What Does Your Hair Down There Says About You

Grooming the hair downstairs has moved from a simple hygienic action to become something of a visit to the hair stylist. Most women take care of the hair down there without giving any thoughts to what their appearance down there says about their personality. Surprising as it may be, your hair does give an idea of who you are based on the type of wax you get.

Read on below to see the different styles of waxing and what stories they tell about you. Remember to tell us if we are right about what your hair says about your personality.

1. A full Bush

This shows a high level of self-confidence and strength. You are not shy to be your own person, and you are very comfortable in your skin. One other thing, you’re romantic. You love nothing better than to cuddle with someone on cold and rainy days.

2. The Brazilian Wax

If you have a Brazilian wax, then it means that you have a strong personality. You don’t cower from risks or new experiences. You love adventure and constantly live on the edge. You welcome challenges in life and face them head-on.

3. The Landing Strip

If you usually get the landing strip, it can only mean that you are a very organized person, full of poise, grace, and class. Your dressing and appearance is the epitome of a girly girl. However, that you are a well put together girl, does not mean that you aren’t able to do the needful when it calls for it.

4. The Bald Wax

Although going bald down there is not exactly a Brazilian, people who prefer to go bald, do have close personalities with the Brazilian wax lovers. You retain a surprising amount of fearlessness and bravery. You are not scared to question some things even if you are wary of trying them.

5. The Lightning Bolt

Getting a wax in any shape be it a lightning bolt or any other shape indicates a very needy personality. You love attention and would do almost anything to get it. You also love to pose. You see yourself as a fashionista when you are nothing but a social blunder, a gaffe and people know it.

6. The Triangle Shape

You are a powerhouse. A woman who knows herself and is equal parts proud and comfortable with who she is. You are the woman other women want to be like, confident, intelligent, and bold. You don’t tolerate fools and would never let anyone walk all over you. You speak intelligibly of important events and keep to your beliefs.

7. The Happy Trail

Much like a bush but not quite. This style does indicate a fun loving personality, but you should think about shaving your stomach.

8. Dyed

Having your areas hair dyed is a glaring sign that you have a fake character. You really have an issue with being true to yourself

9. The Postage Stamp

This is a style in which the hair is groomed to have a square patch of hair. It indicates attention to details and a need to look good. If you love to get the postage stamp, then you must be a very attractive person because you find it easy to get guys.

10. The Mohawk

The Mohawk is a cross between the landing strip and the bikini wax. It indicates a wildness of spirit and a fun loving personality. If this is your go to, then you must be very good in bed.

11. Bikini wax

The bikini wax shows a level of sophistication and class. You are an independent woman who knows her mind and is comfortable with her decisions despite what people say.

12. Braided

I don’t know how you can keep your hair that long, but if yours is long enough to be braided, then you really need a waxing appointment ASAP.

13. Haphazardly Shaved

You are a free spirit who just doesn’t have enough time to pay attention to a perfect shave. You just do the best you can.

14. Dazzling

Having any sort of sparkly jewel on your area, just indicates boredom or a certain profession such as a stripper or porn star.

14. Well combed

You are fiercely independent if you comb your hair. You do what you want and when you want to do this. You are your own boss.

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