10 Reasons Why Most Men Cant Handle A Relationship With An Alpha Woman

Strong women, independent women, assertive women, intelligent women, bold women and outspoken women, are in the average guys “do not date” handbook. Men feel that a woman who knows what she wants is too much work or at least that’s what they say. I say that they feel intimidated by the thought of a woman who is a go-getter, who has a strong awareness of herself, who knows exactly what she is worth and would never settle for less than that, a woman who takes no prisoners. I mean these women are perfect compliments to any man who recognizes quality and goes for nothing less than that. Strong women, in particular, are very adept at withstanding tough times and are ever ready to make sacrifices to get what they want. What better choice of partner for a man than someone who would not go running for the hills at the very first sign of trouble. That a woman is strong does not mean that she is physically strong, although she might be, a strong woman is a woman who has a strong personality and character. Strong women have an admirable self-sufficient attitude that can rival any independent woman’s own. They go at things on their own, refusing to leech on someone else no matter how hard things are for them. These special brand of women stand strong in the face of injustice, and unfairness. They are a special brand of outspoken that not only shows a fearless personality; it also indicates strength in character. Funny enough, these seemingly wonderful traits are the same traits that push men away. Surprising right? Well, in this article, I would be treating 10 reasons why most men would not go for the strong woman out of a bunch of women.


I have always wondered why men felt more manly when they could stand up for their women, or they could be the ones championing a cause for their woman or defending her name even if that sounds a bit too chivalrous knight. Whatever it might sound like, the fact remains that men would much rather be with a woman who needs a man to fight her battles and to protect her good name. Perhaps it makes the men feel very manly like I said or it makes them feel fulfilled courtesy of our knuckle-dragging primitive ancestors.

Whatever it is, men are always drawn to the damsel in distress, the knight in shining armor situations and actually feel a bit validated through those things. This is why the average man might not want to be with a strong woman. A strong woman does not have any patience for that damsel in distress spiel and truly cannot stomach it. Their high sense of self-sufficiency would kick in and spur them to fight their battles before it even registers to them that a man would have liked the honors. Besides that, a strong woman would not want to shackle herself to someone who might love playing the hero a bit too much. They really don’t have the time to stroke someone’s hero complex.


There is something a bit unsettling about a woman who has such a clear and concise picture of what she wants out of life, in a partner, for her career and even for her retirement years for some who really loves to plan ahead. Yeah, there is something really unsettling about that for two reasons. One of those reasons is that not many people on earth have a clear idea of who they want to be, what they want out of life and in a partner. I mean sometimes we don’t even know what we want for breakfast much less of what we want for the rest of our lives. That alone can be a bit off-putting to the men. The second reason is that most men usually don’t fit the bill for what these strong women want and so even if they somehow manage to date one of these types of women, it wouldn’t take long for both of them to realize that they both made a mistake and the strong woman is ever ready to rectify that mistake by booting the man out of her life. From a totally practical point of view, it does make a bit of sense. Why waste your time with someone who will never be your ideal man? Because of this, most men don’t want to risk getting their fragile ego’s bruised by the strong woman should they fail to make the cut.


Kudos to strong women. These women don’t have the patience for a relationship that has no honesty and is built on lies and half-truths. No, please. Thing is most men don’t believe in maintaining openness in their relationship. Many of them have proved to be full of deceit, lies, and secrets and although some women would take this as par with a man’s typical behavior complete with an eye roll, the strong woman would not. In her relationships, she demands openness and a great deal of honesty, and it is safe to say that dishonesty is a deal breaker for her. She does not buy into the whole men are naturally like that argument that most women use to justify their man’s deceit and infidelity, she demands from her partner the same level of openness, trust and honesty that she herself would be bringing to the relationship. I don’t think that it’s too much to ask, but then since most men cannot keep to openness and honesty, they prefer not to get entangled with a strong woman.


You might feel that most men would be saying “Hell yeah, sign me up for some intimacy.” Well sorry to burst your bubble but no. The thing is that strong women are incredible between the sheets as they are in other aspects of their lives and that is a huge turn on. Many men have been known to enjoy that part of a strong woman’s life but then why won’t a man want to sign up for phenomenal sex on the regular. Easy. They won’t because a strong woman does not just want physical intimacy he also wants mental intimacy and many men are not signing up for that, so they try to avoid it.


Honest, strong women are like living, walking lie detectors. Somehow, their strength of character imbues them with the ability to look right through a person’s lies. Uh oh. Doesn’t bode well for most men who are good at telling a few white ones here and there. Their honesty and open attitude towards their relationships make them hard to deceive. This explanation might make a lot of sense to you as to how they are able to spot a lie. Most strong women are very intelligent women too, and one of the things that an intelligent woman is known for is her attention to details. Lying has a tell, and everybody has a tell that can be noticed by anyone who makes out time to study them. A strong woman would most probably know her partners tell early on and would be able to know when he is spinning her a merry tale or telling her the gospel truth.


There is a difference between a strong woman wanting a man who would fight her battles and carry her when she swoons from the hot air or some other thing. No, like I clearly stated in the first point, the whole chivalrous knight act does not do it for them. In fact, it does quite the opposite; it makes them feel really turned off and repulsed a bit. That they don’t want a knight in shining armor does not mean that they don’t want a man at all, it just means that they want a man who will make the cut and one of the boxes to be ticked is dependability and reliability. That’s really all that a strong woman wants in a man. Someone who would understand her and would be a source of encouragement to her. Someone who would hold her hand and have her back when she goes through a rough patch.


Strong women are known to be intense and why wouldn’t they be intense when every second of their life is spent pursuing her next goal, or busy overcoming one challenge after another and doing these things mostly alone. She is a spirited woman, and her partner would have to get used to her moments of intensity. If her current partner proves too inept to keep up with her, she would drop them like a hot potato and keep searching for the man who would fully match and compliment her.


If you think to play games with a strong woman, figuring that you could keep dangling the prospect of a relationship before her like a carrot before a rabbit, then I’m really sorry to let you know that you would most likely find yourself playing alone. Because strong women do not indulge in petty games and have little to no patience for those that play such games either. Always keep in mind that a strong woman knows what she wants and a man who loves to play games is definitely not part if it. If a strong woman is interested in you and you try to play games with her, she would drop you post haste, attraction or no attraction and seek her amusement elsewhere and you would be the one with a loss.


Strong women have to be gifts from God. I mean they are very committed much like the Knights of old whose integrity and chivalry was everything to them, and they held it tightly. To the strong woman, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and commitment are few of the things that she stands by. She has a code of honor, and she stands by it. If she is committed to you, she is committed to you; there are no gray areas in that. She would do everything possible for her to make sure that her relationship would be happy and successful. However, she isn’t a fool. If she finally figured out that her partner was not as committed as she was, it’s a quick goodbye to that relationship.


Strong women are perceptive. How could they not be when they are very watchful and observant, paying attention to little details. Because of this, they can reveal very surprising things to their partners about themselves. Things that their partners might not even know about them. On the other hand, their perceptive skill would pay them in life dealings and even in business because out there it is the little details that make the difference between a risky investment with a dishonest person and one good investment. This trait would also help them choose better friends and life partners and would make them even more protected against having anything to do with a dishonest person.

Dating a strong woman is not an easy feat and definitely not one for all the men. Only the most hardworking, most confident, most alpha of males can make the cut because it is only from this group of men that a strong woman would find a man who would not be intimidated by her but would rather be turned on by all that she has to offer. Not only that he would be able to fully understand her and what drives her. He would be the encouragement that she needs, providing her with what she needs and even some of her needs that she had no idea existed. A strong woman needs a strong man to compliment her, and so this is the biggest reason why they don’t really have many men lining up to date them.

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