After 77 Years Of Marriage, Couple Passes Away Holding Hands., Heart-Touching

Every so often there comes a love story that seems to come directly out of a fairytale story, only to find out that it is indeed actually a real story. This heartfelt story is about two loving couples who were married for 77 years, at the time of passing Floyd And Violet Kartwig, said goodbye to each other and the world at the same time while holding each other’s hands. I would say that these two souls were destined to spend the eternal life with one another.

The photo was shared by a user on Reddit who goes by RealLiveGirl, come to find out, it was actually a photo of her loving grandparents. She wrote ‘My Grandma, 96, with my Grandpa 100, hours before her death this weekend.’

Image how much the two loved each other to be able to pass so peacefully like that in the photo, it really had to be comforting for both of them.

The photo that Reddit user shared back in August has got her and the photo a high amount of attention, and sadly at first, she caught a lot of heat from people with hateful and downright mean comments to her about sharing the photo of her passed grandparents. However, after a short period of time, the positivity and condolences came pouring in, with the most popular comment being ‘sorry for your loss. But what a ‘great’ way to go. Holding hands with your spouse, in a warm bed, presumably with loved ones around.’

Actually, this isn’t even the first time we have seen a loving couple pass in a fashion like that. It has been written in several different novels over the years like the novel ‘The Notebook,’ Written by Nicolas Sparks. However, this couple is indeed the real-life story.

After Floyd And Violet were married for 77 years, they finally got their wish of wanting to be surrounded by their family and loved ones when they pass away.

They wanted to go together, said Donna Scharton, the couple’s’ daughter. ‘It was meant to be,’ she added.

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