Fathers Have More Influence in A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers, Studies Show

There is a general understanding in the society today that women are more equipped to raise children; especially of the female sex alone more than their male counterparts. Nevertheless, recent research has brought a new angle to light. This angle being, female children don’t just gain a bit from having father figures in their lives; they might be gaining more from having a father figure in their lives than having a mother-daughter relationship. In a society where there are many single moms, it seems the female child needs a father figure to help her grow in different aspects. For example, emotional growth.


A paper published in the Journal of Family Psychology has made it known that female children who had a good relationship with their fathers were more balanced emotionally. It shows that they are less prone to being depressed and suffering from anxiety, unlike the female children who didn’t have a good relationship with their fathers. Furthermore, they are better at dealing with stressful situations. Another advantage they have over other girls is that they are more comfortable with their feelings and find it easier to express them. This helps them to form wonderful relationships in the future.

Fathers also help their daughters through cultivating a healthy relationship to develop certain values such as self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. Fathers also groom their daughters to know what to expect in relationships such as respect, care, and love. Their daughters are also better equipped to control their life and emotions.


Despite having a great influence on the emotional growth of their daughters, fathers have a role to play in the physical and financial stability of their daughters’ lives. Rutgers revealed from his study that girls who had hands-on fathers did not go hungry and enjoyed excellent health conditions unlike girls whose fathers were not available.

With the father contributing to the financial upkeep of his daughter, she has a better chance of reaching her goals because she enjoys financial stability and great physical health, unlike the girls whose fathers were not present.


Less than 100 years ago, men were not allowed to experience the birth of their daughters; much less being a fixture in their lives from birth. However, things have changed and fathers have been given a chance to create a bond with their daughters from childbirth. The strength of a father-daughter bond increases as the father takes care of his daughter. With the new technology, fathers have been given a chance to be more involved in the lives of their daughters. They can feed their baby daughters through the collection of breastmilk by the use of pumps or the preparation of baby formula. Fathers can also clean their daughters up and change their dirty diapers. In addition to that, they can have a quiet father-daughter bonding time while rocking their daughters to sleep, teaching them to ride their bikes and even being an active part of their bedtime routines which involves bedtime stories. These are just but a few ways to create that father-daughter bond from the very start.


The media has frequently portrayed fathers as inept when it comes to taking care of their children. In almost all the movies, books, and social media memes, men are seen as not knowing anything about caring for their baby daughters or always needing help to carry the simplest tasks for their children. This can be daunting for the fathers. Nevertheless, it is very important that they do not believe this stereotypical portrayal of men but rather strive to care for their children in the best way possible.


Fathers show their daughters the first example as to how they should be treated by other men. A healthy relationship between a father and his daughter contains elements of respect, love, and care. When a girl who has a good relationship with her father is about to enter a relationship in later years, she would also look out for the same elements in whichever man she is dating and would most likely not remain in a relationship that lacks them. However, girls who had absentee fathers are more likely to stay in a toxic relationship lacking those elements simply because they have not been exposed to a good father-daughter relationship which would have taught them what to expect from future relationships.


Although we are exploring the influence of fathers in their daughters’ lives, it is important also to note that mothers have a huge role to play, one that cannot be understated. They guide their daughters through the tough years of puberty and explain all the changes they experience in their bodies. They are also there to help their daughters through situations that only a mother would understand. When it comes to childbirth and what to expect, a mother’s presence would be highly needed and appreciated.

Having discussed the advantages of being an involved father in the lives of his daughters, fathers should ensure that their daughters reap all the benefits of having a close father-daughter relationship by being stable fixtures in the lives of their daughters.

If you are reading this article right now and realizing that you do not have a good relationship with your daughter, don’t feel bad or guilty that you missed out. It is never too late to cultivate that relationship with her. It would definitely need a lot of hard work and love from your part and perhaps compromise from your daughter’s part, however, you would appreciate it when you have been able to create a good and healthy relationship with her especially when you know that it will be giving her a better chance of succeeding in life.

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