9 Signs That An Angel Is Watching Over You

It is common knowledge that with the birth of any child – including you and I, a guardian angel is assigned to them. He is the spirit being we pray to when the journey of life here on earth gets tough. He is the one that will always be by our side and for us. He stands up for you and protects you from all kinds of potential problems we might try to encounter. Although most of the time, we don’t get to see all this good stuff happening; rest assure that it does.

A lot of people show there belief in the presence of their guardian angel, by communicating with him through prayer and supplication. They do this in the firm hopes that their guardian angel would intercede on their behalf and save the day – whenever they are in tight and uncomfortable situations.

But as much as 2-3 don’t see these because of our physical limitations as terrestrial beings, certain physical phenomena happen as a result of your guardian angel in action and they also act as signs to alert you to your guardian angel’s presence. Some other times it also shows that your guardian angel is just beside you so that he can communicate with you. The benefits of communicating with your guardian angel are too big to count. From getting comforted when you are in deep depths of sorrow and despair to great tips dropped into your subconscious mind to help you make great choices when faced with tough decisions to make. So discussed in detail below are ten signs that tell you that your guardian angel is just beside you and ready to help.

1. Signs on the sky

Remember when as a child, you would just gaze at the sky for long periods of time, trying to figure out who they were or what was behind them? Well, moving clouds shapes can be a strong indication that your guardian angel is looking at you. He is trying to lead you in the path of life that best suits your temperament and the unique talents that you have. Sometimes as you look at the clouds, you see that they often take the form of the shape of love, flower petals and even the shape of angels.

2.An obscure sense that someone touches you

This happens whenever you are under great stress or having anxiety about challenges that you are facing. You could feel that someone had touched you. And all of a sudden, you could use a can of comforting warmth wash all over your body – usually accompanied by goosebumps. This is your guardian angel trying to console you and strengthen to handle your problems appropriately. He wants to make you understand that he is and will always be there for you. All you need to do is believe in yourself and also trust that everything would be fine in the end.

3.Room temperature variation

Another very big sign that your guardian angel has just stepped into the room is a sudden change in room temperature. This physical phenomenon could be as a result of your guardian angel existing in waves and vibrations which in turn means that when that force – your guardian angel, is applied into the molecules of air surrounding you, they begin to collide with each other or stop colliding with each other. When you guardian angel exists on a lesser energy level, the molecules and atoms of the air surrounding you will begin to lose their momentum, and the speed of their constant motion reduces. Thus leading to fewer collisions of the air molecules with each other. In such a case, you would notice a sudden and significant drop in room temperature, but when your guardian angel exists on a higher vibration or frequency, the above physical phenomenon is reversed, and the room temperature goes up.

But either way, such variations in room temperature will only serve to make you feel better in times of stress and anxiety. Your guardian angel is trying to let you know that all will be alright.

4.Fantastic, inexplicable fragrance

Sometimes you could just be up and about, and all of a sudden you begin to perceive this amazing out-of-this-world fragrance. And sometimes, you might ask someone beside you to confirm that nice smell only for you to realize that this smell isn’t even perceived by others around you – except for you. And then if you try to find the source of such a smell, you only find out that there isn’t any physical source.

You have to understand that this is a very vivid sign of your guardian angel’s presence. You can’t and won’t be able to explain the source of such nice smells. Just embraces the presence of your amazing guardian angel and bask in great peace.


Seeing feathers can be a sign that your guardian angel is around. This doesn’t mean that finding a feather lying around an environment known to harbor a lot of avian creatures means that your guardian angel just passed by. That would most probably be the birds there. Instead what we are talking about is a situation where you find these feathers in areas that don’t have any birds. It should be found in environments where seeing a feather lying around would be a strange sight.

When you experience something like that, just know that your angel buddy has left a souvenir for you.


Finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow might be a mission impossible but knowing that a rainbow is a sign trying to remind you of your guardian angel’s complete trust and loyalty to you is actually more accurate.

Rainbows are physical phenomena that carry a lot of spiritual significance. Especially those that appear even when it isn’t raining. You have to know that they are trying to let you know that you are in good hands since your guardian angel is right by your side. When you see such, it is important that you take a little pause from the hustle and bustle of life and take recognize the presence of your guardian angel sitting right close to you. It also helps if you say a word of prayer.

7.Communication through dreams

Have you ever gotten some kind of advice in a dream which you applied to real-life situations and then good surprisingly great results?

Well, that was your guardian angel trying to lead you on a right path concerning a particular situation. The dreams aren’t always some flamboyant dramatization of an actual angel with his powerful wings flapping in the background, handing you offers you the secrets to unlocking the potentials hidden in you in a golden book. You hardly ever get such kinds of dreams.

Instead, such dreams could just be a series of scenarios that hold clues that lead to the solutions to your problems in real life. They could be outright advice coming from a dead family member or friend. But whatever way the dreams come always know that your guardian angel is trying to communicate something to you. It is your prerogative to glean wisdom from such dreams and take action to achieve your desired result.

8.Feeling that someone is following you

Have you ever had an experience where you were going about your business and felt as if someone was either looking at younger following you?

One way of recognizing the presence of your guardian angel is having the feeling that someone is following you.

Now you have to be attentive to the type of energy you feel then. If it is that of fear and suspicion, then you should even be more aware of your environment. As that could be your guardian angel trying to alert you to some kind of imminent danger. If these negative feelings welling up in you are of high intensity, then this could mean that your guardian angel is trying frantically to alert you to even bigger danger. At this point, it is important to deeply observe your environment or leave that place entirely of you suspect some kind of physical harm. But when any form of physical threat is eliminated from the environment, it is important to observe the people around for suspicious movement or behavior. This could be at the office or even during hang outs with friends. When you listen carefully to people around you, you would often find inconsistency in what they say, and thus that can lead you to discover your true friends and your frenemies.

But in case that you have these feelings of love, safety, and confidence when you feel like someone is following you, then it would mean that that is just your guardian angel by your side. At such times it is good to reflect on the unconditional love you get from your guardian angel and that exercise alone would flood your soul with gratitude and thus your whole day becomes more positive.

9.Differently colored lights

Finally, this sign can come with a very pleasant but surreal experience. When you begin to notice some kind of extra luster on bright objects or some strange shadows at places that don’t quite make sense, then you are most probably going through this experience. This could be accompanied by a small still voice muttering something to you that you may or may not understand. Don’t get too worried about that; you are fine This is just a big sign that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. Such trance-like experiences can be used by your guardian angel to let you know about an aspect of your life that needs growth and improvement.

This is all in the attempt to make you become a better individual. It could also be used by your guardian angel in tough times to reassure you of his presence beside you. When you understand why such an amazing experience like this happened to you, then you would be in a better position to key into the program that would make you a better version of yourself.

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