Are You An Over-Thinker With A Sensitive Heart? Then We Have 10 Harsh Truths For You.

When we think of someone who overthinks, what comes to mind is a meticulous person who will analysis every single step he/she takes so that they hardly make any rash or brash mistakes. As much as we see this as a positive virtue, we often fail to look at the dark side to this illuminating character attribute – analysis paralysis. Simple decisions are so over analyzed that progress in the day to day activities get hampered.

Now add a highly emotional personality to the mix and we have a big problem at hand. Your problems or challenges become magnified thus increasing the level of difficulty in solving them. At this point, you not only struggle with anxiety that comes with being overwhelmed with choice but you also have to constantly deal with the guilt that comes from the decisions you made.

Now, the emotional overthinker isn’t all bad news, in fact, a lot of great attributes are associated with these kinds of people. They are very creative. With their analytical minds, they bring a different depth of understanding to whatever they look into. It helps them come at problems with often unique solutions. They are also remarkably emotionally intelligent. If this kind of person is your buddy, rest assured that they have your back – as long as you treat them right. Not only do they keep these relationships alive, but they also feed them value concerning sacrifice and companionship.

But we will be looking at some of the disadvantages of being that kind of person.

Below are 10 dark sides of being an emotional overthinker…

1. You Want To Be Loved

This is a priority for you. You want to feel loved and appreciated by the people who hold dearest to you. That can be a good thing most of the time as it concerns harmony and bonding in your relationships, but it could also mean that you find it difficult to take some form of risk putting yourself outside there.

You do this because you are afraid that you would get hurt. You have figured out that you are a little bit more in touch with your emotions and therefore would feel hurt much more. So you decide to stay in your shell – away from the world.

2. You Read Too Much Into Other People’s Honest Opinions Of You

You find it hard to take constructive criticism from people. This may be because you are emotionally invested in whatever it is that is being criticized. So instead of just accepting and learning from criticism, you begin to feel that the motive behind the criticism is to personally hurt you. So the lesson in the opinion is lost, while you go after the critique.

When that happens, you find out that you lose that opportunity to become a better human being and instead get anxious over the health of your social affiliations.

3. Your ‘Fight or Flight’ Response is Set to Flight

Since you are very good at overanalyzing whatever situation you find yourself in, you tend to magnify the possible of the worst outcomes of your relationships. Then you find out that you begin to dwell on them.

Now when you do that, you find out that you magnify those imagined challenges and in turn they make the present situation seem even more dangerous.

And this makes you quit relationships before you have any tangible and rational reason to do so.

4. You Find It Difficult to Live in the Present

As an emotional overthinker, you find out that you are constantly weighing the possible outcomes of your future so much so that you don’t truly live your present. This makes it hard for you to stay in touch with your people in the present tense. That could also be a result of your being comfortable working alone with any other human being distracting or disturbing you.

5. You Struggle with Insomnia

This is a common trait in emotional overthinkers, they find it hard to sleep. While a lot of people would view their beds as a place for rest, the emotional overthinkers find themselves struggling with their thoughts. Most of those thoughts aren’t usually rosy. They are usually about worry and such thoughts bring anxiety. Since they usually do this without any distraction, they would often get lost in their worry till dawn.

6. You Are Always Searching for Meaning

When you are an emotional overthinker, the randomness of life’s events is not a good enough answer for your overly analytical mind. You are all about finding the motive behind every single event. If you think enough about these things, you will go crazy due to anxiety overload.

You would never make enough meaning of these events to avoid them in the future. That in itself can be crazy.

7. You Constantly Experience Buyer’s Remorse

When you are an emotional overthinker, you would be what we call the sales person’s nightmare. You would go over and over your decisions to buy a product or service. You would do extensive research on your options and will try to give some time for solid planning and consideration. You do this for even the littlest of things. Now, this means that you put a lot of work into your buying decisions.

Immediately it seems like you have come to the right decision and have shelled out some money for the item or service, you feel guilty of your purchase. You begin to doubt your choice and hence begin to beat yourself up. It can be more intense for an emotional overthinker, simply because they have put in more time and effort into making the buying decision. For them, the buyers guilty isn’t based on the irresponsibility of some flimsy sporadic buy but the doubt of their decision-making process.

8. You See the World in Black and White

When you are an emotional overthinker, you find out that your view of the world is very binary. It is either white or black. This is due to the fact that you tend to be very extreme in the things you feel or commit too. When you decide to do something or be into someone, you are 100% into it. For you, there are no fences or middle grounds.

9. You Have a Unique Connection with the Universe

A lot of people talk about the third eye and when they do this, they have the empathic people in mind. When you are an emotional overthinker, you are most likely an empath too. You can in some weird unexplainable way feel the energy of a person you meet for the first time and would have a surprisingly accurate understanding of that person. You also feel the same about events in the universe.

10. You Can Be ‘Too Much’ for People

When your emotional, you find out that most people can only take you in dozes. Your energy is just too much to handle on a constant basis. They may find you to be too emotional and dramatical also. They feel that they are having high anxiety problems when they hang out with you because you are always looking at the worst possible outcomes of things. That may be hurtful, but just remember that as you aren’t always fun to be with, it is your emotional traits and your over the analytical mind that separates from the rest of the world. Embrace your uniqueness. Being different is OK.

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