10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mess With An Empath

A lot of people often think of empaths as emotional people who are because of that quality gullible. They are vulnerable to people whose sole aim is to take advantage of people in whatsoever shape or form possible. But the truth is that it is such vulnerability that builds the strength empaths have. These are strengths you should be aware of when you are with an empath.

These are qualities that make empaths very understanding of human feelings and emotions. Although most of the time people undermine these unique attributes and dismiss them as weakness, they make empaths astute human observers and mind readers as well.

Here are some of the ten things to be aware of when you are with an empath.

1. Empaths know when you are lying

A lot of people depend on body movement and other behavioral patterns to spot a liar. But for empaths, it comes to them naturally. They don’t need behavioral patterns or tips, they just know. It is often a gut feeling – just like a sixth sense.

2. They don’t get fooled easily

Empaths are very in tune with their feelings and that of others as well. They can tell when you are not yourself and when you are trying to fool others. That can put them off. They would rather trust a flawed but real you than to get flattered by a fake person.

3. They Sense Jealousy

They know when their success makes you feel uneasy. They can sniff jealousy from a mile away. So no matter how you try to hide it, they somehow know. That’s why they would instinctively withdraw from telling you about how their lives are getting better. They would rather not talk about their promotion when you just had a bad day at work. They understand the pain of having to go through struggles while it seems that every other person is having a blast.

4. They Sense Hatred

As much as they have a sixth sense made to sniff out jealousy, they also know when you hate them. You may try to hide your utter dislike for them in criticism and smearing their image. They see through it all, and down to your true intentions. Although they may be hurt about the stance you take against them, but they are never known to let such feelings fester. In no time, they would ignore you and your attacks. They still know that you don’t like them, but at this point, they just don’t care. When you notice this, it would only infuriate you the more.

5. They Know Your Prejudices

They know when you hold a condescending view of a particular group of people. Remember that they have a well-tuned bullshit detector and therefore would spot your deceit in trying to hide your prejudice. When they know that you aren’t just prejudiced, but you aren’t strong enough to stick to your views in public they would ultimately lose respect for you. They would see you as a very shallow minded person.

6. They Know You’re Not Fine

When you are close friends with an empath, don’t try to hide the fact that you are not doing okay. They aren’t the kind of people to overlook the subtle signs of depression and anxiety. They see it, and they will try to help you. They would honestly try to communicate with you concerning what it is you are going through. So when they ask you how you are doing, don’t just go ahead and tell them that you are okay. Its because they know that you aren’t okay. Just tell them how you feel. They only ask so they can help you.

7. They Can Read Lackey’s Like a Book

The empaths love authenticity. They are always in search of someone who they can trust and love. When you are with an empath, be yourself. Be transparent, at least you know now that in some way or another they would still find out the true you. Let it be that when they make this discovery, it is a match with the signals you gave off when they first met you. That gives you a stamp of originality and confidence in their own eyes. But if what they discover conflicts with what you say you are, then you end up looking like an imposter and liar. And that my friend, is never a good look for you.

8. They Know When You’re On The Wrong Path

See, when an empath tells you that they don’t feel too comfortable about a specific venture you are partaking in or that they don’t think that some guy you are doing business with is up to any good. It is essential that you listen to them. Its because they are very good at sensing danger. Remember that they do what they do out of love and that their aim is to protect you from hurt or danger.

9. They Know When You’re Trying to be Someone You’re Not

They love that you are you and nobody else. The chemical combination that is you can never be repeated by the universe again. You and only you will remain that way forever. When you under stand how unique you are, then you would just go with your abilities and perfect them for the use of mankind. An emphatic partner would always encourage you to beat your own path and they would frown at you if you are trying to copy some other person.

10. They Can Identify Exploitation

They are very good at knowing when they are getting exploited and so you have to be careful. Don’t enter into a relationship with an empath and expect that they would be mistreated without any consequences. You have to love and respect them as much as they do same for you. They expect that you will be as committed and dedicated to a relationship with them as much as they are with you.

Focus on being true to yourself and an empath would love and support you all the way to victory and fulfillment. Disrespect them at your own peril.

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