Dude Vapes A Tide Pod, The Latest Challenge Trend Is Even More Dangerous

Since the moment when the internet was discovered, it has been bringing people across the world closer. Social media has made everyone capable of seeing people, inventions, music, and ideas (good and bad). There are people on the internet who would give anything for some attention, even more so if they can get “followers” or “fans”. At any given moment of the day, you can turn to the internet and find a new prank, stunts, challenge, or any other ridiculous video. They all have something to teach you, even the most foolish videos.

The videos out there come in a wide variety. They can be sad, enthusiastic, emotional, funny, or a complete waste of your time. A new trend emerging is online “challenges”. Some of them are the “try not to laugh” challenge. This is where people take turns telling jokes until someone laughs. Also, there is the “ghost pepper” challenge that has been recently seen where people eat a ghost pepper. On the extreme end, there has been the “Kylie Jenner Lip” challenge. This involves people using some sort of suction device and making their lips swell up. All we can do is sit back and watch, hoping the next one will be funny, instead of foolish.

However, it turns out the new challenge is going to be the “tide pod” challenge. This is not funny. This is not comical. This is actually very scary. This is definitely going to be in the top three most idiotic challenges yet. This doesn’t even make sense.

This challenge involves a person eating a tide laundry detergent capsule because it looks like a fruit-filled snack. A “normal” person would stop at this point and think “this is a joke, right?”. Turns out not everyone has common sense. Common sense is not common anymore.

This “joke” has gone a little too far at this point. This is a real thing that people are doing. They are consuming liquid laundry detergent gel, putting them in their mouth and biting down. This is causing an emergency trip to the hospital.

If that isn’t bad enough, one Instagram-er takes it to a whole different level of stupid. This recent video shows the person opening the tide pod and squeezing the capsules contents into a vape pen, with the intents of turning it into smoke for the purpose of inhaling it. You can only imagine what happens next.

Vape Tricks, the name of the Instagram account, typically post videos of himself or others doing cool slow-motion tricks, such as smoke rings or other shapes.

With that being said, the guy who decided to vape the tide pod did not seem to enjoy vaping the tide pod. This really takes the saying “go drink bleach” to a whole different level. Can you just imagine what that taste like (Probably not)? Do you think his lungs were cleaner afterwards? Is that really a good way to cleanse your lungs?
Thankfully, the guy did not seem to be hurt in any way afterwards and didn’t seem to have a “bad” experience. The video continues to go on showing him exhaling what looks like a ball of fire.

However, do not be misled by this video (which has since been removed). This is where I must add a disclaimer. DISCLAIMER: If you eat a tide pod, or in any other way ingest a tide pod, there are serious health risk. Although, you may only get a trip to the emergency room, you may also end up with serious breathing problems or even internal burns. People can and have died from eating detergent pods.

One doctor, Dr. Joe Krug said that you could end up with respiratory tract burns, damage your esophagus, your eyes and/or skin can end up burned, and many other health issues could occur.

Proctor & Gamble – the makers of Tide – have already released a statement regarding the “tide pod challenge”. Their statement reminds everyone to use their brain (at least what is left) and do not eat the laundry detergent pods. They state that they are meant for laundry, not for lunch. Proctor & Gamble also added that the liquid within the pod is sealed safely so it does not spill on anything. In laymen’s terms, that means that it is meant to stay in the pod, not in your mouth or your vape! The pods should be stored away from children (and anyone else who doesn’t have a functioning brain) because consumption has serious health concerns. They are not meant to be played with, only for laundry purposes.

It is absolutely mind-boggling that this has to be said or even reminded to certain people. DO NOT EAT LAUNDRY DETERGENT PODS! This sounds like a corrupt joke, but it is unfortunately true. Please be smart, make a smarter decision than this. Please do not do the Tide Pod Challenge!

PS. We will not host the video nor show it because such a stupid action should not get the reward that the Instagram-er wants. Which is more views and fans to their channel.

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