4 Signs You’ve Found Your True Soul Mate

One of the four things that will be discussed in this article might very well surprise you as you probably never expected it to be a part of the things to look for in a soulmate. They seem like sure things but are very important for a wonderful soulmate partnership.

A soulmate is probably one of those things you wish for in every relationship you have but are afraid to hope for probably because all the hype about it has made it seem like something elusive, and only found by the very lucky ones.

Each time you’re about to meet a new guy for a first date, you begin to wonder if he will be the one. The one to tick all the boxes on the soulmate list. This may put a lot of pressure on you and on the relationship to live up to very high expectations that you might end up trying very hard to mold yourself into someone who will tick the boxes on his own soulmate list.

Here’s the good news, if he is your soulmate, you wouldn’t have to turn yourself into a version of his soulmate, you just would be his soulmate even with your faults and flaws. So, relax and feel free with him. Soulmates exist, and you will know yours when you see the following four signs.

The following signs are particular attributes that every soulmate should have. They are very important and cannot be substituted.

There are of course the very glaring facts like sexual attraction, love, and deep connection. Those are the glaring factors, they are the must be their attributes, and we wouldn’t talk about them because you already know what they are.

The signs we are going to discuss are not as glaring as the others but also not any less important than them. In fact, they are quite necessary for a good soulmate relationship.

1. You both have identical values.

This is not to say that both of you will be clones of each other. After all, opposites attract. This just means that when it comes down to the core principles at the heart of you, you will share the same values. For instance, on important things like where you would love to settle down, and what faith you have if you have any.

This, however, does not mean that you will not have differing opinions or argue once in a while. It just means that both of you will concur most of the time which will definitely make your relationship easier.

2. You both share the same dreams and goals for the future

Just like having identical values, your dreams should also move on similar tracks. You might not have all of your life fully planned out right now, but you at least have an idea of what your life should look like in the next decade or two. It’s very vital for your soulmate relationship to have both your life goals on the same track.

When it comes to life goals and dreams, important things like the type of home you’ll like to have and place you’ll like it to be at. Other things that have to be in the same vein include your way of life and main dreams. This is pretty important, and it is best that you find out very early preferably on that first date rather than later on when you’ve become a couple. You could subtly ask during the first date about his future goals to know if there’s a possibility of you being a part of them.

3. Both of you have decent characters.

You might just brush this aside like “Sure, his character definitely has to be decent or we wouldn’t even be in a relationship” However, it’s very easy to ignore this fact in the theories of physical and sexual attractions, and him sweeping you off your feet. But it’s very important to know if his character is decent. Is he trustworthy? Does he keep his promises? Does he abide by his words? Is he honest?

This does not mean that he will be infallible, always keeping to his words. It just means that most often than not, he will. But if most of the time you feel like you can’t trust his words because he’s always failing you, then he isn’t your soulmate. Your soulmate would definitely be good as his word.

4. You both like each other beyond the sexual.

No, I don’t mean like as in crush. I mean just normal like similar to the way you like your friend. You both just like each other with nothing sexual added to the mix. Do you like him as a person? Can you spend a lot of time just hanging out and talking about anything and everything?

This plain liking is vital because it lasts longer than anything sexual might last. You and your soulmate have to be good friends at the base of your relationship. With this deep friendship comes respect and the willingness to listen to and learn about each other.

It would make a lot of things easier in your relationship especially when you hit a rough patch. Your friendship would be there to ease things between you and open up a line of communication. Having a solid friendship would ensure that your soulmate relationship would last a very long time.

When next you begin to feel that soulmates are like knights in shining armor, hard to find and few in numbers, remember to look out for the previous four signs. They will help you decide who is your soulmate and who isn’t. And while you are on that first date with the guy you met on Tinder, you know the questions to ask and the boxes to tick. If you like each other, have identical dreams and goals, and are good for your words, then you just might have found your very own soulmate. Goodbye to awkward first dates, you won’t be going on any for a very long time, maybe never.

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