Woman At A Bar, Slips Her Fingernail Into Her Drink And As She Watched It Change Colors, She Dialed 911.

Every time a lady leaves her house for some form of outing or the other, they stand a risk. They are exposed to rape, kidnappings, and sex or trafficking. In fact, rapes have become a rampant situation in today’s world. Although a lot of them occur by using brute force, a new trend of drugging the victim’s drink and afterward raping the unsuspecting and unconscious victim. With ladies knowing all this, how can they be safe taking a drink outside again – especially knowing that it could be drugged.

Well, thanks to science all of that can be a thing of the past. Some scientists have found a way to embed a drug tester into an everyday lady accessory – the nail polish. Four young male scientists have produced a kind of nail polish that when applied to their nails, can help them detect drug contaminated drinks.

Now, they said that the rising rape culture and constant news of a lady being molested and raped – mainly through the use of drugged drinks, inspired and motivated them to produce the tech saver nail polish.

With this going on, some people are now curious to know how is this possible. How can a nail polish not only prevent bad and lackluster nails but also stop one from drinking a drugged drink?

Well, the answer is surprisingly simple. A typical nail polish was injected with ingredients that change color when they come in contact with drug contaminated drinks.

All that is needed of the lady in question is too dip the fingertips into their drinks, and the nail polish will sing. Isn’t that just amazing, the solution to avoiding drugged drinks is literally at our fingertips.

As for now, the nail polish hasn’t been commercially out in the market. Although, a lot of steps are being taken behind the scene to see that it finally hits the market and something tells me that when it eventually does, it is going to be greeted with massive and instant success. As we all know, the victim isn’t and shouldn’t be the one to be blamed for her safety.

The product would be essential to every lady who wants to have a good time outside, without having to worry about being drugged. This would go a long way to save the lives of young women all over the world.

Now, before we all forget, the males weren’t left out. They are also exposed as well. They also put out a clear or transparent nail polish for men too. That will also change from translucent to colored if they come into contact with drugged drinks. That would go a long way to change the world. What do you think about what these young male scientists have done.

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