Narcissistic Fathers Lead Daughters to Engage in Self-Destructing Behavior

Girls who have narcissistic fathers are known to expect so much from themselves, and this is one of the most significant issues they face. Keeping the bar so high sets them up for failure which makes them question their identity and self-confidence. In turn, it leads them down the path of self-destructive behaviors.

Daughters of narcissistic fathers were exposed to terrible treatment from their fathers at a young age, and this is the primary reason they are hard on themselves. Their fathers constantly talked down to them, said harsh things to them and always stressed on their bad qualities. This made them lose their sense of self at a young age and also made them grow up believing the hurtful things their fathers told them.

The psychological and emotional damages that a narcissistic father can cause has a lasting effect that extends past their childhood into adulthood. They exhibit symptoms of PTSD, suffer from depression, are more prone to commit suicide and use hard drugs more than daughters that had ordinary fathers. Although these symptoms manifest early in life, sometimes they persist even to adulthood.

The effects of having a narcissistic father have been shown to have similar characteristics to the state of mind of people who have gone through physically and emotionally abusive traumas. The scarring thats caused by the psychological damaging narcissistic fathers is worse than people thought.

In the view of the public, narcissistic fathers are loving, caring and proud parents of their daughters but in the privacy of the home, the story changes. They turn from praising their daughters to calling them hurtful names, making them feel inadequate and pointing out something wrong in everything they do. In public, they play the role of the wonderful father everyone likes to have around but while at home, they are monsters.

The lasting mental damages caused by having a narcissistic father can be overcome. However, it demands a lot on hard work and professional help. Needing professional help is nothing to feel bad about and is required to help undo the effects of having a narcissistic father can cause.

To begin, daughters of narcissistic fathers need to reflect on their current goals and pick out those goals influenced by the need to please their fathers. This is a tough step because she might discover that most of her dreams have been tailored to suit her childhood need to please her father.

After that is done, she needs to discover her true goals and set into motion ways to achieve them. Going after her goals is a significant step in her healing process and might require a lot of restructuring and changes to accommodate them.

Another part of the healing process includes appreciation. They should praise and appreciate every milestone that they reach. Celebrating her achievements and acknowledging her part in them would go a long way to boosting her self-image.

Daughters of narcissistic fathers have to learn to be proud of their successes no matter how small. She should celebrate each significant milestone she achieves such as getting a new job or moving into a new apartment and view each of them as important. She should also never let her achievements be cheapened by other people including herself.

Finally, to fully get over her narcissistic father, she needs to accept that he was/is such a person.

A daughter has to do to overcome her narcissistic father by knowing that she is a human being worthy of respect and love. No one does not deserve to be loved, and she deserves to be loved.

Despite the lasting psychological damages that having a narcissistic father can cause, daughters of narcissistic fathers should know that they can work through their issues and with help can fully overcome them.

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