How To Know He Does NOT Want You Anymore Based On His Zodiac

Love is a wonderful emotion, and when a person falls in love, it seems as if the world had gotten brighter. We begin to feel a lot of things within us that can be explained as butterflies in the stomach. Everybody tries their best selves when they are around those they love. However, the feelings won’t last forever. Some people have been lucky enough to have been in love for many years, and it is beautiful but at the same time, not the ideal obtainable in the society. Relationships don’t last forever, and one day, you gradually notice that the end of your relationship is at the corner. It is a very difficult problem, and different people react to this in different ways.

Read below to see the different Zodiac signs and the way they would react to losing interest in their partner.


Aries born are blunt, take no prisoners kind of people, and because of that, they also have no time to play little games and would go straight forward to the main point. The same thing is also taken into their relationships; they would not like to spend a lot of time playing and speaking in parables. They don’t even believe in sugar coating things and are firm believers in a clean break. They’d rather cut things off with you abruptly than follow the prolonged letting you down easy approach.


The Taurus is stubborn as a bull and also similar to Aries but a lot less blunt. For a Taurus, he would be a lot less blunt than the Aries, and rather than suddenly cutting them off the second they lose interest; they would rather let their partner find out for themselves when they begin to appear not interested and too preoccupied with either their phone or something else. So, you just let yourself walk away from them because you know that it is done between you and me.


When a Gemini is entranced by you and attracted, they show this by spending a lot of time with you. The fact that they are very social just makes it very apparent. However, the reverse becomes the case when they lose interest. Instead of hanging out with you, they stay away from the relationship and their partner.


Cancer born lose interest in their relationships almost when they start to have problems at work. Soon enough, they begin to act as if the relationship is being a burden and is affecting their work performance in a bad way. It is left for the partner to notice these changes quickly and begin to make plans to leave the relationship because there would definitely be a breakup.


Leo finds it very hard to talk about what they feel with their partners. They find it very hard to hurt their partner’s feelings through any word or action of theirs, and this is the reason why most of them would rather pretend to still have an interest in a relationship than tell their partner that their feelings towards them have changed. Breaking it off is then left for the other partner so if you are in a relationship with a Leo, it is advisable that you watch closely to know when their feelings have changed.


The Virgo prefers to take the subtle way to tell their partner that something is wrong. They are not likely to let their partners know that they have lost interest in the relationship but would employ means like sicknesses to get out of prior engagements. Soon enough, a series of excuses would clue their partner into the fact that they are not interested anymore.


The Libra is not very predictable people, and their partners have to be careful about that because they usually catch their partners unawares with some of their actions. So, it is possible for their partner not to realize that the Libra has lost interest in the relationship and would like to leave. Careful observation of the little details would a go a long way to make sure that you find out early and avoid getting hurt when he lets you know seemingly out of the blue.


The Scorpio is the worst partner when he loses his interest in you. He is generally not all that easy to get along with but when he falls out of love with his partner or loses his interest, things take a turn for the worst, and he can exhibit some behaviors that are just not acceptable. Some of them include treating their partners badly, and some even go as far as heaping a lot of blame on their partners. It is advisable for their partners to leave the relationship once they notice that there is no interest again.


Sagittarius was born in social media. They are the extroverts, and sometimes they tend to be discreet, and because of this, they are a bit more creative in breaking things off. They don’t mince words though and would give it to their partners in the race rarest form. They are too much like the Aries in some instances. They don’t mind hurting someone else’s feelings so far as they let you know the truth.


Capricorn are very close to their partners and usually have lots of their exes as friends, and this goes a long way to show that they are good with learning their life lessons especially the one about burning bridges. Capricorns always feel as if they have to do something for their partners but when they lose interest, they usually just let the partner know.


Aquarius people are honest to a fault and what this means is that they are unable to hide the reason for their defection and would most likely just tell their partners that they are not feeling the same in the relationship anymore. They just have to talk about it with their partners otherwise, they end up leaving the wound of a lie to fester for so long that when it is finally open, it can cause a lot of damage.


Pisces are too soft-hearted by half and would find it very hard to let their partner know that the sparks have died. Especially at their own end and in a bid to avoid hurting someone else or souring someone’s experience in men, they usually opt for lying so that their partner can walk away any and they themselves can feel a little bit less guilty for liking them and not liking them again.

Now you know how the different Zodiac Signs would respond to losing interest in a relationship.

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