanding, attention, care, and treatment.

But yet we have still have drug addicts and their enablers saying that drug addiction is a disease.

Being an addict can cause a lot of big changes in your life, and one of those is the fundamental change that takes place in your brain. It tampers with the reward system of your brain, using the addictive substance of behavior as a trigger for the release of dopamine – a chemical that gives you joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

And so basic activities that would once activate the chemical called dopamine will be substituted for the substance of behavior being abused. And so for drug addicts, they begin to find it difficult to make rational decisions that would better their own lives because the reward system in their brains has taken over the control of their impulses instead of them. And so a lot of people have suggested that this condition is a disease.

But they don’t understand that they were actually the architects of their misfortune. They and nobody else decided to take the weed. They are the ones that decided to take a shot of heroin or cocaine. They were the ones that hopped from one doctor to another with ”backpain” that never seemed to go. And they are now complaining that the love for painkillers can’t seem to go?

Look, drug addicts have to understand that they choose the hell they find themselves in, and no one did this to them. Remember that life is all about choices. And at every point and turn in our lives, we are making choices. And many a time, we end up reaping the fruits of the choices and decisions we make.

And so you can get to understand my frustrations with drug addicts who find a way to play the victim role in all this. Running from taking responsibility for the poor choices they have made. Instead, they lay their blame on the feet of disease. No, it is not. How can you tell that to the kid who is suffering from cancer? A kid who did absolutely nothing to bring such calamity on themselves. A woman who has not committed a crime to warrant her to suffer from cystic fibrosis.

At some point, all drug addicts decided to make the decision to go into doing drugs. And although they knew that what they were doing wasn’t right, they still went ahead to do it.

Imagine how crazy it would be for you to tell a child suffering from an actual disease that you are too, suffering from a disease. A disease that you brought upon yourself as a result of the painful, poor decisions you have made in the past. Unlike them who didn’t have the power to make a choice to decide their own fate, you very well knew what you were getting into and still went ahead with your poor decisions.

Please, you need to take responsibility for your life and stop going around looking for a pity party by saying that you have a disease. You and only you own the life that you are living. Have love and respect for the chassis through which you interact with this world by caring for it – and by that I mean your body. If you take good care of it, then you would be highly productive.

And when I give this tough advice, don’t think that I do so while I sit on a high horse. Contrary to the image you might have of me as a cocky person who doesn’t understand what addiction is and just gives oversimplified solutions to very complicated problems, I have witnessed this evil first hand. I have seen people convince others that it is okay to be a victim to be pushed down by life and remain there. In this case, people telling others that they have no other choice of escaping the deep-seated pain they are going through but to lose themselves in the cesspool of hard drugs. And one of this enablers is those who convince drug addicts that they actually have a disease. But as bad an influence these enablers can have, the drug addicts themselves are the major people to blame. They made the choice to be in this situation.

And then when they feel the resultant heat of their actions, they begin to manipulate people into believing that they are sick or diseased. It is funny how our society as a whole can be this gullible to their lies. I mean, the manipulation tactics used by drug addicts is very easy to spot, but it looks like society can’t see that drug addicts have called their poor choices a disease so that they can exonerate themselves from the mess they themselves created. They will do anything but take responsibility for their lives.

You might be wondering why I am very passionate about this and I will satisfy your curiosity in a moment.

I personally believe that making drug addicts comfortable with being victims will never do the society any good. Saying that they have a disease will only make things far much worse than they are already.

If you are a drug addict, you have to realize that this is something you brought on yourself and also that the hands that to evil can also do good. Begin to fix your life today – your future self will thank you for your efforts now.

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