Guys Don’t Give A Damn About These 10 Things That Women THINK They Care About

Many times, men are criticized for not paying attention to the small things. They are even said to find it very difficult to listen to their partners or spouses in a relationship. Now, I am not one to go with the flow on these types of generalizations, but the fact is that men really aren’t that focused on the little things. And when I speak of little things, I refer to issues that a lot of ladies worry about. As you read along, you might be shocked at some of them.

So without any further ado, lets us get straight to these 10 points.

1. We Don’t Care That Your Hair Or Makeup Isn’t Perfect Today.

You have to understand that although we love and appreciate the fact that you take time to beautify yourself, we aren’t spending time with you just because of your looks. We want to be in your company because we find you an interesting and wonderful personality to be with.

And all these things mentioned above aren’t solely based on your looks.

2. We Don’t Care About Those Few Extra Pounds That You Want To Lose.

See, no one is perfect, and anyone who sees him/herself as so probably isn’t thinking right. We all have our insecurities as well. And this applies to both men and women. Very few people actually meet the body standards of Calvin Klein underwear models. Most people are in the process of getting their bodies in shape. So don’t worry about what men would say about the little extra pound you gained. And by the way, any man who is truly interested in you wouldn’t harass or embarrass you about it. They would be too busy enjoying your company and your beautiful personality to worry about such trivial affair. And even if they want you to lose it, they would approach the topic in a very respectful manner, with a true intent of making you become a better version of yourself.

3. We Don’t Care If You Make More Money Than Us.

Whether you make more or less than a man, most of the time he wouldn’t care. So far as they have a healthy dose of self-esteem, they would be far more concerned about you as an individual. Men would gravitate towards women who have very tender and beautiful minds as opposed to those who just have a successful career or business.

And frankly speaking, that is just what most people want. Everyone wants to be with someone who would accept them for who they are without judging them. This is clearly a human thing.

4. We Don’t Care That You Have A Few Drinks On A Date.

Look there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a few glasses of wine while you are on a date with a man. You two are grown adults and thus know when to exercise control over your actions. Any man who criticizes or thinks less of you just based on the fact that you had one of two glasses of wine, isn’t the man for you. Any good man wouldn’t be concerned about that because it is no big deal.

Just don’t overdo it and get drunk, that isn’t a sign of someone who can exercise discipline and patience.

5. We Don’t Care When You Sleep With Us.

There is this myth that just because you delayed sex till the 6th date, you have suddenly become a virtuous lady. That isn’t the case at all. You have terrible people who want have sex on their first date with someone they met. But that action in itself doesn’t automatically make them sensible people.

This is the case for men; they aren’t going to slut-shame you for having sex with them on the first date. So just be yourself and don’t worry about that. Whether you want to wait until the 10th date or you want to get down with them on the first, it just doesn’t matter. Although it would be reasonable to get to know someone first before you fling yourself at them.

And that applies to all types of relationships with people – business or otherwise.

6. We Don’t Care If You Text Us First.

A lot of women think that if they text a man first, then the man would look at them as being too desperate. But that isn’t the case at all. As stated in the points above, men just want to be with ladies that they can be comfortable with. And so they would be all too happy to see you text them just as they were looking for a way to effectively break the ice with you.

7. We Don’t Care What You Look Like When You Wake Up.

No one looks his/her best when they wake up. Your face should look grumpy when you wake up in the morning. And if you are dating a solid man he already knows that he isn’t dating a Barbie doll, but instead, he is with a woman who is also human. You guys should wake up to the sun together, look into each other’s grumpy face and smile. That smile is what makes the two of you beautiful.

8. We Don’t Care What You Order For Dinner.

Look, dinner first serves one purpose, and that is to fill you up. So when next you go out on a date, eat well. Just like you would do on a normal day. There is nothing wrong with eating a reasonable amount of food at dinner and any man who says otherwise has issues.

9. We Don’t Care If You Swear Around Us.

When we are in public we all act prim and proper – like gentlemen and ladies. But we don’t act like that at home. We are and should be our truest selves whenever we are in the presence or company of our loved ones. Again, most men don’t mind you dropping the f-bomb here and there. In fact, it could show how passionate you are about a certain topic you are talking about.

10. We Don’t Care If You Are Not Perfect.

Again, just as I said in the beginning, no one is perfect, and a fully grown adult male knows that.

And so he isn’t looking for a perfect lady, he is just looking for a lady that is perfect for him. And so if he thinks that you are perfect for him then whatever flaws you have aren’t things to get all worked up about. You guys should just focus on building your relationship together.

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