Bank Kicks Disturbing Elderly Man Out Of Bank – Cop Brings Him Back To Get The Job Done

A Montebello Police Department officer has through deeds shown us that compassion and empathy are values still – in the cruel world of today. He did that by coming to the aid of a mistreated old man at a bank.

It all started when the Montebello Police Department received a call from some local branch of Bank of America. They complained that they had a situation with a rude customer. The customer was a man who was well advanced in age. He had perceived that he wasn’t being treated well and so he was giving the staff a piece of his mind and thus causing a scene at the bank. It was at this point that Officer Robert Josett was assigned the job of addressing the disturbance.

The police officer got to the location to find a 92-year-old man who was all worked up and annoyed. Having cause a scene the whole area surrounding this man was noisy and rowdy. On getting there, the police officer found out that the old man had come to withdraw his money but had challenges getting it.

The challenge had resulted from the fact that his ID wasn’t valid. Although the card had been issued him by the bank, it was now expired. And therefore his transaction request was rejected and unsuccessful. Having reported this situation to the bank staff, he got told that he couldn’t be assisted and that was when all hell broke loose.

You see, the hands of the bank staff were tied. It is stated in their policy that for any customer of the bank to withdraw money using an Id, they must do so with one that was valid. And so they just couldn’t help the old man – even if they wanted to. But the old man didn’t see it that way. He couldn’t understand why a bank he entrusted his money to their care, could give him his money when he needed it. It was in the midst of this misunderstanding that the bank decided to invite the police into the matter.

So when Officer Josett came to the bank and got an understanding of what was going on, he proceeded to take the old man all the way to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new ID card. That was a fantastic act of kindness. It wasn’t even included in his job specification.

He didn’t have to do it, all he would have done was to lead the old man out of the bank building.

But he took the initiative to get this man some help.

After taking the old man to get his brand new identification card, the police off still took him to the bank to get his card – just in time before the bank closed for the day.

When this story with the picture of the policeman and the old man found its way to the popular social media platform – Facebook, it went viral. The post for shared a total of 38,000 times all over the globe, accompanied by hundreds of comments – praising the policeman for his kind gesture. The likes and comments came from people across the whole wide world congratulating the police officer – Robert Josett, for going out of his way to turn the old man’s sorrows into joy.

In so many different ways, this was a breath of fresh air to the constant criticism and backlash the police have faced in recent times. It was amazing to see the amount of love and joyous solidarity been showered in the deserving police force. And thanks to over a quarter of a million people who have helped create such a fantastic atmosphere of police love. Their beautiful likes have gone a long way to show support for the police department.

Here is the Facebook post that went viral sharing this story. It shows a fantastic officer who used compassion and grace in serving his community and country at large. A police officer who used his position of power to help a senior citizen.

It would be nice to join us to cheer such fantastic behavior. You can do so by sharing this post with your friends and family.

Have an amazing day!

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