6 Signs You Are Being Manipulated By A Narcissist

Many times, we tend to ignore the red flags that pop up when you are in a relationship with someone. The obvious signs of abuse are ignored as we struggle to keep the fairy tale that everything is or will be alright. But it always turns out to be a big mistake as such partners don’t change. This spells true for manipulative narcissists. If you are currently in a relationship with one, you might not know what is going on until you recognize these 6 signs that are present in any relationship that a narcissist is in. Please keep reading to know if you are in any relationship that is doomed to suck out the life from you and make you unhappy.

1. Guilt

Do you find yourself constantly feeling bad about yourself? Does it always seem like you are directly or indirectly involved in whatever it is that causes your partners ill luck? Do they from time to time insinuate or outright accuse you of disloyalty or sabotage? My dear, this isn’t normal, and that isn’t what happens in a healthy and happy relationship. You deserve better. This is a clear sign that your partner is trying to manipulate you into thinking that they are always the victim and you have to be guilty all the time.

2. Bullying

Another clear sign of emotional manipulation from narcissists is bullying. Such a person would often use this tactic as it is a very potent tool of intimidation and systematic wearing down of their victim’s psyche. This could manifest in many forms, some include emotional, psychological, verbal and physical abuse. If you notice any one of these, I would advise that you leave immediately. This isn’t going to change for the better. It will only get worse. Leave when you can, before you are so emotionally and psychologically hurt and manipulated that leaving isn’t an option anymore.

3. Silence

Narcissist are very good at giving their partner the silent treatment. This manipulation tactic can be overlooked as someone being bitchy or a little bit mean at times. But the truth remains that the narcissistic person is fully aware of what he/she is doing. It is used to weaken you emotionally while giving them the opportunity to escape the consequences of owning up to their wrongdoing.

4. Downplaying

Narcissists are known to downplay their atrocities. And they do this so brazenly on purpose so that they dull your sensitivity to their misdemeanors. With time you would find yourself accepting and tolerating all sorts of stupid behavior that they will exhibit in the relationship. They would also do this with your problems or other people’s. For narcissists, it is all about themselves and if the attention and energy shifts from them to you, they would be annoyed and would seek whatever way possible to return to status quo. And if you think deeply about it, you would find that most of their wants are downright flimsy, vain and even childish.

They would also do the same when it comes to accomplishments that you have made. If it isn’t about showing how superb of a person they are, they would quickly lose interest.

5. Attention

This is an extension of the point we discussed above. Narcissist live their lives for the attention. For the narcissist, nothing else matters. And with that kind of brazen thirst to be in the spotlight, they have horned their manipulative skills that they used to get whatever that they want. They know how to keep the discussion focused on them. This is a bad sign, and when you notice this, please it is advisable that you pack your things and leave. Such a partner would abandon you in your times of need – after ungratefully ducking you dry of your love and care. That is the classic narcissistic style.

6. Twisted Words

Narcissists are good at twisting your words. It is all a move towards making you rethink who you are. Question your decision making processes and sometimes even your motives. This is also known as gaslighting. Before you know it, you would be a victim of some crazy narcissist who has fully convinced you that you are the crazy one.

If you have seen any of these signs, please leave.

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