10 Obvious Signs That He’s Cheating On You

Cheating is one of the biggest topics trending on all social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter, and the majority of people in the world all think that cheating is a horrible thing and can cause a lot more problems than a broken heart. Every day, we hear stories of people who have been cheated on by either their boyfriends or worse their spouses from the average person to the celebrities such as Kevin Hart.

One consensus has been reached on cheating. In no way shape or form is cheating good. Loyalty and trust are the most prized components of any relationship and cheating destroys both of them and ends up hurting the other partner’s feelings.

Even with cheating still being publicly denounced as a terrible behavior by everyone, there are still people who cheat on their partners, hurting them and destroying the trust and love that existed between them.

In this article, I would be looking at ten signs that would clue you into the fact that he is cheating on you before you find out in a more hurtful way. Read on below to discover if you need to be breaking up with your boyfriend today.

1. He still wants to play the field.

Men usually enjoy playing the field for a longer time than women before they get sick of being a revolving door and begin to think of settling down. So, most times when they get into a relationship with a girl and begin to notice that she is getting too attached or expects a commitment from them, they tend to end that relationship by cheating, and it is a fast way of getting out a relationship.

2. He has an insecure ego that needs stroking.

Men, despite their confident looks, have very fragile egos and they often get insecure about many things. In times like this, they need to feel more manly and might cheat on their partners in a bid to have their egos stroked especially if they quarreled with their partners. I would like to point out here that not all men need their egos to be constantly stroked. However, those that need validation regularly usually give in to cheating when someone pays them the slightest attention.

3. His relationship is an unhappy one

Honestly, this is one of the biggest things that can make a man cheat on his partner, an unhappy relationship. Not that it is a justifiable reason, but then it is what it is. A man who is unhappy with his partner and his relationship, in general, is more liable to give into the temptation of cheating as a form of escape from their miserable relationship. Even though he might love his partner, he would be easily led astray by someone else and come to regret his actions afterward.

4. He isn’t in love with his partner

I feel that this reason is the biggest reason that would propel a man to cheat on his partner. Love does not always last forever like we are told in the fairytales, it can sometimes come to an end, and if someone does not love you, it becomes easier to hurt you because they do not care anymore if you get hurt or not. So, he might feel no compulsion to be faithful to you if he does not love you anymore.

5. He feels that you are too preoccupied with something else and not paying him enough attention

Some men are notoriously needy, and this can adversely affect your relationship if you are unable to shower him with the amount of attention he is used to receiving from you if you are busy with something else. His over needy attitude would prompt them to seek attention outside without any guilt.

6. He sees it as an easy way to end his relationship.

To be honest, most girls would end a relationship posthaste once they discover that their boyfriend cheated on them. It’s a break of trust and loyalty, and men know this. So, if a guy gets tired of his relationship and can see no reasonable excuse to break up with his partner, he might resort to cheating as the last option.

7. He is not sexually satisfied by you

As painful as this would sound to you, it is true. For one reason or the other, you do not satisfy him in bed, and this is ample reason for him to seek his sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Sex is an important physical aspect of every relationship and if that part is not working, then he would be forced to seek his satisfaction in the bed of another.

8. You are not able to meet his emotional needs

Just as women have certain emotional needs that they expect to be met by their partners, men also do for all their claim to machismo. In a relationship where he isn’t getting the depth of emotion he needs from you, it is then very easy for him to cheat on you with another woman who can meet his emotional needs.

9. Boredom and Curiosity, two terrible combinations.

Boredom on its own in a relationship would lead him to spice up the relationship but added to curiosity; it becomes something else. If your partner is the experimental type and is coincidentally bored with your relationship, he is most likely to cheat on you with another woman just to relieve himself.

10. He is in love with someone else

Of all the above-stated reasons, this is the most painful of them all for obvious reasons. The fact that his love has gone to someone else who probably provides all the attention, emotional and physical that he craves can be very painful to you. In this case, he does not even see it as cheating on you rather he views it as a form of showing his love to the person who holds his heart.

No reason is a good reason to cheat on your partner. An easier path to take would be breaking up with them before seeking your pleasure elsewhere because you’re not just hurting them, you’re destroying their trust in men and limiting the chance of the next man to enter their lives. Spare your partners the pain of a cheating boyfriend or spouse and break up with them first, trust me it will hurt less.

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