How He Controls You Based On His Zodiac Sign

Being able to control women is coupled together with other impossible things like being able to have a vacation in the sun, being able to time travel, and the earth being flat. You know, virtually impossible things. Being able to control women fully would never happen at least not with the feminists keeping watch. Men might have had a wider range of control over women in previous centuries as evidenced in historical facts but in this century we find ourselves in, the reins of control that they have over women are getting longer and longer.

However, a man’s need to control his woman has not diminished considerably probably because most men do have stronger stone age tendencies than women. It seems as if when women were undertaking changes, the men clung tightly to their old world views. But the women are not that old-fashioned in mind, and because of that, they would not let any man walk all over them.

But let us not build up stereotypes. Yes, most women come across as not wanting to be controlled, and the feminists would hear more of this. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Some women like it when a man controls them, and I’m not referring to any BDSM situation even though those women literally get turned on from being controlled. Some women who aren’t into any kink enjoy being controlled and cared for by their significant others.

Read below to know what type of man each zodiac sign should be controlled by and how they would go about this nearly impossible task of controlling their women. Read on below to find out what type of man would be able to control you to a certain level.


Aries is what I would describe as the consummate man. His masculinity is very important to him, and he would have no doubt about it. He is a man’s man, and it shows in everything that he does. He also has that manly appeal and charisma that not only draws women to him like flies but also induces men to hang around with them. This man also does have that whole virile loom going for him. If you want a better idea of him, think of the Rock.

How he controls women with his sign.

The Aries male trusts his charisma and sex appeal. He is unapologetically all man. He puts stock in his virile looks and popularity when it comes to getting a girl. He feels that women would always gravitate to a man that everybody wants. It must mean that they are really good. So, because of that, they just go around looking all arrogant and appealing. They have that man’s man x-factor that draws women in that is all that is enough to control a woman or so they think.

What is so surprising about the Aries man is how badly he notches this business of controlling women. The forceful alpha moves don’t work for all women, and after a while, it outlives it’s cute stage and becomes really annoying. So, the Aries man forgets that women respond to soft words and lots of romance. No matter how hot and appealing they might be, most women wouldn’t be with someone who sees their attention as his due. The arrogance would totally diffuse whatever appeal he might have.


Taurus is best known for the sign that represents them, that of the bull. The sign isn’t just there for fancy though because the Taurus does have one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the bull, stubbornness. Stubbornness does not always have to be a bad thing. You can be stubborn in a good way and in fact stubbornness channeled in the right way can be a very strong asset to anybody, for instance, Taurus hardly ever let go of something that they believe in or want to get. They also so have this tendency to pamper themselves, giving themselves all of their heart desires.

How they control women with their sign.

Well, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Taurus male has no plans whatsoever to control you. That’s not what he is all about. Rather than control you, he would endeavor to get you to indulge yourself in some of the things that he does. He wants you to be as out of control as he is. How can he control you when he can’t even deny himself anything that his heart desires? No, he would instead get you to enjoy breaking the rules and getting away with it.

However, there is a limit to the liberties that you can take with him. The Taurus male would not stomach any attempt to try to reform him. He does not want to stop indulging himself, and if you try, you would be introduced to the bull that resides inside all Taurus borns.


Geminis are not known for wanting to control women. In fact, they have absolutely no taste for that and would rather grant women the opposite of control. A Gemini man would not be a fan of creating any boundaries for his woman but would instead encourage her to go outside her comfort zone and explore the world. His total laxity when it comes to trying to curb you might even at some point keep you in doubt of his feelings but you should not fear that he doesn’t love you, he does. He really is just a firm believer in giving people space to become whom they want to be. He doesn’t think that he should limit you.

What you would most likely get from being in a relationship with a Gemini is that they would be your support in trying to discover yourself. They would give you space and be your biggest cheerleaders when you finally take that step out of your comfort zone. Through them, you would be able to see the world in a whole new, different light.


You might have previously pegged the Leo male as the consummate male who would demand and exert absolute control over his woman. Well, you would have been wrong. The Leo, despite the position of power he occupies, would simply almost not care. They would not be all over you trying to keep tabs on you and know what you are doing at all times; they would give you the freedom you need to be yourself. Leo males want to rule alongside a Queen, not a servant. However, you would see their ferocious nature’s come into play if and when someone they love is hurt.

How he controls women with his sign.

He does not exert a very noticeable form of control over his woman. He isn’t soft either because he would not hesitate to tell you if you do something that he doesn’t like. He isn’t going cringe at the thought of your meltdown and decides to let you go out in horrible dressing he would tell you. He is honest to a fault.

Your Leo partner would instead become a supportive pillar for you to go out and achieve what you want to achieve, and be who you have always wanted to be. They would be there to comfort you when things don’t go according to plan and to remind you of your dreams when you want to give up.


Virgos as we all know they are a set of very uptight people. Their males are not any different. They constantly battle with the need to control themselves and cut off all excesses from their life. They are pretty much dull people who always want to go the straight and narrow line. They are the good at condemning themselves whenever they feel that they have gone against their principles.

A Virgo male would see you as a representation of his principles and esteem and as such would try to make you act the way that he does. He has issues with self-confidence and constantly struggles to appear as a more confident person and to this end, he exerts so much control over himself and his actions, and this will be extended to you. His control of a woman would be limited to how she presents herself because it is a reflection of him and he wants to look the best that he can look in the presence of other people.

His need to control your public image stems from his innate lack of confidence and need for self-control. Although he does come from a sign that should depict calmness, he does get off his rails about his public image now and again. So if on occasion he looks a bit harassed and frazzled, it is most likely be used he feels that he has lost control of certain aspects of his life.


Libra, the impartial judges of the Zodiac Sign who is obsessed with equality, would also bring the same principle into their relationship. They truly adhere to the mantra that says “everything is fair in love and war.” A Libra male is going to treat his woman equally, and if he does not like to be controlled, which he doesn’t like on a good day, then he isn’t going to control his woman. After all with his strong sense of equity, he would most probably have to be controlled if he intends to control his woman.


Like I earlier mentioned, the Libra male does not like to be controlled. In fact, he is a huge fan of having his space and being allowed a modicum of freedom and independence even when he is in a relationship with anyone. He does not just like it, he demands it. And contrary to what most women believe, it is not done because he wants to cheat on you or because he really does not care about you and is trying to put some distance between you. It is because he needs some alone time to rewind and experiment with all the fun things that life has to offer.

In fact, he would even encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and see what else is fidgeting outside. He would be the one urging you to go explore the world and still come back to him. You might even at some point in the beginning of your relationship think that he is truly not serious about this relationship and is just joking around with you but with time, you would come to realize that being independent is his brand of love. He believes that love is not expressed in cutting off the wings of your partner but rather it is a display of selfishness and unfairness and so the Libra man would strengthen the wings of his partner to give her the chance to fly.


Anything that has to do with controlling is right up the Scorpio males alley. He is really good at controlling people and actually does enjoy the control. He is what many might term the alpha male. He does not ask for your obedience; he demands your total obedience. He would do almost anything to gain control over you which includes seducing you. He lives for control.


The Scorpio male is an alpha male, and we all know that alpha males come with their own brand of self-confidence that can put a lesser man to shame. So, the Scorpio male uses his brand of self-confidence to instill the need to obey him in other people. Just like the alpha of any wolf pack who demands obedience from his pack subordinates, the Scorpio male also demands the same thing.

The Scorpio male is control personified, and the funny thing is that the people that they control do not even know that they are being controlled. They might put up a token of resistance to avoid being fully controlled by the Scorpio male, but it would be a futile attempt because the Scorpio male already has his complete obedience.


The Sagittarius male is known for his outgoing personality. He is hardly ever alone and can be found in the midst of his friends. His outgoing personality comes hand in hand with his loudness. If a Sagittarius male is at a party, you would most definitely know, he would be with the bunch of loud guys having a good time. This extroverted personality goes a long way in helping them meet new people who can influence their lives personally or even help to further their careers. Sagittarius males are very ambitious and strive to succeed at whatever they do, they also have their hands in more than one pie and usually are good at managing them all.

His brand of control might be seen as him being caring because as he is out making his money, he needs to know that you are safe at home, comfortable and happy. He needs a woman who isn’t as loud as he is, someone who is cool and has no problem with him monopolizing the conversations. He wants a direct opposite of himself, someone who is comfortable with remaining in the background.

He would not want someone who is very social to be with him because he would feel as if he had to compete for attention with her. He can also be a little bit irresponsible when he wants to go out and have fun by leaving the bulk of the work in his partners lap.


Capricorn males are not really impressed with the idea of controlling someone else. He does not want to control your actions or your appearance at all, rather he is a huge fan of having limits, and to that effect, he would set up well-defined boundaries and would make sure that you are fully aware of them. He would not just want you to be aware of the boundaries that he has made; he would also expect total obedience to those boundaries.


As much as the Capricorn man does not care for control, he likes his limits. He is all about having boundaries, and for him, his own version of control lies within those boundaries that he has created for you. He demands total obedience to those boundaries from you. He would lose every atom of congeniality he has treated you with if you dare to move beyond the boundaries he has set for you. He is quite capable of abruptly cutting you out of his life in such a cold, lifeless manner that you would be left wondering if you ever meant anything to him. They do not compromise on anything that has to do with their boundaries so if you want to be with a Capricorn man, be prepared to acknowledge and obey his boundaries.

If you should do otherwise, the emotionless way in which he would treat you would stay with you for a very long time to come. It would be such a very unpleasant experience that you would rue the day that you met him. You can cross a Capricorn man on anything except his boundaries. Don’t try him, you would regret it.


The Aquarius has advanced from the mindset of controlling other people. These intellectuals believe strongly that a need to control someone else is a sign of something wrong that would most likely bring doom. He believed that you do not need to control someone else’s life to make them stick with you, simple affection, respect, and care would do the trick and they usually patronize such methods. Besides, he wants an independent woman who does not need to be controlled to be her own person. The Aquarius man also detests any form of labeling or grouping; he just wants to be himself without having a special name for his preferences.


If you are the type who has never likes the concept of being controlled by anybody, then the Aquarius man just might be the match for you. He would encourage you to be yourself and go for the things you have always wanted. He is all for you discovering yourself and being your true self with him. The Aquarius man is even up for a little bit of an open relationship especially because of how much he hates being classified and put into a box. This does not mean that you can not have any long-term relationship with them, you truly can, but they just aren’t the label kind of people.

However, if you don’t have any form of serious relationship with an Aquarius man, he would feel no need to inform you of important decisions in his life and would make it clear to you that you are both just having a fling and nothing more than that.


We all know that the people born under the sign of the fish are dreamers. Happy go lucky people who are usually lost in their dream worlds. But there is something else about them. They lack control. The Pisces male has a hard time controlling himself and his desires. He is all for having fun and indulging himself, and he doesn’t care for any judgments to be passed on him. He won’t have an issue with you if you don’t have an issue with him. He is a very emotional person and would usually indulge that emotion in everything he does. There is no black and white for the Pisces man; there is a lot of gray areas filled with sentiment. He would not try to control anyone just as he would not like to be controlled because he feels that everyone should have a choice to live their life the way they want.


Like I said before the Pisces man does not care for control. He feels that everyone should live life on their own terms, doing what they want to do and whenever they want to do it and that is why one of his favorite mantras is ‘You Only Live Once (YOLO).’ So, he mostly just tries to discover the deeper aspects of life because he figures that he has just one chance at life and he isn’t going to waste it on trying to control someone else. Because of his life principle, many people gravitate towards him because in living his life on his own terms, he encourages other people who would like to do the same and his crazy attitude does also factor.

Having read through the article, you can now decide which Zodiac Sign is controlling. If you want to be controlled, then you should hit up the Aries and Scorpio male who are very good at dishing out control. If you want a man who would help you discover yourself, then the Aquarius, Libra and Capricorn men are just what the doctor ordered.

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