8 Of The Kinkiest Zodiac Signs That Aren’t Even That Surprising. Are You On This List? Looking At You, Capricorn

Human beings are a very diverse species. In everything from color, to language to culture to religion to views, we are all very different. Our diversity does also show itself in our private lives especially in our sexual preferences. Everyone is into something different and what turns one person on won’t turn the next person on. Guess we’re all kinky in our own way. Different strokes for different folks right?

Sexual kinks do not exactly come up in normal conversation with random people, and on occasion, it is a bit weird even with your friends. I mean, your friend James does not want to know how much you love to get spanked and tied during sex. It will make for some really awkward conversation and an uncomfortable atmosphere whenever your partner comes around. Although, there are some friends with which these topics are on par with a normal convo between you and you have no qualms divulging your sexual kinks to them and vice versa. So, whether you keep it quiet or talk about your sexual kinks, people can pretty much figure it out for themselves from your Zodiac sign. Regretting telling that cute guy your zodiac sign? Our Zodiac signs tell us a lot about ourselves from our attitudes to our personalities to our best choice when it comes to a relationship. It turns out that our Zodiac sign can also throw some light on our sexual kinks.

Read below to figure out what turns your zodiac sign on or what kink would get your partner very hot.


Cancers love and appreciate a guy who has a take-charge attitude in bed. If you have a Cancer as your lover, you would need to be assertive in bed. The combination of care and discipline makes your Cancer partner feel loved and well cared for, something they crave in a lover. Although they enjoy the finer points of being disciplined, they can also assume the dominant role in a relationship. They not only want you to give them your best, but they also demand the best of you.


Although our Virgo friends are known mostly for their anal approach to cleaning, making lists, planning and organizing every single thing, they also have a way of unwinding in bed. They are actually up for kinky games in bed. Their specialty lies in spanking. Nothing like the smacking sound of a broad palm hitting their backside. They get turned on just by thinking of being spanked. So, if your partner is a Virgo, get yourself ready to fulfill one of their wildest fantasies.


Aries were born to have sexual kinks. They are an adventurous and energetic sort who possess a high level of confidence. Their love for new things and adventures lead them to bondage.

Aries love to be tied up and left at the mercy of their lover. It’s one of their biggest fantasies and if you have an Aries lover whom you are yet to tie up, why don’t you try it tonight? Trust me; she will enjoy it immensely. But remember to take things slowly as you begin.


Taurus like the bull that represents their zodiac sign can be a difficult lover to have because of their stubbornness. Surprisingly though, they are quite easy to please in the bedroom. You just need to learn their needs and their sweet spots. Their high intellect and imagination would appreciate a lot of roleplay in the bedroom. A Taurus loves to play a game of mental chess with their partners, and so you should be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with them.


Libras are the most selfless of lovers. They try very hard to please their lovers and meet his every sexual need. If you have never had the pleasure of dating a Libra, then you have been missing out on a wonderful lover.

More than pleasing their partners, Libras enjoy getting their partners hot by performing a little strip and tease once in a while. While it turns you on, she also gets turned on by the pleasure on your face and the power of being the aggressor.


Some people like it quiet and intense but not the Geminis. No, these lively and versatile people love the loud sex full of dirty talk. The dirtier, the better. If you are planning on dating a Gemini, you need to brush up on your bedroom vocabulary because it is the key to the turning them on. Get on some dirty talk with your Gemini lover today and arouse them like never before.


Pisces have always been known for their romantic and empathic characteristics. They are one zodiac sign that is in touch with their feelings and their love for deep connections.

For this zodiac sign, only one kink would suit them, and that is blindfolding. Pisces enjoy being blindfolded and it really turns them on because they have to rely on their intuitions. Another reason is that when they are blindfolded, they lose one sense and this magnifies the other senses and in turn magnifies their pleasure.


Capricorns are the kinkiest of all the 12 Zodiac signs. Getting them tied up would only serve to turn them on, and the tenser the lines, the more turned on they get. If you are super dedicated to your Capricorn lover, you might want to learn the art of rope tying called Shikari. I bet you that your Capricorn lover would enjoy that.

I hope that reading this article has given you a few ideas for your lover tonight or has opened your eyes to the kink your sign enjoys. Let us know in the comment section if your kink matched your zodiac sign.

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