According To Research Men Stress Out Their Wife Twice As Much As The Kids

What if happily-ever-afters are just fairytale stories? Man meets a woman. They date and fall in love. He proposes to her in an exotic location, and she agrees. The wedding comes, and they are joined in holy matrimony. Then they drive into the sunset and lived happily ever after. No. That is a horribly inaccurate summary of marriage.

You see the whole fairytale, ride into the sunset, happily ever after that the movies have sold to us is a crock pot of lies. Yea, some people have happily-ever-afters, but it is not as effortless as we have been led to believe. It takes a lot of hard work to get there.

The truth about marriage that you might not see on social media or displayed in the movies is that there are conflicts, stressed out partners and the occasional quarrel. For instance, we all have seen the funny memes about women being angry with their husbands most of the time for numerous things, one of which is leaving the toilet seat up. Well; it is true indeed that women get stressed by their husbands more than any other person.

Recent research has proven that the major cause of a woman’s stress after marriage comes from the husband and not even the usually stressful little kids. This is probably why there is a saying that a woman has one more kid in her husband.

Today newspaper reported that from a poll gotten from about 7 thousand women, it was discovered that most of them did indicate that they were very stressed rating an 8.5 on a scale of ten which is overwhelmingly high.

When further research was carried out to discover why they would be going through that much stress and what was causing them so much stress, it was discovered that they did not have nearly as much time as they wanted in a day so that they could complete their tasks. Many of the women ranking up to 3 quarters of them did complain that all of the hardworking was left for them making them toil day and night. The woman also pointed out that the inability of their husbands to help in the house chores was a significant contributor to their high-stress levels.

The sad thing is that no one wants to come out of the shadows and tell the truth about your relationship. But how can women open up about what they are going through when everywhere you look at on social media, you see pictures of the perfect relationships. This would just discourage them badly. The ironic thing about this whole drama is that the person on Instagram with the perfect relationship picture and perfect marriage has a broken home behind closed doors? You would never know because all you see is what they want you to see. Because of this trend, most women are simply teaching other women to feel uncomfortable when things are going wrong in their relationship and to keep quiet.

Some researchers from the University of Padova have discovered a correlation between this trend and health. What they noticed was that when husbands die, their widows look a lot better and healthier as opposed to a man after his wife has died. They look very terrible because there is no one to nurture them anymore. For the widows, they look better because they are no longer going through the extra stress that their husbands had put on them while they were still alive.

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