15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently from Other Types of Women

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Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once said that “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” and those words have been printed on paper and have been told over and over again. It has had its fair share of criticism as it is being misunderstood for various reasons. But beyond all that it is obvious that that quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, is meant to uplift and celebrate all women throughout time who have taken bold steps to change the course of history.

These are women who have made strides that have helped to make the world a much better place. Such women are bold and strong alpha ladies and here some 15 things that such women do on a regular basis.

#1: They make maximizing enjoyment in life a top priority.

It doesn’t matter what circumstances they find themselves in; alpha ladies are on the move to always better their lives. They place a lot of value on themselves and would go the extra mile to make their lives more enjoyable. They do this in many different ways, and they include going for trips or adventures, taking on new difficult tasks and challenges that make them become better human beings. For alpha ladies, an enjoyable life means one that is filled with growth-stimulating challenges and rewards that match that difficult. To them, that is what makes life very exciting.

#2: They’re open and assertive.

Alpha ladies are very open and assertive people. They are self-confident enough to know what they want and go for it. They aren’t known to hide behind their words and would be very open to whatever it is that they want to communicate to someone. They also are very passionate about their careers and would stand for whatever it is that they believe in. A lot of people feel uncomfortable, but the alpha lady isn’t concerned with petty remarks that stem from her assertiveness. The last thing that she would do is to be intimidated by that. They tend to focus on the big picture while working on becoming better leaders.

#3: They’re confident in their character.

They are very confident in themselves being good people. They, of course, aren’t carried away by their confidence and skills to the point that they don’t even seek ways to get better. They know that they – just like every human being on earth, have their flaws. But they know that they are good at what they do and know that they are one of the best too.

#4: They’re happy single but open to a relationship which will make them even happier.

Alpha ladies tend to be focused on having a purposeful and goal driven life. They also are keen to self-development and growth. They know that these are the things that bring self-confidence and happiness to one’s life. They also surround themselves with supportive people who could be friends or family and sometimes mentors. They too love to be in relationships, but they are very careful to be in a relationship with someone who has the same values as them. For them, they would only do things that would fulfill their lives and aren’t going to tolerate any distractions that would veer them off the path to success and fulfillment.

#5: They learn from the past, but don’t dwell on it.

Alpha ladies don’t sweat the little stuff. They aren’t super humans, and they fail just like everyone else. The only difference is that they fail far more than the average woman is willing to try. That kind of attitude to life stems from the fact that they don’t get their self-esteem attached to their failures. If they fail, they would learn whatever lessons there are to learn and then move on. Their self-worth is instead wrapped around their effort to learn new things and get better at what it is that they do.

#6: They set and maintain boundaries.

Alpha ladies do have boundaries, and they maintain them. They will take any intrusion past their boundaries seriously. They don’t allow anyone to disrespect their beliefs, dignity, space and their bodies. If any of these things happen to her, she doesn’t let it fly. She would take appropriate steps to make sure that the offender is punished and that such a thing would never happen again.

#7: They’re not afraid to walk away in some situations.

The level of self-confidence that alpha ladies wield is so strong that they don’t mind turning their backs on deals that don’t seem right. That is the same attitude that they bring to all types of relationships that they get into. They are very good at weighing whatever the situation at hand is and would rather move on to something better rather than remain stuck on whatever it is that makes them lose momentum.

#8: They demand physical relationships.

Alpha ladies love quality, and they would demand that high standards be matched in whatever activity they find themselves in. If they are with their friends, they would want their friends to be as committed as they are in their relationship. It’s also the situation in their romantic relationship with their partners. They know their worth and would demand that they are treated as such. Nothing sub-par makes any sense to them. They love and want to the best, and they expect everyone around them to aim for the top as well.

#9: They’re opportunistic.

Alpha ladies are great networkers, and they know that having a strong network is something that is worth building. They are very good at being out there, and they are very versatile in the kinds of people that they deal with. They seem to know everybody who is anybody. This would help them glean wisdom from experts in other fields when they need to know a thing or two from. They also return the same favor for her associates too.

#10: They aren’t overly dramatic.

Alpha ladies are very balanced individuals; they wouldn’t be the type to do all sorts of weird or crazy things just to get attention. Alpha women aren’t drama queens and instead are very level headed and authentic people.

#11: They aren’t celebrity worshippers.

Alpha ladies are also known to be very down to earth folks; they aren’t carried away or influenced by people who have fame. Sometimes they stay away from it if they notice that it could upset their own lives. They would prefer to remain grounded in reality by staying close to supportive family and friends that know her.

#12: They realize their bodies and their minds are investments.

Alpha ladies know that if they want to perform at the peak of their talents and abilities, then they need to take utmost care of their bodies and minds. They do this by taking into consideration whatever it is that they put in their bodies. They filter whatever it is that makes it into their day and make sure that it is somehow in line with their mission and purpose in earth.

#13: They won’t be victimized.

They don’t get caught up in the past negative experiences of their lives. They would go the extra mile to be in control of their lives and would take appropriate steps to keep it that way.

#14: They “just do it.”

They aren’t affected by analysis paralysis. Once they set a goal, they plan out their strategies and then go out to achieve it. They also don’t wait for the perfect time but would go in for the kill. If they fail in the process then they would learn and keep it moving. They would do this over and over again till they master and achieve whatever it is that they set their minds to and that is why they end up with many failures and also more successes than the average person can ever experience in life.

#15: They’re always themselves.

Alpha ladies are very comfortable in themselves. And they ooze a certain level of high-frequency confidence wherever they go. This isn’t some unnatural asshole kind of behavior that is just a cover-up for deeper insecurities; this is more like self-confidence that comes from a healthy understanding of one’s self and appreciation for their uniqueness. When they are torn between doing what they feel is right for them and the opinions of loved ones, they would always go with their instincts – which is what they believe would be best for them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love their friends and family but they know that their lives will always matter most to them and therefore won’t live it based on other people’s opinions.

These are the main reasons that alpha ladies excel in life and most ladies don’do as well. They courageously set goals and then pursue them with passion and energy. And that is how alpha ladies live up and above whatever people think is their potential. Pick up some of these tips and spice up your life, be whoever you want to be and your future self would thank you for your efforts today.

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