7 Signs That Suggest You’re Dating A Sapiosexual

If you are a lady, you probably know how much we women worry about everything and anything. The thing is, all ladies do worry about one thing or another. There is always something to worry over, your hair, your bank balance, your family, your boyfriend, and well the health if your private parts.

The vagina is a very small organ compared to other organs in the body such as the boobs, but its small size does not make it less important nor make its problems small. There are always one or two complaints to be made or gotten from this small organ. Today, you are worried about the lateness of your period or the color of your period, the next you are wondering if you are preggers. Once it seems as if everything is fine, you remember that you heard your ex has an STD and you begin to worry that you have an STD too. Another day could be the day for worrying about your pubic hair, and it’s grooming. So many things to worry about but the scariest of them all is the worry of having an infection.

It is estimated that about 75 percent of women in the United States have suffered from one vaginal infection or another. So, you are not alone, and the best course of action is not to self-medicate but to meet your doctor for immediate treatment. Although most vaginal infection doesn’t have any long-term damage, some actually do have long-term impacts on fertility.

The vagina maintains a particular ecosystem complete with healthy bacteria at a particular pH. Infections occur when the balance in the ecosystem has been disrupted either by drugs, mostly antibiotics, pregnancy or a change in the body’s sugar level. All of these can create an environment for yeast to grow. Common signs of a vaginal infection are itching, change in vaginal discharge and swelling. Rest assured that your boyfriend might not get infected because of your vaginal infection although he experiences some reactions such as penile itching and rashes.

If you are worried that you have an infection, it is important that you pay your doctor a visit. They will have the right tools and knowledge to find out what is causing you some discomfort down there and if it begins to look like something is really wrong with the vagina, they will be in a better position to subscribe a method of treating it. Better for you to see the doctor and let him diagnose you than to sit in your house stressing yourself over whatever symptoms of an infection you might have been seeing.

Before you go batshit crazy worrying about an infection and whether the symptoms you just noticed are flukes, here are seven authentic signs that something is wrong with your vagina. If you notice any of these signs, then you need to see your doctor and let them work their magic.

#1. Your Discharge Has a different smell

It is a bit well known that when your vaginal discharge changes color from milky white to a yellow or green then something is terribly wrong and that a color change is a strong indicator of an infection. What might not be well known is the fact that a change in the smell of your vaginal discharge is also an indicator of an infection. But then again, very few of us know the regular smell of our vaginal discharge and might not be able to tell when there is a change in its smell. I’ll make things easy for you. If your vaginal discharge smells like fish or sour, then you need to make that trip to the hospital.

#2. Pain in the Lower Abdomen.

Ever had a symptom in one part of your body only to later realize that the true problem was in another part of your body? The same can hold true for a vaginal infection. Most times if you experience pain in your lower abdomen, it might be an indication of an infection. After all, the unseen parts of your reproductive system such as the fallopian tubes and your ovaries are situated in the lower stomach. So, you might want to pay more attention to other parts of your body to give you a clue about your vaginal health.

#3. You experience more discharge than normal.

The truth is, every girl knows that her vagina gives out a regular milky white discharge. It is normal, and it is our vagina’s own way of cleansing and protecting itself. Although, at some times of the month, the discharge might be more or less. You will need to know the trend so you can spot an abnormal increase in discharge. However, if you notice a big increase in your vaginal discharge, it could be an indication of an infection.

#4. Sex comes with pain

This sign might be hard to spot because the pain you experience during sex might have come from the roughness of the sex. So, it might take a long time for you to discover that whatever pain you feel during sex is not because of your vigorous sex but something worse. If you feel too sore, then you should pay your doctor a visit.

#5. You experience Painful Urination.

Usually, painful urination is a glaring symptom of gonorrhea in men. However, even as a woman, you should not feel any pain or sting when easing yourself. If you do experience such, don’t chalk it up to dehydration or something you ate because that burning sensation might be an indicator of a vaginal infection. Visit the doctor and get it checked out even if it turns out to be nothing. Better safe than sorry.

#6. You experience vaginal swelling

Well most of us might not have ever gotten up close and personal with our vaginas. It is for reasons like this that I advise women to get themselves a hand mirror and know what they look like down there so that you can notice a change when one occurs. A swelling in your vagina, especially of the vulva, is a strong sign of infection and you need to have your vagina looked over by a doctor.

#7. Little Bumps and lumps on your Anus

You might have felt them in passing while taking a shower. Do not ignore this symptom. If you do notice something like this, get yourself a mirror and take a look. If you see bumps on your Anus, the chances are that it is an indication of infection in your vagina. You can also check your vagina for lumps, bumps and any spots because more often than not, there would also be lumps there. A visit to your doctor is due.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms in the recent past and laughed it off, I urge you strongly to have an intensive check out of your vagina to treat the infection before it can cause any lasting damages. If you have not experienced any of these symptoms, that’s good but also be on the lookout for any of these symptoms and quickly make an appointment ASAP to see your doctor.

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