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The recent wave that BDSM movie and book, Fifty Shades of Grey created has been quite impressive. Many factions of the society have received it as a book masquerading abuse as BDSM. The book and subsequently the movie has been said to abysmally represent the life of a typical BDSM couple. Many other films have depicted a couple in a BDSM relationship. However, only one movie clearly and unequivocally expresses the best BDSM couple, and that is The Addams Family.

First coming out as a comic strip before being made into a movie in 1964, The Adamms, truly depicts a beautiful if not perfect BDSM relationship between Morticia and Gomez. Although quite sedate in the sexual scenes when it was first adapted into a movie in the 1960’s, the more recent version of the 1990’s was a bit more lenient on that count.

The couple in the movie, Morticia and Gomez are married with two kids. They enjoy a relationship that is different from other people’s relationships. The very beginning statement in the movie tells of the beautiful and quite energetic love life of the couple when Morticia tells Gomez that he was like a beast the night before and that it frightened her. Then in the next breath, she asks him to do it again. Her assertiveness cues us into the fact that she is her own woman and isn’t afraid to state her wants unlike Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Throughout the movie, we get glimpses of the BDSM part of their relationship and one of those moments is when Morticia tells Gomez not to torture himself as the role is hers and might we guess, the pleasure as well. And judging by the expression of pure sexual desire, we can try that Gomez would enjoy that. Another reason why the Adamms is a perfect depiction of a beautiful BDSM relationship is the fact that their roles aren’t fixed. Morticia and Gomez interchange roles as the Dominant and the submissive. This point is stressed when she assures him that it is her job to torture him. In most of the other BDSM movies, the roles do not get interchanged at all.

When Tully, straps Morticia to the stretching rack with the hope of torturing information out of her, she ends up enjoying herself immensely. Later on, when Gomez comes to rescue her, he is turned on, and Morticia tells him to loosen her first, and they can have their fun later.

This couple perfectly depicts a BDSM relationship without slighting the feminists or making it seem as though one part was abused. The scenes though few put into perspective the true nature of a BDSM relationship and does it better than Fifty Shades of Grey.

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