From Empath To Healer; How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Pain And Start Healing It

“Absorbed in this world; you’ve made it your burden. Rise above the world; there is another vision.”

That was a statement made by Rumi. See, human beings are said to have some type of energy associated with them, and such energies, or vibrations, are emitted and absorbed by each other. That is why you could be in a quiet and dull room with about seven to twelve people in it. And all of a sudden someone steps into the room with lively countenance and wearing a big smile and guess what happens? Everyone, or most people, begin to warm up to the positivity that the newcomer brings to the room. This shows that we all as human beings react to negative and positive energies. And to some extent, we have all have some degree of empathy within us.

Now, the benefits of empathy are too many to mention. But I’ll go ahead and mention one very important one. And that is the ability to understand what someone is going through deeply or the motives behind their actions.

In a world where everyone seems to be an actor and not authentic, this could be a very valuable skill that would serve you well whenever you are out there doing business with people and building relationships.

Being empathic could in such a situation help you navigate through folks who are up to no good and lead you to sound and solid people whose friendship with you will help you grow.

But then being empathic has its dark sides. And the disadvantages can be depressing at times. As an empath, you are likely to be anxious and always stressed. And there is a very concrete reason for this. Being an empath, you tend to recognize and absorb a lot more emotions and vibrations from people when compared to the average person. That can elevate your spirit if you are in the right type of crowd and surrounded by positive and supportive people or environment. But things take a turn for the worse whenever you are in the midst of negative and toxic people. All that anger, fear and angst is soaked up by you and thus making you a nervous wreck. Now imagine if all that chaotic and toxic vibe is multiplied a thousand times; just imagine the devastation that can bring – that is exactly what it feels like being in a large crowd of toxic people. The negativity in such environments can be very overwhelming. This is and will also be a nightmare for an empath. But fortunately, there are steps empaths can take to reduce the unfiltered absorption of people’s energy. By taking the steps that are discussed below, we can limit the damage this phenomenon can inflict on our lives.

One major way to solve this problem is to cultivate confidence. Barbara Marciniak buttresses this point by saying: “Everything starts to change when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

What she is trying to say is that empaths should take the initiative to express themselves more assertively. When you are busy exuding your own frequency, you won’t be that deep into absorbing mode. Someone said that evil abounds in the world because good people stay silent. This is prevalent today take, for instance, the internet. Internet trolls and their opinions constitute a very tiny percentage of the human population, but for some reason, they are the loudest. And so it seems as if they have the numbers. But that, in fact, is the opposite. So as an empath, don’t worry about those who are hell-bent on spreading negative energy. Instead, be focused on putting out positive vibes to the universe – your own energy. Once you practice this, again and again, you will become very good at being unfazed by what other people are putting out there.

Remember that of all human actions; love is the greatest of them all. You have to spread your own message with the right intent backing it. Love conquers negative emotions, and so as long as you broadcast love against those who are giving off negative vibes, you will win in. You just have to last long enough to win.

And of course, you won’t do all this good stuff without getting some sort of resistance. Negative people get into a rage when they notice that you are giving positivity out to people. So they would attack you and try to pull you down. But you have to remember that no amount of image smearing or similar attacks can win the battle for negativity. The battle is only worn when positive people fall into the cesspool of toxicity. When your enemies go low, you go high. Don’t try to justify or validate yourself by replying to negative people with negativity. It only soothes our egos in the short term, but then harms your mission in the long. When it comes to things that matter, you have to move with strategy and not emotions. When negative people lash out at you, stay calm and collected. Remember why you are where you are in the first place, and then make yourself as clear as possible without feeding into the negative energy that they are exuding. Remember that negative energy and emotions can be harnessed for useful purposes.

Christina Gutierrez argues that “All energy is energy and we can alchemize our pain energy into motivation and healing energy for not only ourselves but others as well.”

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the toxic energy toxic people are putting out there, use it as some type of motivation to do better. Not all inspiration or motivation comes from a good place. In fact, the opposite is often the case. Those who achieve great things are often inspired by the pain and suffering they dealt with at some point in time or the other. Use all that negative energy to drive you to do positive things. Use your empathic powers to heal.

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