10 Signs That Suggest Your Boyfriend Only Wants In Your Pants.

It is a very tough thing to realize that the person that you loved with all your heart and trusted was simply using you for $*x and $*x alone. It hurts as much, if not more than being lied to, and cheated on. It is a slap in your self-confidence and self-esteem. It is a joke played on you that makes you feel like a fool at the end of the day, and it is worse when you find out from other people. Most times this is usually caused by some bet or the other guys, and this can deal a heavy blow to a girls heart and cause damage so deep that it might never be healed again.

More and more it is becoming the norm of the day. Boys dating girls or pretending to date them just so that they can have $*x with them. It’s crazy selfish and hurtful, but unfortunately, that’s what we get these days. What happened to boy meet girl, boy and girl swap numbers and begin to talk, boy genuinely likes and respects girl, girl genuinely likes and respects boy and boy and girl date. Then while they date, both of them might decide to have $*x and consummation of their love. Unfortunately, that is gone. Right now, it seems as if no relationship can stand without$*x. If there is no $*x, there is no relationship. In fact, it has become an expected thing. Relationship equals $*x. And once you have had $*x with your partner, he loses interest as quickly as he found it in you. That hurts, and so in this article, I would be showing you 10 Clear cut signs that tell you that he is in that relationship simply for the $*x and nothing more than that. It might hurt you now if you discover that your boyfriend is actually just with you for $*x and $*x only but with time, you would feel so much better. So here are the 10 SIGNS that show that he is not there for you but for what is in your pants.


If a boy loves you or likes you in that ‘I want to date her’ type of way, then he would do his utmost best to make you feel special and happy. That is the only way a guy can let you know that you are different from all the other girls, by giving you the special treatment and making it clear that you get treated a certain way that none of the other girls get. So, ask yourself this questions. Am I getting treated specially? Do I feel special and different from other girls? When I am with him, do other people know that I am special from the way he treats me? If the answer to all those questions is no, then you really need to have a long talk with yourself. Know if he is the one you want in your life because a guy who is just in it for $*x would not take the time to treat you special. After all, you are just one of the other girls just with a different name, a different face and a different body.


Now, unless your boyfriend is a medically diagnosed $*x addict, then it isn’t a sign of undying love if all your boyfriend only ever talks about is $*x. Where to have $*x with you, when to have $*x and how many times he wants to have $*x. If a guy loves you, yes he would ask for $*x but not as if it is the only thing that he cares about. More than $*x, he would need to cultivate true intimacy with you which is created from long conversations about yourself. That is what he would want most of all. Intimacy, not $*x all the time. So if your boyfriend is $*x crazed than just know that the $*x is the only reason he is there for you.


One of the biggest and most recognizable signs of love is a need to listen to the person you love. Many men who have been blindsided by love usually say “I just love to hear her talk, it doesn’t matter what she talks about, I just want to hear her voice.” A man in love would always want to hear about your day and might not even say much about his. He would be content to simply listen to you ramble all day long about anything and everything. If your partner is always talking about himself and hardly ever lets you put a word in, then the chances that he is just there for the $*x is very high.


This is also another sign of a man who does not love you but wants in your pants. He is always pretending to listen to you when you talk, but then half the time his mind is elsewhere. Try your partner today, have one important discussion with him tonight. If by tomorrow morning, he can still tell you what you both talked about and what you in particular said, then he is a keeper. If he can’t, he most probably wasn’t even listening to you.


This is a very bad sign that shows that he does not care for you at all. If a man loves you, he would always be looking out for you, and even before something has become a problem for you, he has already eliminated it and if it something that he can’t handle he would be there for her, sharing in her sorrow and hardship. A man I love knows what makes his woman happy; it is the very first thing that he would find out. He also knows what makes her angry, and that is the very next thing that he would find out. After that, what makes her sad and what matters to her. So, if your boyfriend does not know any of these things and does not even care to know, he is just there for what lies beyond your pants and does not even care about you.


This one is pretty self-explanatory and before it made it to this list, if you have been experiencing this, then you must have been getting some bad vibes from that relationship if that is what it is. The truth might be that he doesn’t want you to get to know where he lives because he has already written off your relationship as something that would be very temporary, so he sees no need for both of you to get too close to each other. Another reason might be that since he knows that he is just with you for the $*x. He would not want you to know where he lives so that when he is done with you, he can just go his merry way and still have the peace of his house without you trying to bang his door down. Or to get friendly with the people that are in his life because he doesn’t think that your relationship is worth it. So, if your boyfriend has been all about coming to your house to hang out and always giving you excuses upon excuses as to why you can’t come visit him, then he is really with you for what lies beyond your pants. That’s all he wants out of you, $*x.


Another serious red flag. When a guy is in love with you or just genuinely likes you, he would always have something nice to say to you and about you. Be it compliments about your new haircut, your new manicure, and pedicure, a gown you wore to class. It doesn’t matter what, he would find ways to compliment you even if the compliments sound a bit ridiculous like the shape of your face or the way you smile or the way you snore or just that your palm is soft. It isn’t about the compliments to him. It is about making you feel good and happy and putting a smile on your face together with a healthy dose of blush. All these compliments are to make you feel special and let you know that you are different. So, if your boyfriend does not compliment you at all or seems to always forget to compliment you unless you ask him point blank if he likes your new haircut or your new gown and even then he struggles to come up with an appropriate compliment, then he really doesn’t care about you. You are just there for one thing, and that is $*x. It might be time to give that relationship an expiry date. Every girl deserves someone who can give her decent compliments.


Not paying attention to you when you talk about your day or the problems you have is as good a sign of him not loving or caring about you like standing on the road and holding a sign that says “I don’t love you” in bold captions. That’s how important paying attention is in a relationship. It is practically the ultimate test of a man’s love for his woman. When a man loves a woman, listening to her talk is not just easy, it has become something that he needs to have every day and that is why most men who are in love with their partners think of relaxation as sitting down with their significant others and letting them just talk about their day, anything and everything. They just want to listen to her voice and let it wash away the stress of the stress of the day and soothe them. But if your partner does not listen to you when you want to talk about something concerning your relationship much less something that has to do with your day at school or at work, then he does not give a damn about your feelings and your day. For all he cares, it could have sucked, all he wants is his $*x. When you notice this, just know that he is with you only for $*x, and once he finds someone more attractive to him, he would be leaving you behind. So, it might be time to serve him a quit notice from your life.


This is one of the things that come under making a girl feel special. If a guy loves you, he would want to make you feel special and in making you feel special, flirting with other girls does not come with the territory. If a guy loves you, he will do his very best to keep the other girls away, and when one or two of them might try to take his attention away from you, he would be quick to let them know that he has already taken by you. If that does not show love and dedicated action, I don’t know what else does. Now, if in the other hand, your boyfriend is every girls favorite and is known to enjoy flirting with other girls even when you are around, he clearly does not respect you or see you as someone who is important to him, and that is why he welcomes attention from outside. Nothing is just flirting. If he loves you, he won’t flirt with other girls. He doesn’t love you though; he just wants to bump uglies with you.


This is the most hurtful thing that can happen to any girl. It’s painful enough that he doesn’t love you and that he has just been using you to get his rocks off but to then use your love for him against you? That is diabolical. If you notice that all your efforts to make him feel the love you have for him go unnoticed or unappreciated, then it is time for you to make the right choice for yourself. Walk out of that relationship; he does not deserve you.

Hey there. I’m sure that by now, you know where you and your partner stand in your relationship. If you got the keep them kind of guy, kudos. Keep him and if you just realized that you have been with a douchebag, kudos too. It’s a good thing that you know, that means that you can kick him out and make space for an awesome guy to come into your life. If your boyfriend is with you just for $*x, he does not deserve you. Kick him out, lick your wounds and move on.

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