3 Women Who Make The Most Independent Girlfriends, Based on Their Zodiac Signs

Every woman likes her independence. It is one of the only things that all women over the world would be able to bond over. Their need for independence. Although it is something that we need, there are some women who take their need for independence to a whole new level, and that is because of their Zodiac signs. These women don’t just need their independence; they can’t do without it. These 3 Zodiac signs discussed in this article are 3 such women for whom independence trumps all.

Although these women have a lot of time to hang out with other people and are not averse to meeting up with one another, they still keep their own interests at the forefront of every decision they make. They would probably remind you of that one person in high school who never wanted to do a group project and tried their very best to convince the teacher not to partner them with someone else even though the whole class was already partnered up. They are hardly vulnerable and would rather be your rock than come to you for help.

Here are the 3 most independent ladies based on their Zodiac signs.


Aries, the intensely independent ones. An Aries woman needs her independence as much as we all need oxygen to breathe. They hardly ever make any commitment to anyone and can even come across as commitment phobic to people who don’t know them well based on their Zodiac signs. If you are in a relationship with an Aries woman who is young, don’t push for a long-term or committed relationship, it won’t work. She won’t go for it. They find the idea of being tied down repulsive and so they are not going to want to stay with a person who wants a committed relationship.

These flighty birds enjoy their freedom in every way, physically and emotionally. They don’t want to be tied down with unnecessary feelings of love. No, they aren’t the touchy-feely kind of ladies. They want the independence and power to choose whom they want to be attracted to and if they are not in any relationship, they are not limited to a certain person, and so they can easily have whomever they chose to have. It’s the same thing with the physical freedom. They don’t want to settle down with one man; they enjoy the freedom to have variety in their choice of lovers and temporary partners.

If you don’t like the complication and drama in relationships that most women love to bring, just find yourself an Aries woman and have no strings fun with her. They never take their relationships seriously. They are so into their independence that they are huge fans of open relationships. They won’t just agree to have one with you; they would even be the ones to suggest having one. They are totally okay with having the freedom to indulge their attraction to another man while still in some sort of relationship with you. They are more apt to enjoy an open relationship because it satisfies their need for freedom and independence.

Just because an Aries woman would much prefer to sample every dish and not really commit to one relationship does not mean that they want to live their whole single sampling different dishes every day. They might be that mighty until something as monumental as love knocks them down. When they fall in love with the right man, there would not be questions of their freedom; they would give it up to be with the worthy man who has captured their heart. You would even be surprised at how much they would hold on fast to the one who makes their heart go pitter patter.

An Aries woman is exceptional and not every man can be with her because her actions would devastate them and cause them so much pain. There are two Zodiac signs that should stay far far away from an Aries woman. They are the Cancer and the Capricorn.

The Cancer has to be one of the most emotional Zodiac signs of the 12 Zodiac signs if not the most emotional. An Aries woman would pulverize their tender heart with her unwillingness to be in a committed relationship with him. He would get hurt because an Aries woman isn’t in touch with her feelings and a cancer lives for emotions. She would end up not satisfying his need for a deep connection and intimacy.

As for the Capricorn, the saying that opposites attract was meant to explain just how much they should not be in a relationship with an Aries woman. They are too much alike for them to have a truly satisfying relationship. Two people who are closed off and like their space could not be better ill-suited for a relationship than these two people. They both possess a very strong sense of focus, and they would end up living as strangers in one house.


Scorpios the moody ones. For you to better understand a Scorpio woman imagine a woman who is PMS’ing. If you think that a woman who is PMS’ing is irritating and annoying, imagine being with a woman who seems like she is PMS’ing all the time. In fact, a normal PMS is a Scorpio woman’s normal mood so you can just imagine how broody she would be. Although their moody attitude does send people away from them, it also attracts people to them. There is something about a man who is all broody and mysterious. The mystery of her feelings shielded in those eyes always draw men in against their better judgment.

Scorpio women always want to be right all the time in every argument they ever have with you. So if you are going to have a confrontation with a Scorpio woman, you need to be fortified with a lot of facts and evidence to buttress your point. What is even a bit funny about them is that wherever they sense that they are going to be proved wrong, they avoid such a confrontation. Scorpios are highly independent people, and that can sometimes act as a deterrent to a good relationship because once they begin to feel robbed of their independence the relationship begins to suffocate them and they want out. In their haste and need to leave that relationship they might end up hurting that other person.

A Scorpio is a very broody and closed off person. They do their best not to catch feelings and to talk about their own is almost an impossibility. They do not talk about what they feel and when they enter one of their moods, they become even more of a vault than before. Getting information from her is a feat that should be rewarded so greatly. Even when they are not in a moody state, they still find it hard to open up about their thoughts and their feelings.

All of these characteristics mentioned above shows a high level of selfishness and Scorpions are selfish people. They are selfish because they are so lost in their one world that they don’t even see how much their closed off attitude is hurting the people around them.

Forming a relationship built on communication and intimacy is hard because their lack of communication does not foster deep connections attached all and that is not conducive to a good relationship.

Two Zodiac signs that should stay away from the Scorpio are Leo and Aquarius.

Leo’s are known for their love of attention and the limelight. They can’t take it if their own partner does not pay attention to them and because of this, a relationship between a Leo and a Scorpio would be a disaster waiting to happen. I can just imagine it now; the Scorpio would exist in their world too broody and mysterious to really care about the Leo who would feel unimportant and starved of affection. It won’t work out. The Leo would not be able to stand it.

As for the Aquarius, they can’t have a relationship with the Scorpio because they are a bit too much like the Scorpions to make it work. Two people who don’t care about connections should not be together.


Sagittarius, the wanderers. If you know a Saggitarius well, you would know that they are the happiest whenever they are traveling to see a new place. They are struck with wanderlust.

Everything about them is centered on visiting a new place and exploring it. They live for the high of going to a place that they have never been to before. Because of their wanderlust, freedom and independence are two things that they cannot do without. They want to be emotionally and physically free to explore the next new place on their lists. They have neither the time nor the inclination to form any deep roots at one place and settling down in one place might very well be the end of their happiness. They are most comfortable being alone and so have very rusty relationship skills.

This does not mean that they don’t satisfy themselves physically, they do. They just don’t need a relationship to do it. Whenever they feel like having sex, they might hang out with someone in the particular town they are in, and when they are done with that town, they move on. They never get their feelings invested, and that is one thing you must remember whenever you are dating a Sagittarius woman. They need to be emotionally free so that they can easily move on.

They hate being responsible for someone else’s feelings, and if they noticed that you have begun to care too much for them and wanted to keep them with you, they would quickly leave, and so whenever a Sagittarius is willing to settle down and put down roots for you, she truly loves you.

Their wanderlust lifestyle does not mean that they would not have time for a relationship, they do have time for a relationship, they just get too occupied with the thrill of visiting a new place and exploring it to really give you the full attention that you deserve. So, if you are dating a Sagittarius woman, you might want to come up with really interesting and attention-grabbing techniques to keep them of used on you and your relationship.

The two Zodiac Signs that should stay far far away from a Sagittarius woman are the Pisces and the Virgo.

The Pisces are such adorable romantic dreamers who believe in the magic of love, and it’s all curing capabilities. They are so emotional and view everything in their lives from an emotional point of view. Not so for a Sagittarius who has her heart well locked up and safe. If they end up having a relationship with each other, the Pisces man will come out of it bruised and heartbroken. His vulnerability would be his downfall, and so the best course of action is to avoid any entanglements with a Sagittarius woman.

As for the Virgos, staying away from the Sagittarius woman would also be the best course of action for them because they too deal with life from the emotional points of view. They find it very hard to separate their emotions from logic and so would come out bruised from a relationship with a Sagittarius who is good at compartmentalizing their feelings and working with cold hard facts and logic.

As it goes the Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius women are tough nuts to crack. It would take a strong man who knows how to make himself compatible with them to make them fall in love. Even after these women have settled down, their men would need to understand that their independence streak would not just disappear overnight. It might not be channeled into physical and emotional freedom but into something else in their lives. Don’t try to suppress their independence because if you do, you are most likely to find yourself single again in a heartbeat. Independence is part of their identity, and you cannot take it away from them. You just have to learn to tolerate it and even come to love it, and you would have won one of the most loyal partners on earth.

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