7 Signs Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

1. Your Partner Is Someone You Can Play Around And Laugh With.

Have you ever been having a bad day; you know, that type of day that nothing seems to be going right? When you have that feeling, like there is no happiness left in your life; almost as if you’ve been beaten and broken into a million pieces? Then your partner comes along, with the knowledge of how to lift up your spirits and make you smile; even if smiling is the farthest thing from your mind. Suddenly, you forget about all your problems; the ones that gave you all those restless nights of sleep. The ones that now seem so petty since your partner has joked around with you and probably made you laugh. Then your partner is your best friend.

2. Relaxation And Fun Come Easily With Your Partner.

Does your partner have that way of making you feel comfortable? That “I’m so comfortable in my own skin I’m going to do something totally crazy, which is usually out of character for you.” If your partner makes you feel carefree and genuinely happy, makes you feel as if you are having a good time, or are always looking out for your well-being? Then your partner is your best friend.

3. Your Partner Is Always There For You, In The Good Times And Bad.

Have you ever felt alone with your problems? Felt like no one is there to help you? Felt as if you want to give up? We all have. Now think about this. Your partner has been there through thick and thin. They’ve stood by you when all seemed darkest. They’ve shown you that you aren’t a burden because to them you are not. They’ve shown you that they would take a proverbial bullet for you. Fight your battles tooth and nail. They help carry the emotional baggage that has been dragging you down. A best friend does this without question. If your partner does this; makes you feel that you can count on them no matter what? That they will be there for you? Then my friend you have found your best friend, and its your partner.

4. You Are Both Happy Just Being Together.

Do you feel extremely comfortable around your partner? That, “I’m so comfortable around you we don’t have to do anything,” feeling. You don’t have to impress your partner; you don’t have to keep them entertained. Just being around each other is enough for you both. Keeping each other company is all you both need. Then, congratulations, the number four sign has been found. That sign is simple enough to notice.

5. An Argument Doesn’t Cause A Break-Up.

We all argue with our partners. It’s a natural occurrence. Even besties argue sometimes. It’s when your differences don’t become an obstacle or a dead end. When ego takes a back seat. When you have the ability to work thing out, to find a middle ground; not end a relationship due to a difference of opinion. Arguing with your partner but not ruining your relationship is number five on the list.

6. Conversations Don’t Have To Be About Anything, But Can Last For Hours.

If you can keep a natural conversation going with your partner, just like when you’re with your best friends. Then your partner must be considered as a best friend. Conversations are long; the type that goes into the wee hours of the morning. You enjoy the sound of their voice; you are speaking to someone you can relate too. So if you can’t forget about the time when you talk to your partner you’ve experienced sign number six.

7. They Can “Hang Out” With Your Friends Too.

We all have a close circle of our best friends. That doesn’t mean your partner can’t occasionally join that circle. The fun comes easily with your partner around. You and your partner aren’t jealous or possessive around each other’s friends when everyone is hanging out. If you already see your partner as a best friend, and they hang out with your friends too. Sign number seven has shown up.

So, if yes was your answer to some or all of the signs that you just read about. Congratulations that definitely means your partner is also your best friend. Be Happy, have fun with each other and enjoy being with your “Best Friend”.

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