3 Signs You Are Not Depressed – You Are Only Surrounded By D***Heads

If we are not careful, we can allow other people’s attitudes and energy to effect our own.

Most of us have allowed a partner to make us feel like we are insignificant.

We are all guilty of this.

Human’s, in general, have a reaction of feeling sad and down because they think someone else’s behavior is a result of something we have done. The reality of it is that we are more than likely encircled with d***heads.

Most of us are sincere, nice, caring people, therefore their bad energy tends to affect us more. We tend to believe that the d***heads care about us and that they are nice, and sincere people, however, they are usually trying to benefit themselves, they want something that is important to them.

Below are clues or signals that you may have a d***head around you:

1. D***heads do not mind being mundane: D***heads tend to be sneaky and cunning. However, they are still pretty dang average. They are okay with being average, and they will indulge in it. However, what these d***heads do is try to make you feel like you are mediocre, as well. The d***heads do not want other people to feel as if they are better than the d***heads level of mediocrity. They will try to destroy any dreams and hopes that you have. D***heads do not want you to aim high with your goals. They want you to settle for as little as possible.

2. D***heads are bullies: If you are happy, then a dickhead is not going to be happy. They will continue to bully you and do anything they can to try and destroy your happiness. They will cause problems so you cannot enjoy your life with happiness. Havoc will follow the dickhead because he wants you to have to spend your energy dealing with the chaos, instead of enjoying the little things in life. This is how d***heads feed their ego.

3. D***heads are self-centered, noisy, earsplitting, and offensive: Dickheads are entirely self-centered that they do not care about the rude or mean things that they say or do. They will be loud until they can drive you completely insane. They do not care because all they care about is themselves. Dickheads are the most self-centered of all people. Dickheads do not care about anybody’s feelings. The only thing that matters to dickheads is that they are happy, despite anything else.

Now it is time to get rid of the d***heads

You have to teach people how to treat you. If you continue to let a d***head (or anybody for that matter) walk all over you and be rude, then they will continue to do it, until you put an end to it. You cannot allow people to treat you like a welcome mat. You have more value than that.

Also, get rid of the d***heads for your world. You do not need them. It’s time to put yourself forward. It’s time to put yourself first. Your life will feel a million times better when you get rid of the toxins in your life. You are worthy.

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