7 Ways An Outgoing Introvert Loves Differently

The outgoing introvert isn’t just your average Joe; they are different. They have the dual personalities of an introvert and an extrovert – and they are comfortable in both skins. One moment, they are keeping up themselves and the next out and about. Such rare complexity in personality can be a guarantee that they would be the same in a romantic relationship. Yes, they are complex individuals, and their love lives are no different.

If you are about to get into a relationship with such a person, then you have to read the rest of the article to find out how their unique approach to love sets them apart from the rest and hopefully, the wisdom you glean from this article would guide you on how to treat her right.

1. Her intuition is always right

An outgoing introverted woman is a very emotionally intelligent person. She manages to anticipate human behavior in ways that would stun you. It feels like she has some sixth sense that gives her the ability to discern truth from a lie. That is how they avoid fake and negative people. The outgoing introverted lady is very focused and goal driven individual and therefore will always be on the lookout to avoid distractions. When she is with a group of people who she feels she can be relaxed with, then you will see her become extroverted, on the other hand, if she’s doesn’t feel comfortable being in the midst of a certain group of people then she will just keep to herself.

By looking at someone and observing his/her body language, she could decipher what kind of a human being that person is. Although such skills could come in handy when trying to avoid toxic people from destroying your relationship, it also plays a good role in communication and understanding in the relationship. Due to her emotional intelligence and intuitive nature, you won’t be able to hide your problems from her. And that is a good thing because no matter what the issue is, it could be ironed out – especially if the two of you put your heads together to solve the problem. This will also reduce stress and remove negativity from the relationship. Having problems fester in you without you addressing it, would only make matters worse. The neglected issue will build up negativity which would eventually spill into your relationship. Such a partner wouldn’t just be your lover but would be your companion especially when the going gets tough.

2. Small talk is not what she wants

If you are dating an outgoing introvert, then small talk can’t be your friend. That could work for some but not her; she can only be comfortable with people who have deep and real conversations. So when you are with such a woman, it is important that you be yourself and take an extra step to make sure you are making conversations about things that matter. She doesn’t bother herself with frivolities and therefore wouldn’t respond to discussions of people who dwell on that kind of stuff.

Only then would she be open to you too. Her emotional intelligence will play a significant role while you guys communicate. She would ask you questions that tend to make you reveal your true self to her. But once she sees you for who you are and she is comfortable with you, then you have a friend there. She will be a lot more open to you and would comfortable in your company.

3. She wants to go slow with you

When you guys become friends, it is wise to give her breathing space. Don’t rush the process of trying to be in a relationship with her. She is a very emotional person who will only be in a relationship with you if she has first built some kind of rapport and trust with you. Which of course is a process that takes time. So you have to be patient with her.

When you have finally earned her trust and confidence then you could take your relationship with her up another notch – but until then, please be patient.

While still in the process of getting to know her, you have to know that it takes quite a while for her extroverted nature to show. At first, she would be very cautious of making mistakes and only when she feels what you feel for her, will she respond to you.

4. She will commit easily

But you should rest assured that she will be committed to the relationship once she kicks it off with you. It may seem tough to get her but when she falls for you then know that she will stand by you.

She isn’t the type to deceive people so she would be very honest about how she feels about you and then her commitment to the relationship. For her issues of romance are sacred and therefore are not to be joked with. She also feels a deep sense of responsibility not to destroy your friendship with her and so she would be honest with you – through and through. These are the unique qualities that she possesses that make her such a fantastic partner to be with.

5. She is straightforward

As much as she is honest, the outgoing introverted lady is also straightforward. She could even be unpleasantly blunt with it. But she doesn’t do so on purpose, for her, it is all about the principle of saying it as it is – straight from her heart without any adulteration from the head.

Moving past the minor discomfort that her gift might bring, you would find out that its benefits far outweigh its costs. There very few things that lighten the burdens of the heart than knowing that your partner in the relationship lays herself bare to you just as you do same for her. Whatever she says is the truth, and you wouldn’t have to stress yourself trying to find out if indeed it is the truth. If she says that she doesn’t like a thing, then it is just that. Her criticism will hold weight, and you would take whatever it is that she says seriously. That creates an environment of significant personal growth and development for the both of you.

This also means that she would call you out on your misgivings. If she feels like you aren’t the best version of yourself, then the relationship might not be as cozy as you would want it to be. She will show her displeasure with that and would hope that you take the appropriate steps to become better. But if you don’t, then she would opt to leave. Being with such a woman, it would be unthinkable that you would be surprised she left you. You would know that you had it coming.

6. You will never date a woman like her

If you let such a woman slip through your hands, there is a very high possibility that you may never find someone like her again. She is a unique type of lady who is smart, wise, outgoing and caring person but at the same time, she is deep and reflective too. Her sincerity is something that is hard to replicate elsewhere. She is one in a million, and it is important that you treat her as sure. She loves to love and support her man and you would have a happy life if only you realize that she is fully committed to the relationship and you reciprocate that love too.

Her love for life and her very positive energy will definitely rub off on you and will make you a very happy person.

7. When she says she loves you, trust her.

It is very rare to find a lady who wants to be your companion and best friend. Someone who is willing to share in your joy and your pain and everything in-between. You have to understand how that in itself is truly amazing and then take appropriate steps towards reciprocating that same type of love to her too. With the two of you working hard to better your relationship, the sky would be the stepping stone to the achievements you both will get – such as a very high quality of life.

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