5 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To End Up Alone

The five zodiac signs below will most probably end up alone based on some of the characteristics they have. Amazingly, it might surprise you to know that they share most of those characteristics.

1. Aquarius

Emotion wise, Aquarians are one of the worst zodiac signs to date. Their inability to process and express deep emotions makes it hard for their partners to enjoy being in a relationship with them. Added to their unemotional attitude, is their fondness for façades. An Aquarian would hide whatever little emotion he has behind walls to prevent him from being vulnerable, and it can be tiring to work for every scrap of emotion from your partner. An Aquarian is also a commitment-phobe, and this makes having a serious relationship with them an impossibility. They prefer to be free to date many people than settling down with one person. Of course, this could be as a result of the fact that they have very short attention spans. Another perhaps not well-known reason Aquarians would most probably end up. Alone is that they have very high standards. An Aquarian chooses his partners with care and according to exacting standards courtesy of their need to always attain perfection. Although to be fair, if you ever break through the façade of an Aquarian, you would gain more love and loyalty than you will have with any other person.

2. Capricorn

Capricorns are not easily impressed by people or things and on the first meeting can come across as indifferent and snobby. This obviously lasts until they get to know you but all the same it can be very off-putting to some people and might even chase them away. A Capricorn partner will often come across as self-centered, overly independent, and bossy. They care most about themselves and rarely ever accept that they are wrong and in a relationship, this can be a huge issue if your partner is always right and never lets you do things for them. Not only Aquarians have a thing for perfection, Capricorns do too, but in their case, it shows itself in their constant criticisms. No one likes to feel that they can’t measure up to their partner’s image of them and after a while, it begins to get old. Not many people can stay with an overly critical partner, and so Capricorns will most probably end up alone. Capricorns also share the same reluctance to express feelings with Aquarians. A Capricorn would be hard put to admit that he has feelings for his partner and this can hurt their relationship. However, if you can put up with a Capricorns quirks, you would gain a loyal and faithful partner who would be worth all your sacrifice.

3. Virgo

Virgos are the caregivers of the Zodiac signs. They are ever ready to help and in fact, enjoy it very much. Although an admirable quality, it can leave their partners feeling unwanted and in need of constant help and soon enough they won’t be able to stay on that rollercoaster of emotions. They also feel very deeply, and their intensity can make their partners feel stifled and uncomfortable. Just like the Aquarius and Capricorns, Virgos are also perfectionists. They uphold very high standards for themselves and in extension to their partners, and this can be the catalyst that destroys the relationship. In line with their perfectionist attitude is their obsessive need for cleanliness and order. A Virgo partner will not tolerate untidiness in any way. It gets them crazy and a bit uncomfortable to be with. No one likes to constantly watch himself avoid having a confrontation over the arrangement of plates. However, even with all of these, Virgos are very loving and caring people who would always be there for those they love.

4. Aries

Aries are known to be very impulsive people, and while this trait helps them lead a happy life, it can be unsettling in a relationship. Their partners never know what they are capable of doing or what they will do next. Aries are impatient people and don’t have a lot of time for people who don’t have their goals or plans in order, including themselves. Sometimes, they can come across as bossy because they know what they want and when they want it. They find it hard to let their partners dictate the pace of their relationships because they are too impatient to take things slow. They are also very arrogant and stubborn; preferring to listen only to themselves, and in a relationship, it can be very tiring and can end the relationship fast. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a partner who is very confrontational and Aries are very confrontational. It can scare their partners away and make being in a relationship with them a Herculean task. Aries are very passionate people who go after what they want with all they have however it can be a bit much causing them to get engaged in this G’s they are not ready for. Their love for adventure makes staying with one partner a chore. They love variety and will most probably not settle down easily. Because of these, they will. Most probably end up alone.

5. Taurus

Taureans are an argumentative bunch of people. They love to go at it with their partners and are never fully satisfied if they don’t win. It can be emotionally draining for their partners and can cause a rift between them when all they do is argue. They are also known to be very possessive and jealous. It can be very appealing at first, but soon it can get very taxing on their partners who might feel that they aren’t treated. In addition to their possessive natures, they also have really bad tempers when they lose it which can be scary and uncomfortable to their partners and might ultimately break them up. Taureans are also surprisingly needy despite their very independent natures, and it can be cool at the beginning of your relationship, but afterward, it gets pretty uncomfortable.

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