What It Means To Love A Girl Who Never Believes She’s Good Enough

The girl who never thinks she measures up will always leave everything on the table. She will give everything that is within her and more. She will always take care of others while own problems pile up in the background. She will be empathic to the plight of those suffering around her. She would have character and grace that stands taller than her peers and yet she won’t notice it.

Being in love with such a girl isn’t an easy task. As much as she is a shining light of grace and greatness, the dark side of it all is that she doesn’t know it enough to believe herself. She is filled with thoughts of doubt and worthlessness. She will find it hard to draw inspiration from her past deeds and would always have to repeat herself or put to her past to prove herself. And as much as that brings about consistency in her actions – a good thing, she will remain in the loop of trying to prove that she is worthy of being treated as a human being or deserving of love.

She would pour her heart, soul, and body to you but will still be plagued by the thoughts that you won’t love her for who she is. She will always underestimate herself and would always think less of herself.

For her, there will always be something missing, something not quite right with her. She will live with anxiety, worrying that she would do something so bad that her world would fall apart, although she has done nothing wrong. But even at that you still have to love her.

To love this type of girl, you have to be different. You have to come into the relationship knowing that you are going to love her with all your heart. And this is because your consistent shower of love is what is going to make her begin to heal. Begin to love herself and see herself for who she is. You have to look past all the insecurities, bitterness and doubts inside her.

Loving this girl means being patient in your approach to help her. Remembering along the way that she – just like every other human being, isn’t perfect. Understanding that as much as she might hurt you in her dark times, she needs you more than ever then.

Loving a girl who hasn’t come around to loving herself is the cure for her. If you love her with all sincerity and respect for her – on a consistent basis, she would finally begin to quiet the doubting shadows of her mind. She would – with the strength your love provides her, stand to face her inner demons. She would finally wash herself of the dirt of self-doubt and low self-esteem to see the sparkle she releases. She will come to know that she is a gem.

But before she gets there, please keep loving her

Please do.

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