8 Reasons Why People Cheat On The Person They Supposedly Love

When it comes to having a relationship with someone, a lot of people don’t realize that it comes with a lot of sacrifices. Relationships require constant effort to make it work. And sometimes this ignorance becomes the major reason why a lot of relationships hit the rocks. Usually what happens after one partner becomes disassociated and disinterested with the other and begins to see someone else. Many of us have come to see such kinds of relationships.

Where everything comes crashing to the ground. When one partner begins to cheat on the other with their neighbors, friends, or colleagues at work. And then they give the excuse that the relationship wasn’t what it used to be anymore and so they decided to cheat. They would take the easy way out instead of trying to face and tackle their relationship problems.

Here are some of the main reasons that partners give for cheating on their significant other.

1. Lack of Commitment

Many men like to be with ladies who can give them the support that they need in their lives or career. They want a partner who would be loyal and stand by them through thick and thin.

The same goes for women too; they want a guy who can be strong and caring to make them feel safe in their presence. No matter how independent a woman is, she would want a partner who would compliment her strengths and be by her side during troubled times. So if they don’t get these things in their partners, they would begin to seek it elsewhere.

2. Emotional Satisfaction

When it comes to emotional satisfaction, it could become tricky when you have partners who have been in a relationship for quite a while. They could easily fall into a routine and therefore make the relationship boring. That could also lead to dwindling interests in one another or – in extreme cases, respect for each other.

Such scenarios lead to growing dissatisfaction and frustration which could finally lead to them having someone outside the relationship fill in the gap. Sometimes this isn’t initiated by the culprit partner, but instead, it could be a bad example of happenstance. They could be struggling in the relationship but come across someone who treats them better or satisfies them emotionally in some way or the other.

And that can be enough to strike passion outside the relationship.

3. Money

We can’t run away from it; relationships take effort, energy, time and money. And most of the time there is one breadwinner who brings in the resources needed to run and maintain the relationship. When the breadwinner can’t provide enough resources, the relationship crumbles.

On the other hand, it could be that one or both partners have a lot of resources like money fame and power. And in such situations, the pressure on them to have other romantic relationships outside their own relationships becomes very high. Everyone is attracted to resources and power. And thus, most people would put their eyes on such a partner.

4. Unfulfilled Expectations

Whenever we enter any relationship, we usually have some form of expectations of what our relationship will look like or how our partners will treat us. But when we get into a relationship and find out that what we wanted isn’t what is available, we tend to get frustrated.

So in that case, it is easy to let your eyes wander away from your partner. Which can, in turn, lead you astray – as it concerns being loyal to your partner and the relationship.

5. No excitement and spice.

Monotony is a state in which the constant repetition of certain actions create boredom. Whenever monotony enters a relationship, the relationship automatically has a countdown to its end.

In a relationship, this boredom elicits a terrible feeling in which partners lose their appeal, sexual and otherwise, they lose their excitement and do not prove to arouse anymore. At this point, it is easy to cheat on your partner if you get in touch with someone else outside who is everything your partner isn’t- exciting, interesting, charming and arousing.

6. Payback and Revenge

This is one of the biggest reasons people cheat on their partners. It can be a dark and terrible feeling to discover that your partner cheated on you. You feel devastated, angry and hurt beyond understanding. In the midst of this maelstrom, you might want to inflict the same pain on them by giving back tit for tat. So, you find someone else outside there to have an affair within a bid to punish your partner for doing the same things to you.

7. Overcommitment to your Ambitions.

Ambitions are wonderful things which everyone should have if they have goals. However, like with everything else on earth, too much of it can be detrimental to not only your health but your relationship. When you spend all your days and nights brokering deals and working hard to attain your ambitions, your partner is at home alone feeling lonely. In this state of loneliness, it would be very easy for them to have an affair. You need to prioritize things in your life so that you can also have time for your partner’s.

8. Constant absence in the relationship

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the bed colder. If your job is a demanding one tending to send you to other places to transact business, then you need to make provision for your partner because as much as there is love, there is a need. If you are not there to assuage her needs more often than not, it gets easier to let another person take of her problems. It is hard for some people to maintain long distance relationships and as such can easily engage themselves in an affair.

Having known the reasons for which some partners have affairs, you need to keep measures in place to avoid your relationship becoming prey to these reasons.

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