Hey, Ladies! We Can Tell Your What Your Dream Guy Is Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

For us ladies, we get to cross paths with a lot of men in the course of our stay here on earth. And in every one of them, we identify certain characteristics they exhibit, that we ourselves admire. But find most, if not all the qualities that we want in one man, can be a daunting task. Here are some of the ways different female zodiac signs approach this matter. Keep reading as we get to your sign.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

For you the Aquarius woman, you are very interested in guys who are straightforward with their communications. You don’t like being involved in conversations that focus on frivolities.

When you want to communicate you are of the mindset that energy shouldn’t be wasted beating around the bush. You want a man who can comfortably engage in deep intellectual topics. A man who has this quality suddenly becomes attractive and valuable to you. You are drawn to such people because you yourself have a deep and intelligent mind. And you would want whoever is constantly around you to challenge you intellectually. And by that I mean, someone who can question, poke and test your ideas and understanding of how things happen. You want someone who tends to be very inquisitive to get to the truth.

When you think of your dream man, you are looking for someone who is very focused and ambitious. Someone who also respects you enough to support your interests such as career choice and hobbies. You also are looking for one who is very honest and open. You as an Aquarius lady despises deceit and lies. You want to always trust your partner to come through whenever you are in a time of need.

In your dream man, you see someone who is too busy in whatever endeavor he is into, to become a clingy partner. You are an independent zodiac sign and would always cherish the ability to have your space and freedom in the relationship.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

For the Pisces woman, you are going to go for you in a male form. You are the die-hard believer in romance. You believe that your soulmate is out there and so you would try to wait for him.

And as you wait for him, you have daydreamt of all the things he would do in the attempt to get your love. And then you have replayed every single step in this process, so much so that you can describe it all with shocking details. You want your man to court you with everything in the book – the flowers, the poetry, the mind-blowing and heart mushing text during breaks at work. You love the low-light romantic dinners with scented candles and good wine. You love your man holding you tenderly and staring into your eyes in such a way that he sees your soul – with all the passion it holds within it.

You are indeed a strong believer in love and having a soulmate. Your passion and zeal towards this belief are quite different from most people. Everything you read in romantic novels and watch on television are situations you want to be played out in your life. And so you will look for the man of your dreams in real life.

Someone with whom you can establish a deep connection almost instantaneously. You want someone who is emotionally invested in being with you as much as you are with him. Such person wouldn’t be your typical guy who just wants a fling. That man will be in search of someone with whom he would enter a long-term relationship.

These are the qualities you desire in your man because you as a Pisces lady are a homely woman. You want to settle down with someone you love and cherish. Someone with whom you would like to have kids with and build a family.

You also want an emotional man because you too are emotional. You like to have your emotional needs met in your relationship. And so you would look out for a man with empathy, emotional intelligence, and intuitiveness

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

For the Aries woman, you are drawn to a man who pours his all into any relationship he is invested in.

As a very passionate and lively zodiac sign, you, the Aries woman, are known to fall hard for anyone you are in love with. When you are in a relationship with someone, you love with all that is in you. You don’t hesitate to fully express your emotions for a man and wouldn’t mind taking very good care of them. You also want a man who is attracted to your adventurous spirit and lively countenance.

He has to be drawn to the strength you display as a woman and would do anything to be with you. You also need someone who is as passionate as you are when it comes to romantic relationships. You don’t want a situation whereby you are giving far more than your partner is willing to sacrifice. You are a high energy person, and you want a high energy person as a dream man. He would also bring a kind of balance to the relationship as would possess qualities that compliment you. Thus making you guys wiser and stronger as a couple and making your relationship one with a richer and fuller experience.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

For the Taurus lady, you are looking for someone who will be very intimate with you. You are looking for one with whom you can share your dark and successful times with. Someone who knows you on such a personal basis that they know your buttons and how to make you tick.

And because of all these mentions above, you are very conservative and calculating in your approach to getting into a relationship. And when you are in search of considering someone to get into a relationship with, you tend to gravitate towards people who are like minded. Someone who holds the same values as you do, same as relationships with family members and friends. A man with similar life interests and ambitions. When you think of the man of your dreams, you are simply looking for a man who is patient and soft-spoken. Someone who is very concerned with being in a relationship; whose foundation is built on love trust and friendship.

Such a man won’t find it hard to understand why you have to take your time in getting to know him. His considerate nature wouldn’t allow him to rush you into a relationship knowing your happiness and certainty should be what should guide you in making big decisions such as this.

He would be one who would be empathic and intuitive enough to understand your fears of getting emotionally involved with someone and would go above and beyond to convince you that he is truly the one for you.

You want him to do the above by showering you with love and care and then making sure that he stays loyal to you.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

For the Gemini lady, you have to be looking for a guy who is just as adventurous and spontaneous as you are. Someone who also has a big heart too.

As a Gemini woman, you have to be on the lookout for men who tend to love too much of stability in life. Such a person would subscribe to a lifestyle that you would mostly find boring and dull. You see, a Gemini woman gets bored pretty easily and is in love the fast-paced life that she lives. She is an energy bunny who could hop from one activity to another without losing zest of passion. You love all the fun that life has to offer and your extroverted personality would feel stifled if you stay with a man who isn’t like you.

So whenever you dream of the prince in shining armor, all you see is someone who is passionate enough to attract you and exciting enough to keep you. He must also be ”up there” intellectually to be able to hold deep conversations with you.

Yes, as much as you like adventure and the fast life, you also need someone who has got their lives together. Someone who would not only stimulate you sexually but also do the same intellectually too. Such a man should also be able to respect you and what you bring to the table – regarding the relationship. He has to see you as a partner in the relationship and open up to you concerning his problems. You also want a man who would let you be actively involved in his life too.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

For the Cancer lady, you would want to a man who is just as emotional as you are. He would also be empathic enough to understand you and the mood swings you are accustomed to.

You want to be with someone who would understand that you are an emotional creature who would thrive in a positive and supportive environment. He should also know that a lot of people have taken advantage of your empathy and abused your good heart. And so they would know that it might not be easy for you to commit fully to the relationship at first. You expect your dream man to coax you with love, care and support to help you come out of your shell. You want him to calm your anxieties down by reassuring you that he is indeed interested in being with you. You want him to also comfort you whenever you are going through a tough time.

You want him to be the man that he is but also to be able to see things from your perspective as well. For you, this is vital in a relationship because you want to be connected with your partner on a very deep level. You want to know him well enough so that you can trust him. You also want to be let into his life so that you can take good care of him. It is in your nature to nurture so you would want to nurture and support your partner or man. But that also means that the man should be open and trusting enough to let you into his life.

You constantly dream of a positive relationship where the two of you support each other’s endeavors and comfort each other when the going gets tough.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

For the Leo lady, you ate looking for a guy who has a certain calm confidence in him. He has a strong self-esteem and knows his worth.

You need such a man because not all men can handle you. You are a strong woman who prides herself on setting goals and achieving them. You don’t mind being in the spotlight, and often you seek it. You love to be in control of things and would take up the leadership role in whatever it is that you are doing. And you bring that attitude to your romantic relationships as well. And for the most part, it hasn’t been smooth for you – your past relationships are a testament to that. And so your dream man has been built from lessons you have picked up from former relationships that have crashed and burnt. So now when you are looking for the man of your life you are considering men who have self-awareness and self-confidence. The lack of both has been the bane of most of your failed relationships. Your ambitious nature and your need to take on more responsibility have in the past made a lot of men feel less adequate and therefore feel uncomfortable in the relationship. But with a confident man who isn’t struggling with self-esteem issues, he would appreciate what you bring to the table – regarding the relationship and would see your ambitious nature as a compliment.

You also want a man who would cheer you on in whatever endeavor you partake in. He would also be goal oriented and focused as you are.

Also, he should be able to think intelligently and take decisions that would help move you guys as a couple forward.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

For the Virgo woman, you want to go with the guy who has a very strong moral stance on loyalty. You want someone who will stand by you through the good and bad times.

For you the Virgo, you don’t let just anyone into your life. You have a very tender heart, and so you put a lot of screening test to weed out the troublemakers out of your life. You are already going through the damage that has been inflicted on you by your past relationship partners. The psychological turmoil that has been as a result of negatively and toxic relationships have caused you to become unnecessarily critical of yourself. Perhaps your self-esteem is pretty much low or damaged, and you are just trying to get back to where you were before all the bad relationships came along.

So your ideal man is someone who is gentle, loving and kind. He would be someone who would be emotionally intelligent and so would understand your plight. You would be looking for someone who slowly it surely dismantles all your insecurities – which were gathered from abusive relationships in the past. Someone who is very honest, truthful and open about himself – flaws and all. You also want him to be emotionally available to meet your emotional needs. He shouldn’t be selfish but instead very attentive to the problems you are struggling with. On top of your priority list are friendship and companionship. So as much as you find someone physically attractive, what makes you consider being with them would be their connection with you. You have to feel like you can be safe and open in their presence – without them being judgmental. And that would help you be happy and comfortable too.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

For the Libra woman, you want to be very particular about the man you want to be with. It is advisable to consider men who tend to be emotionally involved in whatever romantic relationship they are in. They shouldn’t be the type to seek thrill by jumping from one date to another.

But to find such a man you have to be patient because you tend to speed up the process of finding Mr. Right. But it doesn’t always happen that way. In fact, the opposite is usually the case as we usually go through a lot of horrible relationships before finding the one that we will be happy to be in. The process of finding your Mr. Right helps you appreciate him when you find him.

And as so the qualities you want to see in your dream man, you would have to someone who is very loving and understanding. You also want a man who is as concerned about the future of the relationship as you are. Nothing gives you more assurance than a man who is responsible enough to forge a path to the future, where he wants the relationship to head. That gives you the needed sense of security that your man isn’t going to just disappear. This is a sure way for your man to capture your heart.

You are very strong in being loyal to your romantic partner and being dedicated to the growth of the relationship. You would want a guy who feels the same way about relationships too. Once you get such a person, it wouldn’t be long before for you guys settle down together. And this is because you have found what you two have been looking for in each other.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Being a Scorpio lady, you should be on the lookout for a man who would be willing to take good care of you.

Although it is in your nature to love and nurture people, you would usually commit to a man who you have found to be of very good character. And one might ask, ”what constitutes good character for you?” Well for you the Scorpio lady, you would first and foremost want a man who is dedicated and committed to your relationship with him. You would want him to shower you with love and attention. You would also want him to be honest and truthful in all his endeavors with you. You also admire intelligence in a man and would be attracted to any man who has or displays it.

You also want your man to be exciting as you are not the type of woman to be down with the mundane, boring life. You like your relationship to be spiced up here and there.

A guy who has a good sense of humor would be something you would love to have. Nothing gets you relieved of stress than having a good intimate laugh with your partner. You also want him to be very ready to take things to the next level. That gives you the impression that your hubby is really into you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

For the fun-loving Sagittarius woman, you are looking for a guy who can be laid back and relaxed in a world of hustle and bustle. You want this because that is the kind of person you are. You want to be in a relationship that is a positive and fun.

This has always been the type of environments that you have thrived in. Nothing gets you going than making people happy. The things you do to make this happen are of many different forms. You are either trying to make them happy by helping them solve their problems, and you could do this by offering to sacrifice time, energy or money. You could also make them laugh by cracking jokes. Whatever you can do to make the who crew happy, you are up for it. But that can be abused by toxic partners if they find out that your happiness is usually dependent on other people around you being happy. They could use this to manipulating you into getting what they want from you.

And for this reason, you would want a partner who is very much like you. A fun-loving empath who is intuitive and understanding of your personality. He should also be very supportive of your lifestyle could be energy draining as you try to get everyone out of their negative situations.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

For the Capricorn lady, you have to be into a guy who knows that you love your freedom and respects that. He should also be compassionate enough to know when you need his support.

Although you put out a hard exterior that suggests that you don’t need a man, that isn’t always the case inside. Most of the time, or is just a misrepresentation of what you truly feel inside of you. The issue isn’t that you don’t want men at all, but it is more like you not wanting men that have little to no value to add to your life.

You have been mistreated by men who didn’t deserve your love and affection. And that has made you a little more protective of your heart – and rightly so. You are just looking for a man who is smart, intelligent and resourceful. Someone who is determined to prove his love to you and his commitment to being with you. Once you see such a man, you would want to settle down with such person.

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